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1 Nov 1999

Summary: 33 articles posted to 112 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 60.55

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<ibJP3.7134$> 4 ------------- Looking for a real date? 1324 (canceled?) <gbJP3.7124$> 4 ------------- Looking for a real date? 2268 (canceled?) <7vfcgg$4sl$> 3 A.T.T.R.A.C.T THE W_O_M_E_N YOU WANT 3631 [58/3] (canceled?) <30109915.5035@nowhere33.yet> 3 Asian Centerfolds 17455 (canceled?) <30109915.5026@nowhere33.yet> 3 Asian Centerfolds 27792 (canceled?) <30109915.5018@nowhere33.yet> 3 Asian Centerfolds 42557 (canceled?) <30109915.5020@nowhere33.yet> 3 Asian Centerfolds 73430 (canceled?) <30109915.5031@nowhere33.yet> 3 Asian Centerfolds 80583 (canceled?) <30109915.1245@nowhere33.yet> 3 Beautiful International Model 34671 (canceled?) <30109915.3743@nowhere33.yet> 3 Ebony Fanatasy. 56907 (canceled?) <30109915.3506@nowhere33.yet> 3 Ebony Fanatasy. 86891 (canceled?) <7vfr5c$> 5 Hot XXXX!!!!! (canceled?) <30109915.2942@nowhere33.yet> 3 Hot double and triple penetrations 81444 (canceled?) <7utjsc$> 4 Hottest XXXXX!!!!!! (canceled?) <30109915.5835@nowhere33.yet> 3 Make Me Scream! 11746 (canceled?) <30109915.5648@nowhere33.yet> 3 Make Me Scream! 60492 (canceled?) <> 3 PEEING PUSSIES 74491 (canceled?) <> 3 PEEING PUSSIES 92850 (canceled?) <30109923.4340@none444.yet> 3 Perfect Bodies 17946 (canceled?) <30109923.4357@none444.yet> 3 Perfect Bodies 99711 (canceled?) <7vfpr3$mej$> 5 Real Hidden (NO FAKES) 8016 (canceled?) <7vfpr2$mej$> 5 See NEW Spy Picture 8909 (canceled?) <30109923.5152@none444.yet> 3 Teen Peach 20071 (canceled?) <30109915.1943@nowhere33.yet> 3 Vivid Video : Home Of The Vivid Girls 20493 (canceled?) <30109915.2251@nowhere33.yet> 3 Vivid Video : Home Of The Vivid Girls 25298 (canceled?) <30109915.2101@nowhere33.yet> 3 Vivid Video : Home Of The Vivid Girls 70226 (canceled?) <30109915.2220@nowhere33.yet> 3 Vivid Video : Home Of The Vivid Girls 71699 (canceled?) <30109915.2059@nowhere33.yet> 3 Vivid Video : Home Of The Vivid Girls 80298 (canceled?) <> 3 transexual 9271 (canceled?) <WeJP3.8319$> 4 ||||||||||||>>>>>>> Talented psychics waiting 7680 (canceled?) <heJP3.7184$> 4 ||||||||||||>>>>>>> Talented psychics waiting 8664 (canceled?) <fcJP3.7153$> 4 |||||||||||||||||| Looking for a date? 6805 (canceled?) <jcJP3.7171$> 4 |||||||||||||||||| Looking for a date? 7348 (canceled?)

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