Spam Quick Reference

This web page is intended to act as a quick way to identify a specific spammer or other person or organization involved in the fight against spam. It is perpetually under development.

If you can add any information about any particular spammer, please contact me at

Similar lists are carried at The Spamhaus Project, Spammers Speak, Worldwide Online, Spam Huntress.


Spammers often go to great lengths to hide their identities. Addresses in this file are those provided by the Internic or other sources and are often fraudulent. Do not firebomb anybody's house based on what you read here.


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Rogue web server used by spammers. Spammer likes to use a web redirector at Yahoo to further obfuscate the true source of the spam. Hosted by Netcom.
Fraudulent name often added to spam. Examine the headers in detail to find true source of spam.
Porn spammer. 123 Enterprises, 1325 SE Oak St # 10, Hillsboro, Or 97123. Contact: Peterson, M (MP4054) mpete@SNS-ACCESS.COM 503.241.8510.
Hosted by
See Alan Ralsky
Email Spammer. Hosted by Exodus.
Adware vendor, installs adware on user's systems fraudulently. Spies on users' browsing habits. Hijacks affiliate fees. See Ben Edelman report, eTrust Spyware Encyclopedia
Recently merged with Hotbar to form Zango. See Adware makers 180solutions, Hotbar merge
(last update: 07 Jun 2006)
Porn spammer. Margot Productions, Inc. 2207 Concord Pike, #511, Willmington, DE 19803-2098. Hosted by Softaware.
E-card business; collects email addresses and sells them to spammers. See Site Advisor for details.
Porn spammer. 24hrxxx Online, 2625 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley, CA, 94705. *. Contact: J Sears, stormwx@EARTHLINK.NET, 510-874-4735, 213-951-3209, 415-541-5093 Administered by Morgan Hill Entertainment.
Alias of Harris Marketing
Mortgage spam site in Boca Raton, FL, shut down by FTC in 2006. See Spam Diaries
(last update: 20 Jan 2006)
Porn spammer. Margot Productions, Inc. 2207 Concord Pike, #511, Willmington, DE 19803-2098. Hosted by Softaware.
Porn spammer. XTC Communications, Inc. (4Q3-DOM) 164-I Summer Street Suite 155, Kingston, MA 02364 Hosted by UUNet.
Alias of Media One
Professional spammers. TJK Marketing Group, Rt 9 Box 10, Bayville, NJ, 08721. Contact: Hill, Tom 98lite@SEPTICCARE.COM, 7322377103 (FAX) 7322377103. See netnews article "Another spamhaven " Connectivity provided by via and Sprint.
Spammers and Service provider to spammers. 9NetAve's DNS servers provide fraudulent reverse-lookup to help shield spam sites. See netnews threads "Yahoo! in bed with 9NetAve?", "Re: Spamming Policy" and 9NetAVE: Thank you for the fraudulent reverse DNS. See also sample spam from 9NetAve: "FREE WEB HOSTING during MARCH MADNESS 9Netave". Connectivity provided by UUNet and CWix.
9NetAve is also known to advertise via junk fax. See netnews articles 9 Net Avenue: FAX Spammers and Beware of "9 Net Avenue"

Update: A temporary restraining order has been granted against 9NetAve forbidding them from sending any more junk faxes. See TRO.

Update:9NetAve has been acquired by Concentric.
(last update: 7 Mar 2000)

Commercial email spammers. Responsible for "We are a clearing house for email" spam. A1ESERVICE2-DOM 230 West Hall Ave, Suite 205, Slidell, LA, 70460. Contact: Ronnie Scelson, 504-957-1037 (FAX) 504-781-6615. Also: Overnight Letter Type (JUSTTHEBEST3-DOM), 5101 West Esplanade Ave, Metairie, LA, 70006.

Also: Overnight Letter Type; 177711 W Hall Avenue; Slidell, LA 70460; 985-649-6248. (Information provided by a reader, not verified.) (last update: 19 Jan 2002)

Alias of Bill Waggoner
Service provider to spammers. See ABAC info page.
Rogue network service provider. Provides service for Optigate,, and others. Believed to forward spam complaints to spammers. Known to host "bullet proof" web hosting for spammers and to allow customers to hijack IP addresses. See SPEWS records S2988 and S2537 and SpamHaus Advisory.
Relay site, used by spammers. See Access1 Info Page for more information.
Email spamware. Yet another program that claims to be bullet-proof by making direct SMTP connections.
Alias of Tom Saylor
Money-laundering spammer. (example) Used a child-porn joe-job against at least one critic. See Spamhaus SBL entry.
Spam site. See ACSI Info page for more information.
Email spam site. Possibly rogue. Source of "ameature pics of me" porn spam. Hosted by UUNet
Porn spammer. Owned and/or operated by Lawrence (Larry) M. Wojtowicz. See info page.
"Adult Verification" service that drums up business by spamming. See Escort Guide info page.
Porn spammer. Brian Schuster, 160 South Eucalyptus Ave #31, Rialto, CA, 92376 *. Currently hosted by, according to traceroute.
Porn spammer. Skystar Corp, 1625 State St. Suite 5, Santa Barbara, CA 93103. *. See whois info for more.
See World Premiere
"Adult Verification" service that drums up business by spamming. See AdultSight info page. Associated with, or same as XXXFreeVideo.
Service provider to SJ Enterprises Suspected rogue service provider.
Mortgage company that advertises via spam. See c|net article.
Apex Global Internet Service. Internet backbone provider with pro-spam policies (now reformed). See AGIS FAQ.
See also Agis' own AGIS Network Access Agreement Violation List
Advanced Internet Services Inc.. Porn spammer. See AISI info page.
Online shopping site which advertises by spam. Disconnected by; now hosted by
See Advanced Internet Technologies
Major spammer; see Spamhaus listing Gordon Lantz & Gretchen Aitken/
MLM scheme that sells advertising space in your web browser. MLM aspect makes it an attractive nuisance for spammers. See AllAdvantage info page for more.
Apparently reincarnated as AGLOCO, Nov 2006
(added: 12 April 99)
(last update: 07 Nov 2006)
Site in Florida that hosts the "Diana Tee Shirt" web page.
See Alan Ralsky
Email spammer. See netnews article " The Saga of Cory Altelaar: Spammer"
Owner of Bulk ISP
Alias of Tom Saylor.
Alias of Tom Saylor
Book seller, spams anyone who has ever bought a book there. See Boycott homepage and Why I Don't Buy From Amazon. Update: Amazon may soon be selling customer information, in violation of their own privacy policy. See Amazon may share data
(last update: 5 Aug 2000)
Porn site; advertised by Jerry Nardini.
Owned by David Mann, source of the "Diana Tee Shirt" spam. See analysis by Bill Mattocks, and more information from Melvin Sleight.
Electronics manufacturer. Advertises via spam, through Worlddata.
See Globalipx and entry
Mortgage company that advertises via spam. See c|net article.
Porn spammer selling rape videos. KJ Media, 24307 Magic Mountain Prkwy #182, Valensia, CA 91355-1292. Contact: West, Kathy (KW2458) kjmedia@SMARTLINK.NET, (310) 293 2937
Currently spamming vi Ctimail.
(last update: 14 May 99)
Email spammers selling coins. Bayerisches Muenzkontor Goede Am Heerbach 5, D-63857 Waldaschaff, DE Administrative Contact: Goede, Michael (MG9131) postmaster@AMERICANMINT.COM +49 6095 950104 (FAX) +49 6095 950109 Technical Contact, Zone Contact: Pauli, Gerd (GP40-RIPE) Gerd.Pauli@CHT.DE
Porn spammer posting from AOL Michael Thomas (AMERICANTHIGHS3-DOM), 2126 West Ninth Street, Waterloo, IA 50702. mthomas492@AOL.COM, (319) 2324868 Technical Contact: Hostmaster, Rapidsite Inc. (HRI-ORG) hostmaster@RAPIDSITE.NET 561-994-6684 Fax- 561-994-6617 Fax- - 304-243-2497
Mortgage broker; uses spam to advertise. See MSNBC article Who profits from spam? Surprise and PC World article Spam Slayer

