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6 Jul 2006

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General information about Level3.net

Added 27 Jan 2000 when Tom Saylor started spamming from there.

Level 3 is a major network service provider with pro-spam policies. They have provided hosting to Kevin Lipsitz, Daniel Khoshnood/global2000.com, Brendan Battles, MLeads.com, mediatrec.com, friends.earthscreen.com, Datran, iMedia Networks, Boris Mizhen, Expedite Media Group, E-ListDirect, and many others.

Ownership & Contact Info

Whois identifies level3.net as
Level 3 Communications, Inc. (LEVEL35-DOM)
   1025 Eldorado Boulevard
   Broomfield, CO 80021

   Domain Name: LEVEL3.NET

   Administrative Contact:
      Level   Customer Care Department  (LC2644-ORG) support@LEVEL3.COM
      +1 (877) 453-8353
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Level 3 Domain Registrar  (LD339-ORG) dom-reg@LEVEL3.COM
      303-635-9750, Fax- 303-635-9750
   Billing Contact:
      Level 3 Billing Contact  (LB334-ORG) billing@LEVEL3.COM
      (303) 635-9610, Fax- (303) 635-9530

Site history

Sample Spam

  Path: newsfeed.berkeley.edu!newsfeed.enteract.com!netnews.com!
  From: Zuba Lesleie Stahl <q39za5u3@i272a2d8.com>
  Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories.bondage,alt.sex.stories.cuckold,
  Date: 28 Jan 2000 00:12:29 GMT
  Lines: 724
  Message-ID: <3890deed$0$24147@news.sanjose1.level3.net>
  NNTP-Posting-Host: ns1.interx.net
  X-Trace: news.sanjose1.level3.net 949018349 24147 root@

  begin 755 2000v_L.jpg

  [718 lines of uuencoded binary deleted]

To report spam, contact abuse@level3.net

A complete history may also be available.

General notes:

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