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21 Jul 2006

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General information about Globaltech2000

Global Tech 2000 is owned by Glenn Canady. Email and netnews spammer. Among defendents being sued by Strong Funds for $125 million for relay hijack spam. Global Tech 2000 is suspected of being Sanford Wallace's new business partner, "GTMI".

UPDATE: 13 July 1998 Glenn Canady has apparently settled out of court with Strong Funds. See the Milwaukee Business Journal for more information.

UPDATE: S.P.U.T.U.M reports that "...two of the three addresses for Globaltech2000 are bogus, but the third, in a mall, has a sign on the door telling locksmiths not to make any keys because the owner (Ultragrafix/Canady) has been evicted. He does have an active Onramp account." (More details below).



More details from S.P.U.T.U.M:

Unit 180 reports:
Ultragrafix produced dot stereograms. They had been in Parks (?) Mall in Arlington, TX, but had left there a year before. Of the three addresses we got from InterNIC listings, one was nonexistent, one was in a warehouse, and one was in a shopping center. It was at this last address that she found it closed and locked, with a sign on the door telling the locksmith not to make keys because the client was evicted.

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