Partners include Innovative Marketing (d/b/a Lead Extreme), The Loan Page, Inc., Go Apply Inc (d/b/a Eleadz)

Accused of predatory and fraudulent practices; see Behind The Mortgage.
(last update: 25 Apr 2007)
On-line stock trading service. Sold or leaked their mailing list to spammers, especially pump-n-dump scammers. See netnews threads Ameritrade leaking email addresses to Sniffex pump n dumper and Ameritrade Spam Again
(last update: 15 Sep 2006)
Alias or associate of Scott Wilkerson
Cyberpromo autoresponder site.
Fake anti-spam site run by Robert Russo. Promotes a do-not-spam registry and attacks other anti-spam efforts. Original website content was a verbatim copy of, but they removed it when they were exposed.
(last update: 10 Jun 2006)
America On Line. Major internet provider. Name is commonly added to spam. AOL is usually innocent. Examine the headers in more detail to determine true source of spam. See AOL info page for more.
Porn spammer. See info page
Medical spammer. Selling quack cancer cures. See Jason Vale. Contact: Hosted by UUNet and/or Concentric
Email spammers. Hired by Microsoft to spam in 2006. See Spam Kings Illegal spam from Microsoft.
(last update: 03 Feb 2006)
Alias of
Network administrator of Foonet. Acted as go-between in massive DDOS attack for hire. See Security Focus article FBI busts alleged DDoS Mafia.
Porn spammer. Alias of Tom Saylor. Hosted by, spamming from Demon. (added: 13 April 99)
Alias of LibidoX.
Alias of Steve Repsis
Major spammer from New Zealand. Specializes on penis-enlargement pills. Described by Richard Cox of Spamhaus as world's biggest spammer sending unsolicited junk mail on the internet. Associated with Herbal King/Elite Herbal. See wikipedia article, BBC radio broadcast, BBC news article, New Zealand Herald. article, Raided by New Zealand police in 2007.
Alias of OverTheAir.
Part of aQuantive
Distributed e-mail distribution system owned by Brian Haberstroh. It uses (allegedly paid) proxies on other people's systems to send bulk email. It was designed to get past existing spam filters. Besides using proxy relaying, it also morphs envelope senders, uses DNS spoofing.

Also known as Sendmails, Greenhorse, and Distributed Mail Corp (DMC).

Adelphia, and probably many other ISPs consider the use of Atriks software, VirtualMDA, grounds for immediate termination of your account.

It is believed that Atriks also installs VirtualMDA on the computers of unwitting third parties, either through virus or trojan.

Haberstroh's services are resold under the Meditay and Passion Up names.

See Spamhaus record, Boston Globe, and Wikipedia for more information.

Hosted by Lightship Telecom for some months before finally convinced to terminate them in 2004 due to a SPEWS listing.

Sold lists of AOL and Earthlink users.

Sued for $5 million for stealing trade secrets.

Raided in 1994 for suspected stolen computers.

Sued Jay Stuler for reporting them to their ISP.

Service provided by UUNet/MCI in 2005.
Spam-friendly ISP, hosted by United Layer. Used a block of network addresses hijacked from Zust-Ambrosetti, Ready Systems, and Los Angeles County (See also [1], [3], [4], [5]). Owned by Emil Kacperski.

Also known as or closely associated with Intercage.

Send abuse reports to and

Identified by Washington Post columnist Brian Krebs as a major source of criminal activity including spyware, adware, viruses, and fake anti-virus software. Associated with the Russian Business Network. See also:

Disconnected from the internet 22 Sept 2008, see Washington Post article Internet Shuns U.S. Based ISP Amid Fraud, Abuse Allegations

Reconnected 24 Sept 2008 with new service provider United Layer. See Register article 'Malware-friendly' Intercage back among the living
(last update: 24 Sep 2008)
Telephone company and network backbone. Spam-friendly for the right price. It is known that AT&T will write contracts with known spammers, exempting the spammers from the AUP (see example). See netnews article AT&T writes pink contracts, confirmed!, c|net article AT&T admits spam offense after contract exposed, and net4tv article AT&T Spam-Supporting Contract Discovered.

