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12 Nov 1999

Summary: 23 articles posted to 55 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 34.50

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<> 5 Adult Web Site Promotion 100824 (canceled?) <> 5 BONDAGE 66549 (canceled?) <04119915.5146@nowhere33.yet> 1 FEMALES PEEING! 13917 (canceled?) <80foc5$nei$> 1 Free (canceled?) <02119915.2042@nowhere33.yet> 3 LONG legged beauty! 46045 (canceled?) <03119912.0731@nowhere33.yet> 3 Nothing but cumshots! 56539 (canceled?) <> 3 PRETEENS FOR ALL FOR FREE 92897 (canceled?) <ySqW3.797$> 1 RUNNING OUT OF OIL BY 2005 AND COAL BY 2040 (canceled?) <80coi4$api$> 1 S.E.D.U.C.E AND A,T,T,R,A,CT W,OMEN WITH P,H.E,R.O,M.O,N.ES 9573 [50/3] (canceled?) <04119915.1504@nowhere33.yet> 2 SEX BY PHONE 12454 (canceled?) <04119915.1707@nowhere33.yet> 2 SEX BY PHONE 22836 (canceled?) <04119915.1735@nowhere33.yet> 2 SEX BY PHONE 31928 (canceled?) <04119915.1738@nowhere33.yet> 2 SEX BY PHONE 34925 (canceled?) <04119915.1704@nowhere33.yet> 2 SEX BY PHONE 60060 (canceled?) <04119915.1442@nowhere33.yet> 2 SEX BY PHONE 63222 (canceled?) <04119915.1626@nowhere33.yet> 2 SEX BY PHONE 93680 (canceled?) <03119911.4519@nowhere33.yet> 3 TWINS Fingering themselves 64874 (canceled?) <03119911.5310@nowhere33.yet> 3 Teenie Asian Pics 20318 (canceled?) <HnvV3.429$> 1 Totally Free Psychic Readings (canceled?) <04119915.2623@nowhere33.yet> 1 Vivid Girl 21649 (canceled?) <8031cq$iir$> 4 WANTED: KINKY PERVERTED MEN TO CUM WITH HOT SEXY SOUTHERN BELLE (canceled?) <> 3 WE UPDATE OUR FREE SITE EVERY DAY - FORGET THESE PAY SITES 10270 (canceled?) <> 3 WE UPDATE OUR FREE SITE EVERY DAY - FORGET THESE PAY SITES 11327 (canceled?)

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