Securing DNEWS Servers

[Courtesy of Paul Ludwig, Tech Support, Access1, refined by Rick Bucannan]

See the DNEWS Server Manual for more information.

The problem is probably caused by your previous settings in access.conf. Your new settings are only appended to access.conf and cannot overwrite the old ones. This is a bug in the setup wizard.

  1. In the DNews directory (C:\dnews if you used the default install in Windows NT) copy the files dnews*.log, and save the copies someplace safe. If you ever decide you want to go after the guy who's ripping you off, you'll need them.

  2. in the same directory, make a copy of the file access.conf. call it access.bak or something. (It's not likely you'll want to go back to the present set-up, but it's standard procedure..)

  3. from the DNews Manager, choose "Stop Dnews".

  4. then choose "exit" (this is important, because if you leave the Manager open, the next time you change _anything_ you'll wind up over-writing the changes you're making now. it's like having two text editors working on the same file.)

  5. Edit the access.conf file (C:\dnews\access.conf)

    The first line should be:


    exactly. The lines which follow allow access based on address or domain. For example:,

    *:Logoff:::!* 208.74.213.*:Read,Post:::*,Post:::* read from the bottom up, it says:

  6. From the NT "Start" menus, under Programs/DNews, choose "DNews Manager" to restart the console.

  7. hit "Start DNews"

  8. It's Miller Time. You're done.
Now the spamers should be blocked out, if they are really from outside..

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