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3 Jan 2000

Summary: 40 articles posted to 68 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 49.04

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<> 1 ABPEB-C:IF RAPE IS YOUR FANTASY 44125 (canceled?) <> 1 ABPEB-C:NEW RAPE pictures every week 81735 (canceled?) <> 1 ABPEB-C:RAPED by the doctor 27919 (canceled?) <> 1 FREE web community 4 Interacial & OR PETLOVERS (canceled?) <> 1 FREE web community 4 Interacial & OR PETLOVERS (canceled?) <84q8vm$10i$> 4 Fantasy.... *RAPE* do you desire CONTROL?? (canceled?) <84q8vp$10i$> 3 Fantasy.... *RAPE* do you desire CONTROL?? (canceled?) <i6D84.609$> 1 G,A,N,G, ,R,A,P,E,D, ,A,N,D, ,V,I,O,L,A,T,E,D (canceled?) <paD84.732$> 1 G,A,N,G, ,R,A,P,E,D, ,A,N,D, ,V,I,O,L,A,T,E,D (canceled?) <W7D84.654$> 1 G-A-N-G- -R-A-P-E-D- -A-N-D- -V-I-O-L-A-T-E-D (canceled?) <u9D84.705$> 1 G-A-N-G- -R-A-P-E-D- -A-N-D- -V-I-O-L-A-T-E-D (canceled?) <B9D84.708$> 1 G=A=N=G= =R=A=P=E=D= =A=N=D= =V=I=O=L=A=T=E=D (canceled?) <M6D84.618$> 1 G=A=N=G= =R=A=P=E=D= =A=N=D= =V=I=O=L=A=T=E=D (canceled?) <c6D84.606$> 1 G=A=N=G= =R=A=P=E=D= =A=N=D= =V=I=O=L=A=T=E=D (canceled?) <ibD84.760$> 1 G=A=N=G= =R=A=P=E=D= =A=N=D= =V=I=O=L=A=T=E=D (canceled?) <mbD84.762$> 1 G_A_N_G_ _R_A_P_E_D_ _A_N_D_ _V_I_O_L_A_T_E_D (canceled?) <84qj9r$dr1$> 4 HOT LITTLE TRAMP TO RAPE & OWN CALL ME (canceled?) <3860e364$> 2 Is This GAY RAPE (gysed.jpg) (canceled?) <> 1 LEGSEX, PANTYHOSE SEX, NYLONS, TEENSEX, BONDAGE, FUCKING AND SUCKING, (canceled?) <> 1 MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENTS FOR THE RIPENING FRUIT AND LONG SHELFLIFE STORAGE VEGETABLE PRODUCTS (canceled?) <> 1 OSCAR ACCUSED OF RAPE AGAIN (canceled?) <AfP84.152083$> 1 R-A-P-E-D- -A-N-D- -V-I-O-L-A-T-E-D- -O-N- -F-I-L-M (canceled?) <jbP84.151947$> 1 R-A-P-E-D- -A-N-D- -V-I-O-L-A-T-E-D- -O-N- -F-I-L-M (canceled?) <1ALb4.13169$> 1 R.A.P.E. .C.A.U.G.H.T. .O.N. .F.I.L.M (canceled?) <xuLb4.12892$> 1 R.A.P.E. .C.A.U.G.H.T. .O.N. .F.I.L.M (canceled?) <hkP84.152232$> 1 R/A/P/E/D/ /A/N/D/ /V/I/O/L/A/T/E/D/ /O/N/ /F/I/L/M (canceled?) <8xLb4.13022$> 1 R=A=P=E= =C=A=U=G=H=T= =O=N= =F=I=L=M (canceled?) <CuLb4.12896$> 1 R=A=P=E= =C=A=U=G=H=T= =O=N= =F=I=L=M (canceled?) <GbP84.151959$> 1 R=A=P=E=D= =A=N=D= =V=I=O=L=A=T=E=D= =O=N= =F=I=L=M (canceled?) <> 8 RAPE: A war crime, but not an impeachable offense (f) (canceled?) <84ostk$7o3$> 4 REPOST: PAPARAPE.TXT "Grandpa's Rape" (Mf, incest, cons?, young, preg) (canceled?) <84ot7l$7o3$> 4 REPOST: RAPESUZY.TXT "Raping Little Suzy" (Mf, incest, rape, pedo, preg, snuf?) VERY BAD! (canceled?) <6fP84.152069$> 1 R\A\P\E\D\ \A\N\D\ \V\I\O\L\A\T\E\D\ \O\N\ \F\I\L\M (canceled?) <aiP84.152164$> 1 R\A\P\E\D\ \A\N\D\ \V\I\O\L\A\T\E\D\ \O\N\ \F\I\L\M (canceled?) <kBLb4.13232$> 1 R^A^P^E^ ^C^A^U^G^H^T^ ^O^N^ ^F^I^L^M (canceled?) <> 2 TORTURE and RAPE (canceled?) <> 2 TORTURE and RAPE (canceled?) <> 1 WE NEED RAPE STORIES (canceled?) <_ld84.57$> 1 our stories - enjoy NORAPE.TXT (1/1) 11181 bytes (canceled?) <> 5 read the Cayce readings and REPENT, fascist zog- pigs! (canceled?)

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