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15 Feb 2006

Note: Automated spam monitoring stopped several years ago. These web pages are maintained for historical reasons. Some may be updated from time to time as news about the individual sites becomes available.

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General information about Softaware.com

Added 29 April 1998. Softaware.com hosts or hosted Integrated Micro Systems, SluttyGirls.com, and www.a-pleasurepalace.com.

Softaware.com seems to have a good anti-spam policy and will disconnect clients that spam. Softaware's auto-responder sends a positive and informative reply.

Softaware's acceptable use policy can be found at http://www.softaware.com/aup.html Softaware gives spammers one warning and reserves the right to pass spam-related expenses on to the spammer. Bandwidth customers (businesses, other ISPs, etc.) are also bound by the AUP.

Site history

Ownership & Contact Info

Whois identifies Softaware as
   4676 Admiralty Way, Ste. 217
   Marina del Rey, CA 90292

   Netname: SOFTAWARE-BLK3
   Netblock: -
   Maintainer: SFTA

      Weisberger, Jason  (JW923-ARIN) jweis@SOFTAWARE.COM
      (310) 305-0275

   Domain System inverse mapping provided by:

Sample Spam

Path: btnet-peer!btnet!newsfeed.internetmci.com!! newshub.northeast.verio.net!news1.best.com!nntp1.ba.best.com! not-for-mail From: "Lisa" <lisaslove@yahoo.com> Newsgroups: alt.sex,alt.sex.abstinance,alt.sex.advocacy,alt.sex.aliens, alt.sex.alt,alt.sex.alt.romance.chat Subject: CUM see something wild, new, erotic Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 11:48:02 +0200 Lines: 9 Message-ID: <6ne05t$5o4$1@nntp1.ba.best.com> NNTP-Posting-Host: dynamic56.pm04.sf3d.best.com X-Trace: 899318781 5892 (none) X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.72.2106.4 X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.2106.4 Sexy FREE tour A jewel for every delight.... http://www.a-pleasurepalace.com

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