AT&T also provides ISP services under the name Worldnet

In netnews article " /'s lying ignore-bot from hell", it is confirmed that AT&T sends ignore-bot responses without reading the complaint email.

Known to advertise via spam.

Merged with SBC in 2006.
(last update: 28 Feb 2007)

Specialized software. See Cybercreek.
Former major spamhaus. See Spamhaus listing. Succesfully sued for spamming by Stanford grad student Joe Wagner in small claims court in California.
(last update: 19 Oct 2007)
Porn spammer. Babenet Ltd., 9610 DeSoto Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311. Connectivity provided by AlterNet.
Alias of EscortGuide.
Alias of OverTheAir.
Porn spammer. See Babylon-X info page
Alias of Tom Saylor
Purveyor of spamware FloodGate and GoldRush See Industry Standard article Who's Spamming Whom?
Nickname of Golf Balls Unlimited spammer.
Nickname of HotSexNow spammer. Generates enormous amounts of spam by exploiting open servers. Based in Baltimore.
PO Box 171139, Arlington, TX 76003. Alias of Tom Gartman
"Bulletproof" and "Internet Spy" spammer. See Anthony Banks info page. Service provided by
Seller of counterfeit goods. (See e.g. Louis Vuitton knockoffs.) Owned by Maverick Direct, which is owned by David Linhardt. Successfully sued by Maui Jim for selling counterfeit goods.
Book seller. Spams its customer list. Never give your real email address to Barnes & Noble.
Major spammer. Hosted by Rackshack. See Spamhaus Project file (last update: 10 Jan 2002)
Professional spammer. Based at BellSouth. Whois info: Battles, Brendan; DataCom Marketing Corporation; 1048 NW 113th Way; Coral Springs, FL 33071. (954) 242-8651 (FAX) (954) 345-3773. Also: Image Marketing Group, Inc; 1440 Coral Ridge Dr. #336; Coral Springs, FL 33071.

Participated in a SLAPP Lawsuit against anti-spam activists in 2003.

Apparently discovered in New Zealand, March 2006, spamming for Wired Country Direct wireless broadband plans and others. See Computerworld article Spam king sets up in New Zealand?

Hired by Web Developer's Association of New Zealand, July 2006.

See New Zealand Herald article Information technology Vigilantes wage war on spam, PC World article E-Mail Marketers Sue Antispammers for more stories.
(last update: 10 Jul 2006)
Operator at Worked with Alan Ralsky to set up a Botnet for spamming purposes.

See video of Terrence Berg, from the US Dept. of Justice's presentation Case Study: The Spam King
(last update: 23 Nov 2009)
BCTEL Advanced Communications. Canadian backbone provider which evicted Dorkslayer for their anti-spam activities which included open relay probing. See netnews article "BCTAC and Dorkslayers - BCTAC response" for more information.
British Columbia Telecomunications. See BCTAC for more.
Owner of Service provider to and possible business partner of Tom Gartman.
Manufacturer of routers and other technology. Once sold a router that once every eight hours would redirect a random html page to an advertising page.

See Register article Help! my Belkin router is spamming me

Jan 2009, caught paying for positive reviews of Belkin products; see Consumerist article Belkin Caught Paying For Positive Reviews

(last update: 20 Jan 2009)
See Alan Ralsky
Toner cartridge spammer. Benchmark Print Supply 1091 Redstone LN, Atlanta, GA 30338, 800-759-5313, 800-586-0540, 800-650-5062, 770/399-5038, 770/399-0953, 770/399-7444, fax: 770/698-8698.
Also: Benchmark Supply, 5334 Lake View Club, Atlanta GA 30338, (770) 512-7169.
Also: D&J PRINTING CORPORATION, 2564 Cochise Dr NW Ackworth Georgia 30102 (770) 974-8228
See Benchmark Print Supply info page Benchmark advertises new toner cartridges but actually ships inferior refills. See review at Comments for Benchmark Print Supply

Internet service provided by PSI.

Update: Alltel has filed a restraining order against Benchmark forbidding Benchmark from using Alltel for spamming. If you receive Benchmark spam routed through Alltel, send a report to

28 Sept 2000: Atlanta attorney Pete Wellborn of Arnall Golden & Gregory LLP has obtained a temporary restraining order. See Spam Wars Escalate in Round Two

See also:

(last update: 18 July 2000)
Author of very first spam-bot; hired by Lawrence Canter & Martha Siegel. For more information, see netnews post LEIGH BENSON (was: Re: Can anything be done about this spam?),
President of In Touch Media Group. See Christian Science Monitor article You call it spam, they call it a living
Drug spammer.Internet Products, 209 Ashland Park, Ashland, PA 19313. Contact: 1-412-456-9876 (FAX) 1-412-456-9876 Hosted by CWIX Believed owned by Steve Repsis.
Owner/operator of (see) MegaProvider, investor/member of Cyberangels which hijacks innocent computers to use as web sites. Previously, Bevelander was kown for being a domain hijacker. See article domain now owned by spam fighters and article Dutch mass spammer loses grip.
Porn spammer, based in Orlando FL. See

Update: Sept 2001 Now hijacking from UUNet.
(last update: 24 Sept 2001)

