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15 Feb 2006

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General information about MorganHill

One of the top porn spammers on the internet.

Morgan Hill Entertainment, 1032 Irving Street, Ste# 978, San Francisco, CA 94122, 415-541-5093. I am told that this address is a Mail Boxes Etc. store. (Mail Boxes Etc. #431, 1032 IRVING STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94122-2200. 1 BLK FROM GOLDEN GATE PARK. Telephone (415)566-2660 Fax (415)566-4311) It is known that Morgan Hill uses fraudulent addresses for at least some of its porn sites.

See AP article "Postal Service Targets Mail Fraud" for more information on the use of drop boxes in mail fraud.

Admin for porn sites Nymphette.com Cherrypoppers.com, 24hrxxx.com, Dirtysecrets.com, Nastygirlz.com, Harddicks.com, Untamed.quim.com, and sexypussy.com.

AKA: 24hrxxx Online, All Amateurs Online, Barely19 Online, Cherrypoppers Onlne, Dirtysecrets.com, fleshzone.com, 24hoursex.com, pussykat.com, sexpussy.com, quim.com, fasterpussy.com, m-gallery.com, Naughty Girls Co., Stormworx Direct Video, ThudnerCom, XXX Streams Online, etc. See Whois entry for full list.

Currently (29 Sept 1998) spamming from Ici. Hosted by CRL

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