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23 Dec 1999

Note: Automated spam monitoring stopped several years ago. These web pages are maintained for historical reasons. Some may be updated from time to time as news about the individual sites becomes available.

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General information about Exodus.net

Site added 10 June 1997

Exodus is a network service provider. Exodus used to permit spamming from its customers.

I have received email from an admin at Exodus. They no longer permit spamming. The fact that a human at Exodus is handling abuse issues and sending real mail is a good sign.

According to Exodus admins, at least 5 spammers, including Saylor, have left Exodus due to the new policies.

Previous Exodus pro spam policy:

Posting on the internet news groups, even mass postings is not a violation of Exodus policy. News groups are an open forum and as such can not be regulated by anyone other than their administrator or a concensous of the groups readers.

Clients include 123bizweb.com, Playgal.com, Pop4mail.com, and Tom Saylor.

Contact info:

Exodus Communications, 2831 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054.

To report spam, contact abuse@exodus.net

A complete history may also be available.

General notes:

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