Alias of LibidoX.
Alias of Tom Saylor.
See Globalipx
See Bill Waggoner
Spam domain owned by Dan Hufnal
Alias of Tom Saylor
Spam site, owned by Tom Saylor
Alias of
Top-200 spammer according to Rokso. Business associate of Greg Tift. See Rokso case file
Sex Spammer. Web page contains pictures of a naked girl (who may or may not have anything to do with the spam) and exhorts you to spend money on a 900- number so that *maybe* she'll sleep with you. How dumb can people get?
Book seller. Spams its customer list even if you're on the "do not solicit" list. See netnews article Spam From Reminder: Never give your real email address to retailers on the internet if you can avoid it.
Scam Spammer. Currently (Nov 1998) under investigation by U.S. Treasury. See Freedom Star Bank.
See Goldtimes USA.
Son-in-law of Alan Ralsky; indicted on multiple spam-related charges in Jan 2008.
Network service provider. Sells services to spammers.
See Cybercreek. See also: court records.
Professional spammer.
Bulk ISP Corp; 9903 Santa Monica Blvd # 566; Beverly Hills, CA 90212. phone: (323) 874-4647; fax: (323) 512-4950. Owned by Saied Alzalzalah Hosted by CoreComm
Email spammer. Aka "bumptech". Ryan Matthew Lederman Abusive, threatening and unrepentant until larted (but not disconnected) by service providers Earthlink and PacBell. See netnews articles "(email)Keep your files safe {ADV}", "A RBL submission: ''" and "My final post about bumptech"
Alias of The Critics Designs
Former host and partner of Azoogle. Strongly pro-spam in 2003, claims to be reformed now. See usenet thread Call for Internet Death Penalty: Burstnet/Hostnoc and forum thread Can a Burst employee please explain the following....
Pro-spam ISP; host of spammer. Hosted by UUNet.
Online auction company. Suspected of selling email addresses to spammers. See netnews thread did sell my e-mail address. See Ironminds article Web Superstore Springs a Leak
Spammers found guilty of forging in from: line of spam. See Craig Nowak.
Probably not a single individual. Sells plans for a cable piracy box. There are two problems. First, the plans don't work. Second, if they did, it would be illegal. For more information, see the MMF Hall of Shame info page, including links to copies of the plans so you can save yourself a few bucks.

The MMF Hall of Shame describes this as a "victim-spread" scam. That is, once someone buys the plans and discovers they don't work, they come up with the idea of reselling them to other suckers.

Seller of spamware. See Spamhaus web site
Medical spammer. Selling quack cancer cures. Contact: Hosted by Deltanet
Original green card spammer. Given 90-day suspension by Florid Bar in 1987 for willfully misrepresenting facts. Resigned from Florida Bar in 1988 to escape permanent disbarrment for perjury. Disbarred in Tennessee in 1997, partly for spamming. Moved to Arizona but did not join the bar there. See Eyenet interview for more information.
Washington State politician. Formally connected with Former member of board of TrustE; resigned when she realized that TrustE was a sham. Previously pro-spam, but has come around to the light side. See netnews article Re: Help with Maria Cantwell background
Online greeting card service. Someone, probably one of their employees, executed a massive spam in April, 2000 accusing a competing card service of privacy violations and advertising See netnews thread Help- Spam relating to See also web page SORRY!!
AKA, The Buffalo Spammer. Convicted in 2004 of 14 counts of forgery, fraud, identity theft and other crimes. Sent to prison May 31, 2004. See The Inquirer article Spammer seven years in the can. (last update: 1 June 2004)
CEO of SpamArrest
Sex Spammer; advertises floating brothel. Hosted by UUNet
Email porn spammer. Forges Yahoo HELO's.
Legitimate company that sells music CD's. Unfortunately, CDNow gives customers a discount for promoting CDNow, and some of those customers do so via spam.
CDNow will terminate those customers when informed of the spam.
See their "Cosmic Credit" page for more info.
Email and netnews spam site. See C-Flash Info Page.
Internet site that permits spammers to maintain web pages as long as they spam from throw-away accounts on other sites. Search for "Well, is Rogue" at your favorite news archive site for more info.
Owner of Global Tech 2000 and Ultragrafix
Alias of OverTheAir.
E-card business; contains downloads which are spyware. Do not visit this site. See Site Advisor for details.
See Alan Ralsky
Porn spammer, Cherrypoppers Online, 10443 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 339, Beverley Hills, CA 90211. *. Contact: J Sears, stormwx@EARTHLINK.NET, 213-951-3209, 415-541-5093 (address is probably fraudulent) Administered by Morgan Hill Entertainment.
Porn spammer, 305 Bonnie Meadow Circle, Reistertown, MD, 21136. See Chickenshack info page. May be related to HotSexNow
Data broker, improperly sold information on 145,000 Americans to Nigerian criminals.
Medical spammer. See Jason Vale. Hosted by UUNet.
Porn spammer. Arthur A. Muriph, 312 Pond Street 312 Pond Street, South Weymouth, MA 02190. *.
Contact: Jack Guiragosian, admin@NS2.TRITECH.ORG (818)548-5400 (FAX) (818)548-5454. Contact: Arthur A Muriph, amuriph@EMAIL.MSN.COM
See Gator
Spam outfit, owned by Wayne Mansfield.
Major porn spammer. Pled guilty to violations of CAN-Spam act in 2006. Owner of and a number of porn sites. See Jennifer Clason pleads guilty of spamming and conspiracy for more info.

See also Jeffrey Kilbride, James Schaffer, Andrew Ellifson, and Kirk Rogers.

(last update: 29 Jul 2008)
Alias of Tom Saylor
Email spam house. Future Spectrum Computer Services, 17691 S. Springfield, Country Club Hills, IL 60478. Contact: James Cassan, 76423.3570@COMPUSERVE.COM (708) 626-1649 (FAX) (708) 206-0925. Hosted by, or the same as
Porn spammer. Club Mendoza, 2327 Goldenrod Road, Orlando, FL 32810. Contact: Marcos Sausilitos, brandyw@VALUEWEB.NET 407/380-3429 (FAX) 407/380-3401 Technical Contact: hostmaster@VALUEWEB.NET Fax- 954-429-8001
Connectivity provided by Servint

Update: now spamming by email. See netnews article Lame "threat" from spammer (last update: 29 July 1999)

