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15 Feb 2006

Note: Automated spam monitoring stopped several years ago. These web pages are maintained for historical reasons. Some may be updated from time to time as news about the individual sites becomes available.

No spam today

Overview of last 4 reports

04 Jan 2000 187333.01full headers
03 Nov 1999 199140.33full headers
02 Nov 1999 3718781.87full headers
29 Oct 1999 5120396.35full headers

Overview of history

Total spam since 29 Oct 1999125554 251.56
Peak spam on 2 Nov 199937187 81.87
Peak daily spam on 3 Nov 19991991 40.33
Average daily spam1.15.2 2.32

full history also available

General information about Greennet.net

Added 17 Nov 1997 due to Netzilla spams.

Greennet has a very responsive abuse team and actively filters their outgoing feed for spam. Kenny Schaeffer signed up with them briefly in January 1998, began spamming right away, and was promptly booted.

To report spam, contact postmaster@greennet.net

A complete history may also be available.

General notes:

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