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23 Mar 2008

Note: Automated spam monitoring stopped several years ago. These web pages are maintained for historical reasons. Some may be updated from time to time as news about the individual sites becomes available.

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Overview of last 14 reports

11 Sep 2000 156724298.68full headers
23 Jul 2000 52420139.30full headers
07 Jul 2000 62516166.59full headers
23 Jun 2000 372815477.73full headers
09 Jun 2000 3851025528.54
19 May 2000 1321505431.51
05 May 2000 50416138.63
28 Apr 2000 1411237.28
21 Apr 2000 3318869.61
07 Apr 2000 43299105.20
14 Mar 2000 60499168.57
25 Feb 2000 229897437.87
19 Jan 2000 1810540.72
03 Jan 2000 50382135.20

Overview of history

Total spam since 2 May 1997678184018 22171.37
Peak spam on 5 May 1997338649585 12501.14
Peak daily spam on 5 May 1997112816528 4167.05(3-day average)
Average daily spam4.348.8 13.37

full history also available

General information about Uunet

Because of various mergers, UUNet is now known as Verizon Business. As of July, 2006, Spamhaus listed them as the worst spam provider on the internet, with more than twice the open case files as their nearest competitor.

As of Sept 2006, clients included Atriks and e360insight.

In Feb, 2008, they finally managed to drop off the Spamhaus top-10 list for the first time ever. This is likely the work of the Verizon abuse team.

Uunet is a major internet provider. Uunet also provides facilities such as remote POP connections for other service providers. Because of this, it is often difficult to tell spam from Uunet apart from spam from a different provider.

UUNet has an anti-spam policy on paper, but their overall corporate stance is pro-spam. UUNet is known to take legal action against anti-spam activists, and to pressure other ISPs into terminating service to anti-spam organizations.

Due to its size, there has always been a fair amount of spam coming from Uunet. Over time, the spam volume became huge. At one point, Uunet held the record for the largest usenet amount of spam in one weekend (BI = 12,944 on 19 May 97)

UUNet's abuse policy can be found at http://www.us.uu.net/support/usepolicy

UUNet is, or has been in the past, the service provider to most of the notorious spammers on the internet. Including, but not limited to:

In addition, UUNet has been known to send spam of their own. See netnews articles "UUNet spamming InterNIC contacts", "UUNET originating sales spam to Internic contacts!" and "UCE direct from corprelay.mail.uu.net"

All internet sites which run sendmail should adopt the Realtime Blackhole List and the Dialup User List. This will eliminate the vast majority of email spam from UUNet.

UUNet is notorious for ignoring complaints. In August, 1997, a full-fledged UDP was implemented against UUNet in a desperate attempt to get UUNet's attention. This was partially successful, as UUNet did agree to prevent its users from spamming and to implement better logging in order to help trace spam to its source. However, UUNet still remained unresponsive to complaints about email spam and to complaints about spam from downstream customers such as NetZilla.

UUNet, like many major service providers, exerts the absolute minimum effort required to stay off the Realtime Black List and avoid the Usenet Death Penalty. UUNet allows spam problems to get worse and worse until they are added to the RBL or are threatened with UDP. They then institute whatever measures are required to avoid the RBL or UDP. Sometimes this consists of simply promising to do something about the problem.

UUNet usually responds to complaints with a form letter assigning a ticket number. These are automatically generated and only mean that UUNet has received -- and is ignoring -- your complaint.

Occasionally, after receiving enough complaints, UUNet will send you another form letter indicating that the problem has been "dealt with". Unfortunately, UUNet's way of dealing with complaints is to pass them on to the spammers themselves. This has the effect of verifying your email address and adding it to more spam lists.

UUNet is the ISP of choice for spammers. Here is an excerpt from www.emailemailemail.com/faq.htm:

Which national Internet Service Provider do you recommend for bulk email? If UUNET is available in your area, I'd recommend them, since there is usually more "lead time" before an account is terminated if you are violating the terms of service of an ISP. Always sign up online, don't sign an agreement and mail or fax it to them. You know ahead of time that you'll be in violation of the rules, so there's no sense in signing a legally binding document. With all the competition in this field, it's very easy to find an ISP who will waive setup fees, should you need to sign up for a new account down the road.

It has also been revealed that UUNet threatens anti-spam activists with lawsuits. See netnews articles

and visit web pages

In 1998, UUNet threated a lawsuit against anti-spam activists for refering to them as SpewSpewNET. See letters 1a, 1b, 2, and 3

In Sept, 1999, UUNet pressured Idirect of Canada to discontinue service to the Internet Mail Relay Services Survey which maintained a spammer's database.

In July, 1998, UUNet created a "24x7" abuse-handling staff. They may be reached any time of the day at

1-800-900-0241, option #2 (Tech Support), then #3 (Security) then #1

Site history

Report mass email to fraud@uu.net. Report spam to spam-complaint@uu.net.

Ownership & Contact Info

Main number800-900-0241
Abuse complaints
option #2 (Tech Support), option #3 (Security Services), option #1 (AUP Violations)

Whois identifies UUNet as

UUNET Technologies, Inc. UU-DOM
   3060 Williams Drive Ste 601
   Fairfax, VA 22031

   Domain Name: UU.NET

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Uunet, AlterNet - Technical Support help@UUNET.UU.NET
      +1 (800) 900-0241
   Billing Contact:
      Payable, Accounts acctspay@UU.NET
      tel.: (703) 206-5600  fax.: (703) 206-5601

   Record last updated on 02-Jul-97.
   Record created on 20-May-87.
   Database last updated on 12-Sep-97 04:47:08 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


To report spam, contact abuse-news@uu.net

A complete history may also be available.

General notes:

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