Porn site; advertised by Jerry Nardini.
Porn site; hosted by UUNet (added: 14 April 99)
Alias or affiliate of 9Netave
Major internet service provider; one of the first online computer services ever. See Compuserve info page for more info.
See Alan Ralsky
Email spam house and/or service provider for email spam houses. Service provider for TSF Marketing. Member of NOIC. Fannin Industries, Inc.; 205 Flemingsberg Road; Morehead, KY 40351. Sales: 800-757-8098 or 606-245-4175; Billing: 800-221-9681 or 606-784-4901; Fax: 606-783-1252. Contact: Pearch, Chris, postmaster@CONNECTUP.COM, 606-784-8643; Cecil, David, davidc@CONNECTUP.COM 606-271-1343 (FAX) 606-245-9305. Disconnected by ACSI 19 Mar 1998. Now connected via Digex.
Alias of Tom Gartman.
Email spammer. Client of Login Las Vegas. Contact Data Systems, 306-N W. El Norte Pkwy, Esc, CA 92026, admin@CONTACTSOURCE.COM, tech@CONTACTSOURCE.COM, accts@CONTACTSOURCE.COM, 619/492-8870. For more information, see the LLV Info Page at
ISP that harbors spammers.
Also known as Megsinet, Inc; 10 S. Riverside Plaza Suite 401; Chicago, IL 60606.
Currently (Aug, 2000) harboring Steve Repsis, Jerry Nardini, Tom Gartman and Tom Saylor. (last update: 25 Aug 2000)
TV Descrambler spammer. 50 S Groesbeck HWY Clinto Twp., MI 48036
(info provided by a reader, not verified)
Service provider for Tom Saylor
Hardcore spammer, associated with StealthLaunch/PopLaunch and Empire Towers. Convicted in Indianna for burglary. Convicted in Ohio for bad checks. Arrested in Ohio in March 2002 for burglary. See Register story Anti-spammers compared to terrorists, Netnews thread Kim Marin left cyring in Palm Beach County and Spamhaus File. (last update: 8 March 2002)
Network service provider with pro-spam policies. Will not disconnect spamming clients and will not accept abuse reports about them.
(last update: 15 Jan 2008)
Email spammer. Owner of
See Foonet
See Alan Ralsky
Porn spammer. The Critics Designs, 2659 W. Okeechobee Rd., Suite B-29, Hialeah, Fl 33010. Contact: Santiago Alfonso, santy@THECRITICS.COM, (305) 785-7225. Connectivity provided by UUNet.
Commercial email spammer. Seller of spamware. Owned by Jason Isaksen. See whois entry for details. See netnews thread "A spammer does the internet a favor..." for more.
Email spammer specializing in ocean cruises. Sued Mark Mumma, an Oklahoma web hosting ISP in Feb, 2005 for complaining about spam. See, WiReD, and eMediaWire for more info.

Kicked off of ISP Constant Contact for spamming, July 2007.
(last update: 05 Aug 2007)
Commercial email spammer. Completely rogue. Program your mailer to reject anything with in the header. AKA, blastnet, wemarketdirect, and letsmarket. Phone 800-344-3879, 410 964-2854. Kicked off of Erols in April 1997, connectivity now provided by Bell South.
Commercial email spammer. Uses forged headers. Program your mailer to reject anything with in the Received: lines. Connectivity provided by AGIS. UPDATE: Agis has allegedly terminated Cscent.
Fortune 500 company being sued for $6 million dollars for spamming. See news article Fortune 500 Co. hit with $6 million lawsuit under Wa. state anti-spam law.
Porn spammer. P.O. Box 748, DeFuniak Springs, FL, 32435. Contact: Rolland Hatton,, 318-752-1139, P.O. Box 5213, Bossier City, LA, 7117-5213. DNS provided by
See Globalipx
Lawyer to Jeremy Jaynes. In November, 2006 plead guilty to tax fraud, money laundering, and lying to a grand jury in connection with his partnership with Jaynes.
(last update: 07 Nov 2006)
Professional spam operation, associated with Naviant. As of Feb 2006, working for Miller and Equifax. See Spam Kings excellent analysis Inside the creepy Miller Brewing spam probe.
"Cable and Wireless Internet". Host of Steve Repsis, and Escort Guide. Recently purchased MCI. See CWix Info page.
Professional spammers. Alias or assocates of (see) MegaProvider. on 3 July 2003, cyberangels registration was dropped by the spammers who owned it, and the registration was snapped up by
Purveyors of Rapid Fire Mail Server aka CyberCreek Avalanche. Threatens critics with lawsuits. See netnews thread Legal threat frrom and cybercreek web page. Also see netnews thread Andy Brunner follows through on his lawsuit threat! Connectivity provided by MSI
More: Update:Disconnected from UUNet 22 Aug 2000. Moved to Gblx. (last update: 7 Sept 2000)
Commercial service provider, currently hosting Harris/Savoynet. Believed to be rogue. See Anti-Spam Page for more info.
Web hosting service to porn spammers. Connectivity provided by UUNet. CyberNet 2000, Inc., 2320 E. North Street Suite NN, Greenville, SC 29607. webmaster@CYBERNET2000.NET 1-800-942-1552 (FAX) 864-241-2028
Host of 10 Aug 1998 hipcrime rogue canceller. Connectivity provided by UUNet. CyberNet 2000, Inc., 2320 E. North Street Suite NN, Greenville, SC 29607. webmaster@CYBERNET2000.NET 1-800-942-1552 (FAX) 864-241-2028
Commercial service provider, currently hosting QuantumCom and GTMI. Believed to be rogue. Currently connected via
Internet's most notorious email spammer. See Cyberpromo FAQ. Owned by Sanford Wallace.
Porn spammer. Spams alt.sexual.abuse.recovery. Voice Media Inc. (CYBEREROTICA-DOM) 2533 N Carson St. Suite 1091, Carson City, NV 89706. Contact: Levi, Ron fantasyman@NTCOR.COM 818-591-4503 (FAX) 818-591-0805
Porn spammer. Probable alias or partner of Empire Communications. Registered as: Cyberspace Inc., 102 West Arrington, Farmington, NM 87401
Contact: schmalzried, marty (MS17258) netsupport@CYBERPORT.COM, 505-564-8491
Alias of Benchmark Print Supply
Scam spammers. Forged DNS. The Data Channel, 5750 Margate Blvd. #208, Margate, Fl. 33063, US
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact: Weinstein, David (DW1527) sysop@DATACHAN.COM, 1-954-978-2250 (FAX) 1-954-978-7373,
Pheremone spammer. Currently (Sept 1999) hosted by Exodus. See Steve Repsis for more.
Marketing company. Mar 2006, Bought a dirty email list from Gratis Internet and was subsequently fined $1.1 Million for spamming. See Red Herring article Email-Mining Firm Pays $1.1M and NY Attorney General press release. As of May, 2006, hosted by Level3.

Previously listed on Spamhaus SBL, now no longer listed.

