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11 Sep 2000

Summary: 35 articles posted to 219 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 80.60

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<> 1 AD: *** Gadgets and Interesting Interfaces for your PC *** 8823 (canceled?) <> 1 FS: 1st in UK - Data Cables for Nokias & other Gadgets and Programmers 6776 (canceled?) <> 1 FS: Data Cables, IR-Interfaces, Programmers:PIC/EEPROM/Smartcards 4622 (canceled?) <> 1 FS: PC Interfaces - IR,Mobile,Phone,Pic,Eeprom,SIM,Smartcard 3148 (canceled?) <> 1 Foreign Pharmacy Links 40345096 (canceled?) <> 1 Foreign Pharmacy Links 42280005 (canceled?) <> 15 Fuji Finepix S1 Test Report (canceled?) <> 8 George W Bush Promises US Servicepeople Fair Pay, Review of "Babysitting Mission (canceled?) <> 7 Guiding Recovery from Child Sexual Abuse (canceled?) <> 1 IC1340 (canceled?) <J9NLZrAra$> 6 Indian scientists working on antimatter to annhilate Islamic Pakistan. (canceled?) <> 10 Models And Escorts Wanted Urgently In The UK (canceled?) <> 10 Models And Escorts Wanted Urgently In The UK (canceled?) <> 10 Models And Escorts Wanted Urgently In The UK (canceled?) <> 10 Models And Escorts Wanted Urgently In The UK (canceled?) <> 10 Models And Escorts Wanted Urgently In The UK (canceled?) <> 9 New variant comics and limited editions for sale, extreme low prices (canceled?) <> 6 RE: How to get round RIP. (fwd) (canceled?) <> 1 Samsung TV-VCR CXD1942 (canceled?) <> 1 This week: free hardcore pictures! (canceled?) <> 6 Tomato Sauce on the BEHIND of L. Ron Hubbard, Alister Crowley, etc. discovered (canceled?) <> 10 UK EBONY TEENAGE MODEL (canceled?) <> 6 Usenet Cows turn purple when Koos's ass is exposed, and when eggs are fried (canceled?) <> 10 WE MUST ACT AND ACT QUICKLY!!! (canceled?) <> 1 all for free!!!! (canceled?) <> 10 free XXX site! (canceled?) <> 10 free XXX site! (canceled?) <> 1 more free pictures than ever! (canceled?) <> 9 new free XXX pics (canceled?) <> 8 new free site! (canceled?) <> 9 new xxx pictures @ estyle (canceled?) <> 10 please mail me (canceled?) <> 9 see my little pussy... (canceled?) <> 1 webmasters check out this free service! (canceled?) <> 9 xxx pictures (canceled?)

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