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10 Sep 1999

Note: Automated spam monitoring stopped several years ago. These web pages are maintained for historical reasons. Some may be updated from time to time as news about the individual sites becomes available.

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Added 10 Sept 1999

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Path: denver-news-feed1.bbnplanet.com!su-news-hub1.bbnplanet.com! news.gtei.net!newsfeed.berkeley.edu!newshub.northeast.verio.net! newspeer.monmouth.com!newsfeed.corridex.com!nntp2.savvis.net! nntp1.savvis.net!news1.tor.metronet.ca!maggie.ionsys.com! ultimateresponse.com From: TrueDate@ultimateresponse.com Newsgroups: alt.activism Subject: Are you my heart's desire? 58172 Date: Tuesday, 07 Sep 1999 14:32:53 -0600 Organization: Selected Fotomodels Lines: 70 Message-ID: <07099914.3253@ultimateresponse.com> Reply-To: TrueDate@ultimateresponse.com NNTP-Posting-Host: itchy4-31-181.ionsys.com Fetish: High Class Ftotomodels . Classy: Hollywood celebreties . Canad: Strictly Blondes . http://come.to/EuroBlonde Are you my heart's desire? I'm looking for someone who can take my breath away, leave me speechless and sweep me off my feet! I'm a very romantic, affectionate and passionate woman, extremely physical. I'm looking for the same in a partner. I'm a very loving and giving person. I'm willing to give all I am to the right person and I'd like the same in return. I can't always promise sunshine and roses, but I can promise that if you're the right person, there will never be a dull moment, and you'll never question my love. http://go.to/BlondeAngel Is that person you? http://www.collector-club.com/DET/members/102362/ Takes You Beyond What Search Engines Can Do. Stop Wasting Your Time on Searches that go Nowhere! Download Net Detective and discover the EASY WAY to find out anything about anyone You Can Even Discover What The FBI Knows About YOU. - Guaranteed- Net Detective - 2000 is an amazing new tool that allows you to find out "EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about your friends, family, neighbors, employees, and even your boss!" You can even check out yourself. It is all completely legal, and you can do it all in the privacy of your own home without anyone ever knowing. It's even better than hiring a private investigator. Net Detective -2000 is compatible with all internet-related software (Windows 95/98 on AOL, Netscape, CompuServe, AT&T, or WebTV) It is simple and easy to use. Ideal for both beginners and the more advanced. Locate e-mails, phone numbers, or addresses Get a Copy of Your FBI file. FIND DEBTORS and locate HIDDEN ASSETS. Check DRIVING and CRIMINAL RECORDS. Locate old classmates, missing family member, or a LONG LOST LOVE. Do Background Checks on EMPLOYEES before you hire them. Investigate your family history, birth, death and SOCIAL SECURITY RECORDS! Discover how UNLISTED phone numbers are located. Check out your new or old LOVE INTEREST. Verify your own CREDIT REPORTS so you can correct WRONG information. Track anyone's Internet ACTIVITY; see the sites they visit. Explore SECRET WEB SITES that conventional search engines have never found. Discover little-known ways to make UNTRACEABLE PHONE CALLS. Check ADOPTION records; locate MISSING CHILDREN or relatives. Dig up information on your FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, or BOSS! Discover EMPLOYMENT opportunities from AROUND THE WORLD! Locate transcripts and COURT ORDERS from all 50 states. CLOAK your EMAIL so your true address can't be discovered Find out how much ALIMONY your neighbor is paying. Discover how to check your phones for WIRETAPS. Includes instant ONLINE UPDATES for 24 months. a1iB

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