Filed an Amicus Brief on behalf of Spamhaus in 2007.
(last update: 13 Mar 2007)
See Alan Ralsky
Direct E-mail Advertisers Association. Run by Dan Hufnal. Last reported downstream of (last update: 29 July 1999)
Distributor of Linux operating system. Leaked their email list, based on tagged pump-n-dump email I recently received. (last update: 25 Dec 2005)
Sister & co-defendent of Jeremy Jaynes
Email spammer. Claims to be strictly opt-in, but is believed to buy or steal member addresses from See netnews article "Indeed Excite *IS* spamming"
See their privacy statement
Web hosting site with pro-spam policy as long as spam is sent via a third party. See netnews article "Untouchable home for Fla. vacation spammer"
Persistant spammer, trying to sell a dental plan. ID'd as NHCD (National Health Care Discount, Inc.), 6520 West 110th Street, Suite 202, Overland Park, Kansas 66211, 800-720-5055
President: Herman Wilms, 6911 W 130th Street Shawnee Mission, KS 66209 (913) 681-8654
Web page disconnected by
To complain: Contact Kansas Department of Insurance (
Disconnected by Digex on 15 May 1998.

See AOL Legal Web Page

Service provider/partner to Tom Gartman. AKA Rogue service provider. DFW Internet Services, Inc., 201 Main st. Suite 1350, Fort Worth, TX.
Owner: Beech, Jack (JB138) jwb@DFW.NET, DFW Internet Services, Inc., 114 North Commerce, Ft. Worth, TX 76102, (817) 332-5116 (FAX) (817) 870-1501
Administrator of World Tech Media
Internet service provider which does not disconnect spammers. Provider to Daniel & Ernst Licht and other spammers.
Minor usenet porn spammer. Owner of Sample spam: LIVE VIDEO SEX
AKA "Terri Tickle". Possibly a pseudonym. Email and netnews fraud spammer. Advertises for ticklish guys, apologises, promises not to spam any more, does it again. Also known for mailbombing and other harassment. See Philadelphia City Paper article "Tickle Me Terri"

Update: 5 April 2001 "Terri" is now known to be David P. D'Amato, an assistant high school principal from Long Island, New York. See article Who's Laughing Now
UPDATE: See netnews thread "TERRI TICKLE UNMASKED". (Note: read this article, like everything else on the net, with a grain of salt.)
See also: Readers Digest article Angles Online.
Service provided by (last update: 5 April 2001)

Adware vendor, installs adware on user's systems fraudulently. Deletes competitor's software from users' disks. Collects users' data. Hijacks affiliate fees. Sued in 2006 by NY attorney general Eliot Spitzer. See also: Business Week article The Plot To Hijack Your Computer, Spyware Information Center listing, Ben Edelman article, Spyware Guide, ZDNet, Techdirt.
(last update: 06 Apr 2006)
Porn spammer, part of the Morgan Hill Entertainment spamglomerate.
3782 Embarcadero Road, Suite 620 Palo Alto, CA 94303.
Note: this address is known to be fraudulent.
See Alan Ralsky
U.S. Representative, sued in small claims court for sending unwanted political spam.
Previous name of the ORBS blackhole list.
Scott J. Filary and Donald E. Townsend. Email spammers, sued by state of Florida (Spam Kings)
Pharmaceutical spammer. Hosted by
Porn site owned by Adult Promo.
See Media Breakaway
See David Linhardt. Left or kicked off UUNet in 2007. Currently hosted by
Alias or associate of
Florida vacation spammer. See E-Travel info page. Hosted by Popsite.
Major ISP. Once the worst spam site (netnews and email both) on the internet. Earthlink was the very first major ISP to go rogue. They have since cleaned up their act. See Earthlink info page for more.
(last update: 04 Dec 2007)
Seller of spam software.
Alias of Dean Westbury
Business owned by Ryan Pitylak
Laetril spammer. Selling quack cancer cures. See Jason Vale. Contact: Hosted by
Major internet auction site. Sends spam to customers even when they attempt to opt-out.
See Goldtimes USA
E-card business; contains downloads which are spyware. Do not download anything from this site. See Site Advisor for details.
Fugitive from federal indictment for paying Foonet to execute a DDOS attack against his business competitors. See Security Focus article FBI busts alleged DDoS Mafia, DOJ Accuses Six With Crippling Rivals' Web Sites, FBI wanted poster, and Yahoo news.
(last update: 20 Jun 2007)
Aka Professional email "opt-in" marketers. Believed to steal mailing lists of customers and resell them to other spammers.
E-card business; exploited browser security holes and made unauthorized changes to your pc. As of March 2008, now has a clean bill of health from the McAfee Site Advisor.
See Dean Schlenker
Service provider to Anthony Banks and Pro-spam, but will enforce their AUP at least some of the time. (last update: 6 June 2000)
Alleged to be the biggest spammer in the world. Run by or associated with Shane Atkinson. See BBC article.
See Goldtimes USA.
Major porn spammer, pled guilty to porn spamming, Jan 2006

See Spam Diaries, U.S. Newswire.

See also Jeffrey Kilbride, James Schaffer, Kirk Rogers, and Jennifer Clason.
Spam site. Connectivity provided by ACSI.
Spam site. Connectivity provided by ACSI.
Major spammer; see Spamhaus listing Gordon Lantz & Gretchen Aitken/
Aka MediaHeights LLC. Owned by Jason Rines, listed on The duke of spam
(last update: 8 Dec 2005)
Florida spamming corporation. Incorporated by Mark Felstein, lawyer for Eddy Marin
Spam site. 921 sw washington street #224, Portland, OR 97205.
Also: 2875 NW Adagio Way, Hillsboro, OR 97124
Also: 123 Enterprises, 14880 NW Fawnlily, Portland, OR 97229
Also: AJV, 16552 NW argyle way, Portland, OR 97229
Owned by Matt Middleton. Contact: Middleton, M doc@EMPIRE2.COM 503.241.1091 (FAX) 503.241.1198. Registered domains include,,,,,,,, 123adult, and See whois 1 and whois 2 for more entries.

See the Middleton info page for more info.

