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7 Apr 2000

Summary: 20 articles posted to 120 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 47.02

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<> 6 ANNOUNCE - FAQ: Sources of EMC & Safety Compliance Information, 47th Issue (canceled?) <> 7 All children (in the US) are the direct recult of positive choicesmade by the mother: (canceled?) <> 7 All children (in the US) are the direct recult of positive choicesmade by the mother: (canceled?) <> 8 BBC R4's 'PM' on RIP Bill 24/3/00 (Real Audio or Windows Media) (canceled?) <> 6 Community Project near Kings Cross London (canceled?) <> 6 DSP: New books at (canceled?) <> 13 HELP NEEDED IN INTERNET SURVEY ON NET ADDICTION (canceled?) <> 3 MEET MORE W_O_M_E_N EASILY TODAY!!! ! 1757 (canceled?) <> 8 Observer 26/3/2000: "It's RIP basic human rights as 'worst UK legislation ever' looms" (canceled?) <> 3 P,H,E,R,O,M,O,N,E,S MEET MORE W_O_M_E_N EASILY ! 7885 (canceled?) <> 3 P,H,E,R,O,M,O,N,E,S S*E*D*U*C*E MORE W_O_M_E_N EASILY!!! ! 2884 (canceled?) <> 1 Ref the CD4060 (canceled?) <> 3 S*E*D*U*C*E MORE W_O_M_E_N EASILY AND INSTANTLY 4500 (canceled?) <> 3 S*E*D*U*C*E W_O_M_E_N WITH P,H,E,R,O,M,O,N,E,S 774 (canceled?) <> 3 SECRET TO MEETING MORE W_O_M_E_N REVEALED 2553 (canceled?) <> 3 SECRETS TO FUCKING MORE W_O_M_E_N EASILY 3198 (canceled?) <> 8 Sunday People 26/3/2000: "FORGET YOUR PASSWORD... END UP IN JAIL" (canceled?) <> 15 business opportunites 5734 (canceled?) <> 7 emotions! (canceled?) <> 7 great quality antiques at low prices (canceled?)

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