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7 Jun 2012

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Overview of last 6 reports

28 Apr 2000 255635.05full headers
26 Jan 2000 286541.31full headers
03 Jan 2000 406849.04full headers
21 Dec 1999 5816493.60full headers
06 Dec 1999 656565.00full headers
29 Oct 1999 2416153.18

Overview of history

Total spam since 29 Oct 1999240579 337.18
Peak spam on 21 Dec 199958164 93.60
Peak daily spam on 21 Dec 1999310 6.24(15-day average)
Average daily spam1.22.3 1.57

full history also available

General information about TomGartman.com

Added 17 April 1998 due to stealth spamming from MCI. TomGartman.com spamvertises his porn site in Texas using various forms of forgery in an attempt to hide the source of the spam. (It didn't work.)

Clarence Thomas Gartman lives (lived) in Texas, and specializes is selling rape pornography. He used to advertise in the sexual abuse recovery newsgroups. After he was raided by the FBI in 1998, he became more circumspect. He was indicted on obscenity charges in May, 2004, convicted in March, 2006, and sentenced 27 July 2006.

Seen Jan 2000, spamming for "xxxtremepix.com" which is hosted by IConNet.net

Associated with Max and Walker Stemple.

Associated with Inetcharge.com (see below).

Connectivity provided by PSI until recently.

Also known as Mastermerchant.com; connected via Lauderdale.net until recently.

There is also a connection between Mci2000.com and Web877.com

Ownership & Contact Info

Whois identifies TomGartman.com as
   1210 Hardisty Drive
   Arlington, TX 76001

   Domain Name: TOMGARTMAN.COM
   Domain Status: On Hold

   Administrative Contact:
      Tom Gartman  (TG61-ORG) Tom7678@AOL.COM
      817-784-9331, Fax- 214-350-0846
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Network Information and Support Center  (PSI-NISC)  hostinfo@PSI.COM
      (518) 283-8860
   Billing Contact:
      Tom Gartman  (TG61-ORG)  Tom7678@AOL.COM
      817-784-9331, Fax- 214-350-0846

   P.O. BOX 171139
   ARLINGTON, TX 76003


   Administrative Contact:
      Gartman, Tom  (GT151-ORG) conquernet@HOTMAIL.COM
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      DFW Internet Serivces, Inc  (ID54)  root@DFW.NET
      (817) 332 - 5116 (FAX) (817) 870 - 1501
   Billing Contact:
      Gartman, Tom  (GT151-ORG)  conquernet@HOTMAIL.COM

   Record last updated on 14-Aug-98.
   Record created on 31-Jul-98.
   Database last updated on 15-Aug-98 07:02:18 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


Alternative address:

   PO Box 171139
   Arlington, TX 76003

Aliases, Associates and Domains

Site history


Ads are for an unnamed site with address Whois indicates that this address is assigned to
PSI, however this is not very useful as PSI owns the entire 38.*.*.* Class A network.

Traceroute shows the last two hops to are:

 * fort-worth.tx.central.us.psi.net (  159 ms (  154 ms  156 ms (  188 ms  205 ms

Further analysis indicates that is known as tomgartman.com.


Unrelated to Gartman's porn business is the site Inetcharge.com, a business that provides on-line credit card billing. Gartman identified himself as "Accounting" as Inetcharge.com.

Whois identifies Inetcharge.com as

Conquernet (INETCHARGE2-DOM)
   711 South Carson Suite #4
   Carson City, NV 89701

   Domain Name: INETCHARGE.COM

   Administrative Contact:
      McDowell, Brent  (BM11891)  service@INETCHARGE.COM
      1-800-224-3694 (FAX) 1-817-784-6800
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Kersey, Shawn  (SK2002)  kersey@LEASENET.NET
      972-980-9319 (FAX) 972-980-4821
   Billing Contact:
      McDowell, Brent  (BM11891)  service@INETCHARGE.COM
      1-800-224-3694 (FAX) 1-817-784-6800

   Record last updated on 02-Jul-99.
   Record created on 24-Jun-98.
   Database last updated on 29-Sep-99 13:12:56 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:

(note the Conquernet reference.)

Other contact info:

Interesting netnews articles:

For many more articles, search Deja-news for "Inetcharge".

To report spam, contact abuse@iconnet.net

A complete history may also be available.

General notes:

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