Major spammers. AKA PopLaunch, Masteragents, Yaman Santuary. See Thomas Cowles, Fred Lusky, Andy Pope and Rodona Garst. See also Empire Towers Watch page.
Makers of well-known reference book. Advertises via spam.
Notorious email spammer, raving lunatic, disseminator of the Usenet Cancel Engine. For more information, see the info page at
British spammer. Murdered his wife after his spamming, fraud, and piracy business collapsed. See Spam Daily News article Briton spammer extradited to US over murder charge
Alias of E-Travel -- AKA the Florida Vacation Spammer See netnews article Florida Vacation Spammer Unmasked!
Credit reporting agency which used to maintain a spamming division. Spamming facilities were shut down in response to Can Spam act in 2003.

As of Feb 2006, back in the spamming business, spamming for Miller Brewing. See also
(last update: 22 Feb 2006)

Alias of LibidoX.
Alias of LibidoX.
Alias of LibidoX.
Porn spammer. Tiberias Marketing, 24000 Alicia Parkway, 17-331, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, Don Evans webmaster@TIBERIAS.COM, 714-206-5481, Alexander Kiwerski, admin@COMBASE.COM, 813-681-9020
Spam site. Connectivity provided by ACSI.
Service provider to Steve Repsis. Coordinator: NETWORKS INC, FUAS INTERNATIONAL, fuasreg@YAHOO.COM 127 West Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789, 1-407-933-2444
Porn spammer. Vanity Girls, PO Box 17033, Oakland, CA 94601, USA. Domain Name: ESCORTGIRL.COM Contact: Jordan, Rodney rodney1@CCNET.COM 510 534-3011.
Hosted by Verio Northern California. hostmaster@NCAL.VERIO.NET 925-280-8500, Fax- - 925-280-8599
Porn spammer in Boca Raton, FL. See EscortGuide info page.
ISP with good anti-spam AUP which they do not enforce. Known to threaten legal action against complainants. See netnews article Legal threats from
New name of ACSI
Owned by Shane Atkinson
Alias of Tom Saylor.
Porn spammer. Intuitive Design, 414 S. Craig St. #290, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. Contact: Ziady, Tamer DNS@IN-DESIGN.COM 412-681-0246 (FAX) 412-687-6136

AKA Everyone's Internet. Service provider with pro-spam policies. See Guardian articles An unwelcome guest of spam and On the trail of the spammers or simply do a Google Groups search for "ev1*"

Supposedly, Ev1 has cleaned up its act in recent years.
(last update: 30 May 2006)

Email spammer. Pled guilty for CAN-SPAM violations in Feb, 2007. Partners with Michael Steven Twombly.
(last update: 01 Mar 2007)
Scam spammer. Sells a penny stock. Associated with or the same as JT's Restraunt. See information page "Avoid Eventemp Corporation". Also, see ""'s article "Uneven Possibilities" Eventemp's stock has been suspended by the Securities and Exchange Commission. See this suspension notice.
Update 27 Oct 1998: Sloane Fitzgerald and Francis Tribble have been fined by the SEC. See the SEC press release.
Update 9 Nov 1998: See Milwaukee Business Journal article "Excalibur gives up on Eventemp contract" for more.
Porn spammer. 20440 Corisco St, Chatsworth, CA 91311, Adam Levine, postmaster@EVN.COM, 818-773-7234. Hosted by Earthlink.
Adware vendor; installs adware without user permission via deceitful advertisements. See eTrust encyclopedia, ZDNet,
(last update: 06 Apr 2006)
Web-based email and web provider. Believed to sell or give member addresses to spammers. See netnews article "Indeed Excite *IS* spamming"
Network service provider. Rogue site: permits spamming from its customers. Exodus Communications, 1605 Wyatt Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95054 Contact: Clients include,,, and Tom Saylor. Connectivity provided by, Sprint, and possibly others.
Porn spammer. Client of or alias of SuperX. See whois info
Major email spammer. See Spamhaus record and Daily Press article. Hosted by Level3. See SpamHaus record.
(last update: 22 May 2006)
Extractor Software, 4401 Fletcher Suite 200, Wayne, MI 48184. AKA Dedicated spam house. Currently hosted by UUNet.
Domain owned by Joe Melle
"Spam Laundering" operation. Site that allows its users to spam and to forge headers. Contact: Ryan Weaver, 713-588-1800x149. Contact: John Clements, 713-588-1800x134
Formerly Computer Literacy. Advertises via spam. See netnews article Re: Spam from / Reminder: Never give your real email address to retailers on the internet if you can avoid it.
Formerly the world's largest sender of junk faxes. Finally shut down in 2004 by court order. See WiReD article and
Federal Beaureau of Investigation. Known to spam. See CNN report and WIRED news report.
Lawyer for Eddy Marin; registered owner of Refused entry into New York bar, which cited his history of misconduct in college, subsance abuse, criminal record, and lack of candor. Filed suits against several anti-spam groups in 2003, see Wired article No Truce in the Spam Wars and lawsuit news.
Alias of Tom Saylor
Owner of Online18. Aliases believed to include Vasco Guraj, Frank Tarul, and others.
Email spammer, see DotComBoiz
Drug spammer. Specializes in vandalizing wikis in order to add links to their sites. See Spam Diaries. Connectivity provided by nLayer.
(last update: 25 Apr 2006)
AKA: Cyber Fire Power Cyber Fire Power; P.O. Box 4191; Chico, CA95921-4191; (530) 343 9681 Seller of email addresses to spammers. See listing, Studio42 Listing, Rottingspam page, and Studio42 listing for Casino-chico
(Aka, aka Name often attached to spam. Not clear at this time if this is connected to the actual FirstFamily is currently running a multi-level marketing scheme to sell internet access. It is possible that the bulk of the spamming comes from members of the MLM pyramid while Firstfamily looks the other way. Firstfamily has allegedly been involved in some less-than-honest marketing practices, including selling poor or non-existant services and double-billing of credit cards. For more information, see Anglefile info page and 1st Family Info Web Page.
See Joseph Frevola
Associate and co-defendant of Alan Ralsky. Previously nailed by FTC in 1999 over a credit repair scam.
Stock spammer. Responsible for "JT's Restraunt", "HotStock", "Net-Vest" and "Cyber-Stock" spams. Fined by SEC on 27 Oct 1998. See SEC press release.
See Alan Ralsky
Alias of Tom Saylor
CEO of Extractor Marketing which sells spam software
Alias of Morgan Hill Entertainment
Alias of EscortGuide.
Email address harvesting program used by spammers. See their web page
Web page hosting company with pro-spam policies. See netnews article 'Response From Fleurette: "We are only hosting - not spamming"'
Web and IRC hosting company which also launched DDOS attacks for hire. See Security Focus article FBI busts alleged DDoS Mafia.

