Sample Spams

Typical spams follow. Highlighted text represents the evidence pointing back to Tom Gartman. Note the use of random numbers in the subject line and random characters in the message body in an attempt to foil spam-detecting software.

Spam 1: April 1998. Posted to
alt.sexual.abuse.recovery Posted from MCI, advertising site hosted by PSI.

Note the use of random digits in the Subject: line and random characters in the message body. These are intended to deceive automated spam-detecting software.

Path: ...!!!! not-for-mail From: Newsgroups: alt.sexual.abuse.recovery Subject: (R)(A)(P)(E) 33819 Message-ID: <> Lines: 5 Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 03:13:13 GMT NNTP-Posting-Host: NNTP-Posting-Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 23:13:13 EDT P-i-c-t-u-r-e-s V-i-d-e-o-s '"q72Y=PZSg+-RTd4lF`?JkygD<=:B)v)]2r4;@1\5

Spam 2: April 1998. Posted to alt.sexual.abuse.recovery Note the use of "nowhere33.yet" in the From: line. Path: ...!!!! not-for-mail From: nobody@nowhere33.yet Newsgroups: alt.sexual.abuse.recovery Subject: (R)(A)(P)(E) 83788 Message-ID: <25049814.5715@nowhere33.yet> Organization: <no organization> Lines: 4 Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 07:38:37 GMT NNTP-Posting-Host: NNTP-Posting-Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 03:38:37 EDT P-i-c-t-u-r-e-s V-i-d-e-o-s Ojqug9jF+$i3#l+<xwaJyF[tTrZa4ytj0+RxISL`e&

Spam 3: June 1998. Posted to several non-sex groups with "sex" in the titles. Posted directly from PSI. Path:!!psinntp!! From: Newsgroups:,alt.motss.bisexua-l, Subject: sound fun?You, Me, handcuffs and lots of rope 21459 Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 05:23:10 -0600 Organization: 456t Lines: 12 Message-ID: <> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE DONT LOOK ANY FURTHER FOR FREE HOT ALL SLUT BONDAGE AND TORTURE!!! RARE PHOTOS DIRECT FROM MY LESBIAN SEX CLUB Like the Rough Stuff? REAL UNDERGROUND FORCED ENTRY Get em here -------> new incredible site I highly recommend -------> #aBFiAIa[=U''VdzQsOx>j>RGgJqUgqk&C\il#KBuxWb)7%\ST

Spam 4: June 1998. Posted from fraudulent "". Path:!!!psinntp!!!nowhere33.yet From: nobody@nowhere33.yet Newsgroups: Subject: GANG R,A,P,E site 6389 Date: Wednesday, 10 Jun 1998 01:14:01 -0600 Organization: <no organization> Lines: 5 Message-ID: <10069801.1401@nowhere33.yet> NNTP-Posting-Host: ^M^M^Mh2"k*;wvaIxEZsSqY`3xti/*QwHRK_e%JL\md>YyBcYG$452;z^MnzUkj-38)TnaF'+N&.FX^M

Spam 5: June 1998. Path:!!!!!psinntp!!! nowhere33.yet From: nobody@nowhere33.yet Newsgroups: Subject: UNDER GROUND Slave Trade 30444 Date: Wednesday, 10 Jun 1998 01:01:21 -0600 Organization: <no organization> Lines: 5 Message-ID: <10069801.0121@nowhere33.yet> NNTP-Posting-Host: ^M^M^MqJeDNo$kH@A>G-z-a6v9?D6`9nSK8[J:RdFF0rGm*B#@(/\GC9^MXSzFpzt/4Mru,=4f(Hk2^M

Spam 6: Aug 1998. Site advertised is a click-through leading back to Gartman. From: Newsgroups:, Subject: <--->MASTURBATING AGAIN!!!--COME AND SEE ME NOW!!!! - me.jpg (1/1) 39109 Message-ID: <> Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 15:48:41 -0600 Organization: <no organization> Cache-Post-Path:! X-Cache: nntpcache 2.3.2 (see NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Trace: 10 Aug 1998 21:31:58 +0100, Lines: 5 Path:!!!!!!!!!!! complete amateur beastiality collection click below GsGZPoj8^/zt/Le1u,TK%(`)2

Spam 7: Jan 1999. Now posting through Compuserve Path:!!!!!!WCG!!nntp-nih2n! From: Newsgroups: Subject: S'E'X G'O'D'S S'E'X S'L'A'V'E'S Date: 28 Jan 1999 04:40:11 GMT Organization: alt Lines: 55 Message-ID: <> X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.0810.800 X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.00.0810.800 ENTER BY CLICKING THE LINK BELOW [...]

