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29 Nov 1999

Summary: 24 articles posted to 63 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 36.42

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<> 1 (R)(A)(P)(E) (V)(I)(D)(E)(O)(S) (canceled?) <> 1 (R)(A)(P)(E) (V)(I)(D)(E)(O)(S) (canceled?) <> 1 (R)(A)(P)(E) (V)(I)(D)(E)(O)(S) (canceled?) <> 1 (R)(A)(P)(E) (V)(I)(D)(E)(O)(S) (H)(E)(R)(E) (canceled?) <> 5 Baton Rouge Observatory Weekend Activities (canceled?) <> 1 Birthmother searching for son, born FEB20/1980 (canceled?) <> 1 CLICK HERE! RAPE TAPES (canceled?) <> 1 CLICK HERE! RAPE TAPES (canceled?) <KDCW3.52975$> 4 Correct mount? (canceled?) <i4e_3.64398$> 5 D'oh! (canceled?) <> 1 FUCKED LONG AND HARD..(R)(A)(P)(E) VIDEOS!! (canceled?) <> 5 GET PAID TO SURF (canceled?) <> 1 GET PAID TO SURF THE NET (canceled?) <> 1 HOUSE of SECRETS x 5 (1974 ).ebay. (canceled?) <qvmW3.58816$> 4 Man gets perfect smile on Oprah Winfrey show - Info requested (canceled?) <> 1 RAPE VIDEOS (canceled?) <Z3U%3.4559$> 5 Romantic Advice (canceled?) <xWT%3.4552$> 5 Romantic Advice (canceled?) <6HEX3.95854$> 5 (canceled?) <> 1 Sandman Arabian Nights statue #3827/7000 (canceled?) <0GCW3.60215$> 4 Skysensor AND drive?? (canceled?) <> 4 THE ABORTED CRIME WAVE? (canceled?) <> 1 UNDERGROUND R.A-P/E TAPES (canceled?) <QJWY3.69954$> 4 Wanted: Edukit (canceled?)

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