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7 Jun 2012

Note: Automated spam monitoring stopped several years ago. These web pages are maintained for historical reasons. Some may be updated from time to time as news about the individual sites becomes available.

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Overview of last 5 reports

07 Apr 2000 1012335.07full headers
19 Jan 2000 910831.18full headers
06 Dec 1999 911532.17full headers
01 Nov 1999 910530.73full headers
20 Oct 1999 1011533.90full headers

Overview of history

Total spam since 20 Oct 199947566 163.05
Peak spam on 7 Apr 200010123 35.07
Peak daily spam on 1 Nov 199908 2.56(12-day average)
Average daily spam0.22.7 0.76

full history also available

General information about EscortGuide

Added 12 Aug 1997 due to porn spams in alt.sexual.abuse.recovery. Escort Guide specialized in single-posted ads for porn sites which it hosted. EscortGuide also sent porn ads via email.

Last seen spamming Usenet in May, 1998 for click-through web pages at Tripod and Cyberrealm. Spams were injected into news servers at Abac.com via systems at PSI.

Escortguide received its network connection and netnews connection from UUNet. Use ticket number UU462560 when contacting UUNet in regards to Escort Guide.

EscortGuide was also known as florida-isp.com, xxxyes.com, schoolgirlz.com, babesofage.com, cristysplayhouse.com, and metrosupport.com.

EscortGuide was associated with, or the same as, the following hosts: Knotwork.com, Kesl.net, "The Greatest Inc.", Special-FX, TeenSchoolGirls.Com.

Special-FX.com, kesl, Escort Guide, knotwork.com and so on are probably all part of the same "spamglomerate" often referred to as AdultAge. See their web page at http://www.adultage.com for more information. AdultAge is another "adult verification service" which drums up business by spamming.

According to whois, escortguide.com is

   22783 South St. Rd. 7 Ste. 43
   Boca Raton, FL 33428

   6503 N. Military Trail
   Boca Raton, FL 33496



   Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
      Domain Administrator hostmaster@ESCORTGUIDE.COM
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Network Administrator netadmin@KNOTWORK.COM
      902 453 1615

   Record last updated on 06-Aug-97.
   Record created on 22-Mar-96.
   Database last updated on 12-Aug-97 04:20:40 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:

NOTE: the "516" area code should probably be "561"

Knotwork.com is:

Digitalis Data Services (KNOTWORK-DOM)
   5822 Bilby Street
   Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 1V8

   Domain Name: KNOTWORK.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Metson, Mark  (MM339) aa332@CHEBUCTO.NS.CA
      +1 (902) 454-1615 or
      +1 (902) 453-1615

   Record last updated on 14-Jan-97.
   Record created on 31-Aug-95.
   Database last updated on 13-Aug-97 04:24:52 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


Whois has the following information about "The Greatest Inc.":

The Greatest Inc. NETBLK-UU-208-223-162-GREAT
   499 E. Palmetto Park Rd
   Boca Raton, FL 33496

   Netname: UU-208-223-162-GREAT
   Netblock: -

      Metson, Mark aa332@CHEBUCTO.NS.CA
      +1 (902) 454-1615

   Record last updated on 18-Aug-97.
   Database last updated on 3-Sep-97 04:53:18 EDT.
The Greatest Inc. gets their connectivity through UUNet.

These sites are administrated by Mark Graham Metson

Site History

12 Aug 1997:
Added due to porn spams in Alt.sexual.abuse.recovery.
28 Aug 1997:
Psi informs me that EscortGuide's account has been terminated. Spam continues to arrive via Psi, but this may be older spam trickling in.
5 Sept 1997:
Spam seems to have stopped coming through state.net, telecom.net.et, and Psi. This may indicate that open ports have been closed.
8 Sept 1997:
Florida-isp.com is now under full UDP. See netnews message "Full Phase II UDP For FLORIDA-ISP.COM" for more information.
14 Oct 1997:
Now hijacking emai-to-news relay at auvm.american.edu
1 Nov 1999:
Back again after a long absence. Posting from Cable & Wireless
10 Nov 2000:
Still around. Selling viagra, propecia, etc. on-line. Still hosted by Cable & Wireless.
21 Feb 2003:
Terminated from Ciberlynx for spamming.
Owner of Global Affiliate Service, an affiliate management system for porn sites.
1 June 2005:
Advertising for spammers to help sell drugs online.
12 Sept 2005:
Seen advertising email porn-spam services on adult webmaster discussion board.
Nov 2007:
Sued by ISP Suavemente over more than $38,000 in unpaid bills and bad credit card payments.

Domains which have been associated with Escort Guide at one time or another have been:

This is not a complete list. See ROKSO for a much longer list.

There is no contact info for EscortGuide. Try postmaster

A complete history may also be available.

General notes:

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