Spam 8: Mar 1999. Posted to non-sex group with "sex" in the title. No longer using random digits in Subject: line. Instead, posting large amounts of random text in the message body. Message-ID: <> From: Subject: R-A-P-E V-I-D-E-O-S Date: 31 Mar 1999 02:04:10 GMT X-No-Archive: Yes X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.0810.800 X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.00.0810.800 Newsgroups: alt.politics.homosexuality Path:!!!!!!!! Lines: 64 View On Line Using Real Audio-(TM) [58 lines of random characters deleted]

Messages from Tom Gartman

Notice 1: July 1998. Gartman announced FBI raid <> Notice On July 9, 1998 the offices of Forbiddenvideos was raided by the Dallas Police Dept. and the FBI. These authorities seized all computers and records from our offices. The FBI investigation is centered around the Federal stature that states it is illegal to ship or promote obscene material over state lines. We have hired the best first amendment Attorneys in the state and will fight any charges that may arise from these allegations with great passion. It is our belief that a consenting adult should be able to sell products to another consenting adult as long as it does not include bestiality or childporn which we do consider obscene material. Our tapes do not fall under these categories. Therefore we intend to defend our position to any level up to and including the supreme court. To the best our knowledge our customers will not be contacted or involved in any way. If you ordered any of our tapes and are contacted by the authorities please e-mail us at . Please check back with us periodically for updates to this situation and our target reopening date. Thank You, Webmaster

Notice 2: July 1998. More on the raid: Posted by Tom on July 20, 1998 at 00:35:31: Fellow Webmasters, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! I do not need any donations for my defense but I REALLY appricate your offering. The details as to how or why they picked me are still not clear. The affidavid that was used to get a search warrant for my home is still sealed. At this time I really don't know what events happened that brought the FBI to my door. The raid was a joint effort between the Dallas Police Department and the FBI. OK James- I will try to answer each of your question in short form (haha). I am going to be HONEST and I hope that fellow webmasters will not think that the FBI is automaticlly right becasue I might answer something in a way they you might not approve of. I am not asking for money or pity..I am just sharing the facts- 1 Did you have a warning page? Yes, however I used something form another webmasters site because it sounded good. I am now having my attny. write my warning pages. 2 Did you show any nudity and if so was any on your selling pages. Yes, I showed topless nudity on the selling pages. 3 Where did you get your pictures from and were they legal? Yes, I bought $1100.00 worth of content from CD's like Ebony Shack, Shackles, ECT. 4 What types of images did you post on your site be specific. I or someone I hosted offered just about any catagory. Amatuer Bondage Oral Anal Interracial Mature Lesbian Gay 5 Is it possible that some other site you were hosting did something that was not legal under a domain name you owned? Anything is possible, but all sites hosted were AC approved sites...(THAT IS IN NO WAY ANYTHING BAD TO AC) 6 What was the name of your site? I would use catch phrases like, cum drinkers, black love, gay lovers 7 Did you spam newsgroups with hard core? Tried it a few times...not in the past 4 months or so..the news groups seem to be a wasteland these days 8 Did you bulk mail? NEVER 9 Was you site a pee site? No streaming 10 Was your site a bondage site? I have 2 bondage sites 11 Was your site fisting site? On site I host for some else is a fisting site 12 Did you register with all the filters? No 13 Did you post to picture post if so what? No 14 Were you a YNOT member that gave away free content? No 15 Please add anything you can so we all can make changes I am not trying to create panic...EVERYONE needs to make money and I storngly belive that I should have the right to sell access to pictures that I own or have the rights to use from one consenting adult to another. My attny has told me to go back on line as fast as possible because he belives that no only can this be beat but the time is right to make a big issuse out of this. As for the UAC I have not asked them for help so please don't blame them for not responding. My home was just raided on July 9. I would also like to point out that AC is being really supportive and I am glad to be a member. Thanks.