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28 Apr 2000

Summary: 26 articles posted to 239 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 75.49

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<> 7 Auction - football memorabillia - winning bids (canceled?) <> 11 Boundary Element method Web site (canceled?) <xpNO$KRqC6$> 7 Censorship & Arab Anti-Semitism: the Middle East 'Peace' Process Is Just Not SERIOUS About Peace (canceled?) <> 8 Control Systems/PLC contract work WANTED (canceled?) <> 13 Deleuze Symposium (canceled?) <> 10 FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) and Fourier Analysis books (canceled?) <> 19 How to get out of Hell (RI-1273i) (canceled?) <> 1 How would the U.S. Navy have fared against the Royal Navy or other European powers during the American C (canceled?) <> 14 Laboratory Accreditation Resource Centre (canceled?) <> 8 Leading QC in Date Rape Drug Dilemma (canceled?) <> 1 Limitations on freelancer editions of translation memory software (canceled?) <> 8 MAKE MONEY BY RECEIVING EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (canceled?) <> 13 MAKE MONEY BY RECEIVING EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (canceled?) <> 5 MAKE MONEY BY RECEIVING EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (canceled?) <> 6 MAKE MONEY BY RECEIVING EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (canceled?) <> 7 MAKE MONEY BY RECEIVING EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (canceled?) <> 11 MAKE MONEY BY RECEIVING EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (canceled?) <> 10 MAKE MONEY BY RECEIVING EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (canceled?) <> 6 Melrose Sevens 2000 Results (spoiler) (canceled?) <> 9 Observer 16/4/2000: "Jack Straw wants the keys to your office. Don't let him in ..." (canceled?) <> 8 PLC/Control Software/Commissioning Contract Wanted (canceled?) <> 2 Story: Dirtiest Slut in Town - 1 (canceled?) <> 7 Supermodel Tatiana Zavialova (canceled?) <> 20 (canceled?) <> 20 (canceled?)

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