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14 Mar 2000

Summary: 20 articles posted to 82 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 37.50

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<> 1 - Cowgirl1072 I have real home-made xxx videos for sale! ;-) (canceled?) <8a7tpu$> 8 13th International Software/Internet Quality Week <> (canceled?) <> 1 AP News Report, October 17, 1978 (canceled?) <> 1 By Request: Me Tara, my first three newsgroup posts again. Set2 - (canceled?) <88t6kf$1gir$> 6 Douche Your Way to Salvation (canceled?) <82p2bg$> 4 Easy Money From Home!!!! (canceled?) <7vfr5c$> 5 Hot XXXX!!!!! (canceled?) <7vf8bt$> 4 Hottest XXXX!!!! (canceled?) <> 1 I LOVE LONG BLACK JOCKS (canceled?) <89umjg$207q$> 6 Jesus Loves Dr. Laura Schlessinger! (canceled?) <8a21ic$1n9k$> 6 Mike Is Beginning to Crack (canceled?) <82hep6$ad9$> 10 New Space & Sci-Fi Website (Link) (canceled?) <89v2ka$2a9i$> 7 Proposition 22 Is Going to WIN! (canceled?) <899oof$> 8 QW2000 -- 13th Annual International Software/Internet Quality Week (canceled?) <> 1 REP Gina's NYC GB XXX Video Captures! 0 for video!bycgb52 14887 (canceled?) <> 1 Salon c me - We now host our own server! Updated every week! - (canceled?) <> 1 Space Platforms, Mars and Moon bases by 2050 (canceled?) <7vnrbh$> 4 The Best XXXX!!!!! (canceled?) <89v11q$28pk$> 6 The Truth Revealed to the Simple (canceled?) <> 1 babes, coke, & amputee (canceled?)

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