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15 Feb 2006

Note: Automated spam monitoring stopped several years ago. These web pages are maintained for historical reasons. Some may be updated from time to time as news about the individual sites becomes available.

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Overview of last 15 reports

21 Apr 2000 69424170.74full headers
14 Mar 2000 1915653.51full headers
03 Jan 2000 3892407931.11full headers
21 Dec 1999 54021391058.87full headers
17 Dec 1999 59265118.60full headers
16 Dec 1999 4519287.71
14 Dec 1999 5019989.81
09 Dec 1999 1812344.53
06 Dec 1999 157430.74
30 Nov 1999 149636.05
29 Nov 1999 3218475.92
23 Nov 1999 64252116.50
22 Nov 1999 66522841201.38
16 Nov 1999 146675291.51
12 Nov 1999 1410135.93

Overview of history

Total spam since 30 Apr 1997647046420 15047.97
Peak spam on 5 May 199776514613 3318.08
Peak daily spam on 5 May 19972554871 1106.03(3-day average)
Average daily spam5.533.6 11.77

full history also available

General information about Vol.it

Also known as news.tin.it. The full name of this site is Telecom Italia Net.

News.tin.it has an open news server and has taken no steps to close it. There is continual massive spam to Alt.sexual.abuse.recovery from this server.

Mail to postmaster bounces, in violation of RFCs.

Ownership & Contact Info

Whois identifies Vol.it as
	org:         Videolina SpA
	descr:       La prima televisione in Sardegna
	nserver:  dnsca.tin.it
	nserver:  transit.ca.tin.it
	nserver:  dns2.nic.it
	remarks:     Fully Managed
	created:     before 960129
	changed:     cgiadmin@cgi.interbusiness.it 980804
	source:      IT-NIC

	person:      Paolo Campana
	address:     L' Unione Sarda S.p.A.
	address:     Viale Regina Elena, 20
	address:     I-09100 Cagliari
	address:     Italy
	phone:       +39 70 60131
	fax-no:      +39 70 60131
	e-mail:      Paolo.Campana@unionesarda.it
	nic-hdl:     PC1237-RIPE
	notify:      domain@cgi.interbusiness.it
	changed:     hostmaster@nic.it 980804
	source:      IT-NIC

	person:      Reinier van Kleij
	address:     Viale Regina Elena 14
	address:     091245 Cagliari
	phone:       +39 070 6013321
	fax-no:      +39 070 6013237
	e-mail:      rein@exol.it
	nic-hdl:     RK2066-RIPE
	notify:      rein@exol.it
	changed:     hostmaster@nic.it 981105
Vol.it receives its internet connection from InterBusiness Telecom Italia:
	InterBusiness - Telecom Italia (NET-INTERBUSINESS)
	   Via Paolo Di Dono, 44
	   Roma, I-00143


	      Porri, Federico  (FP44-ARIN)  cgiadmin@CGI.INTERBUSINESS.IT
	      +39 6 36874589 +39 6 36889191 (FAX) +39 6 33659922

Site history

NetNews Feeds

news.tin.it receives netnews feeds from the following sites that I know of:

These sites have been added to the reporting list for news.tin.it to keep them aware of the problem, and to suggest that they terminate their netnews feed with news.tin.it until such time that news.tin.it adopts an anti-spam policy and regains control of their servers.

Sample Spam

Path: denver-news-feed1.bbnplanet.com!su-news-hub1.bbnplanet.com! news.gtei.net!logbridge.uoregon.edu!newsfeed.icl.net!colt.net! Pollux.Teleglobe.net!server-b.cs.interbusiness.it!news.tin.it! not-for-mail From: madQ <madq968@djeksta.comNOSPAM> Newsgroups: alt.folklore.science Subject: Download Ia.n.i.!!! It's free! Date: 14 Oct 1999 20:16:49 GMT Organization: madQ Lines: 4 Message-ID: <7u5dnh$qpa$420@nslave1.tin.it> NNTP-Posting-Host: a-ge17-85.tin.it X-Newsreader: madQ Download Ia.n.i. RemoteControlSystem 1.2 beta. It's free!!! New site: http://jump.to/IaniProject

To report spam, contact one or more of

A complete history may also be available.

General notes:

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