Also participated in attack against (OsiruSoft)

References: GigeServers, new FooNET?,

Domain owned by Tom Gartman
MLM/MMF spammer. 839 N. Eisenhower, Junction City, KS, 66441, Phone (785) 762-2442, Fax (785) 762-6716, 24 Hour 3 minute Overview (415) 273-6019, 24 Hour Fax on Demand (415) 273-6020
(info provided by a reader)
Bogus bank created to solicit deposits over the internet. Owned and operated by Jon Boulet. See U.S. Treasury alert and USA Today article.
Temporary on-line data-storage service. In order to retrieve your data, you are required to enter the email address of a friend. That friend then receives spam with your return address on it. See netnews message turns me into an unwilling spammer for details.

Nextec Communications (FREEDRIVE-DOM); 30 S Wacker Dr; Ste 909; Chicago, IL 60606. Contact: Stillman, Erik (ES3980) ecstillman@NEXTEC.NET

See Richard Scoville
Service provider to spammers. See Premier Services
Commercial email spammer. The Free Yellow Pages Corporation, 9652 E. Dreyfus Ave., Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Contact: Troy Warren, admin@FREEYELLOWPAGES.COM, 602-837-0606 (FAX) 602-837-7801. Connectivity provided by UUNet.
New York spammer, president of First Choice Internet. Sued in Maryland for $168,750 over 83 spams. Lawsuit set the precedent that Maryland courts have jurisdiction over out-of-state spammers who spam Maryland citizens. See Baltimore Sun for more details.
Fraudulent name often attached to spam by automated spam software. The real is innocent.
Alias of Exotic Whispers.
E-card business; collects email addresses and sells them to spammers. See Site Advisor for details.
Spammers, known to exploit security holes in Yahoo personals and scripts.
E-card business; exploits browser security holes and installs spyware on your PC. Do not visit this site. See Site Advisor for details.
E-card business; collects email addresses and sells them to spammers. See Site Advisor for details.
E-card business; collects email addresses and sells them to spammers. See Site Advisor for details.
E-card business; collects email addresses and sells them to spammers. See Site Advisor for details.
See Gator
Network service provider. Briefly hosted QuantumCom. Currently hosts Jerry Nardini. Suspected rogue. Hosted by 1475 South Bascom Ave., Ste. 298, Campbell, CA 95008. Contact: Michael Lindsay, michael@GALAXY-NET.COM, 408-559-5500; Technical Contact: David C Schmidt, david@GALAXY-NET.COM 408-559-5504 (FAX) 408-559-5507. See also: contact list. See also C|Net article "Spam site killed under threats"
Technical contact for
Spammer, plead guilty to forgery Dec 2000. See CNN article Computer hijacker pleads guilty
AKA Super Zonda. Believed to send 30 to 40 million spams per day. See MSNBC article Who profits from spam? Surprise
Email spammer. AKA Premier Services. Best known for the fact that an irate spam victim broke into her computer, copied her records and chat logs, and posted them to the internet. See Behind Enemy Lines for the details.

Also associated with Empire Towers.

Issued a cease-and-desist letter by the SEC because of her pump-and-dump spams. See SEC press release. (last update: 2 Aug 2002)

Porn spammer. See Tom Gartman info page.
PC maker which advertises via spam. See netnews threads "Gateway spams: or how to loose a 1/4 million dollar account" and "Gateway response justifies opt-out bulk email to their customers"
Extremely notorious purveyor of spyware. Also know as Claria. See LL Bean lawsuit (pdf) for an excellent summary of their business practices.
(last update: 22 Jan 2006)
Porn site probably owned by Adult Promo
Service providers to spammers, including Cybercreek and EscortGuide. Went chapter 11 on 28 Jan 2002, amid financial scandal. See Houston Chronicle article Global Crossing chief a risk-taker. (last update: 11 Mar 2002)
Dedicated spam service. Gannett Direct Marketing Services, Inc.; 3400 Robards Court, Louisville, KY 40218. Contact: Scott Marshall, postmaster@GDMS.COM, +1 502 454-6660, Dean Brooks, Dean@IGLOU.COM, 1.800.436.4456. Hosted by IPNS.
Owner of, credit card processor for Elite Herbal See Spam In My Inbox article. Believed to be owned by Shane Atkinson.
Network service provider. Host to Galaxy-net. Good anti-spam policy, see their AUP. RC Internet, Inc. 555 Twin Dolphin Dr, Suite 560, Redwood Shores, CA 94065. Contact: noc@GEO.NET, 415-596-1700, Fax- 415-596-1701
Pheremone spammer. Currently (Sept 1999) hosted by Epoch Networks. See Steve Repsis for more.
Service provider to Dean Schlenker and many other spammers. See netnews article WHY am I blocked by spamhaus, no sense and Spamhaus listing.
Email and search engine spam service. BK Enterprises, 36 Eliot Ave., N. Providence, RI 02904.
Contact: Pacheco, Fernando actionfp@EARTHLINK.NET 401-949-8044 (FAX) 401-354-5011 Contact: Host Master RH1088@REQUEST.NET 1-410-987-7600
Connectivity provided by UUNet.
See Kraft
Alias of Bulk ISP
On-line business that advertises by spam. Customer of MonsterHut.
Christian minister, unrepentant spammer since 1997. See Spam Kings article Spamming for the Lord and IKnowWhatImDoing article On the case.
Alias of Tom Saylor
Alias of Tom Saylor.
Mortgage lead company, uses spams to obtain leads. See PC World article Spam Slayer
See WIRED article What is Hip? Not In brief; when you visit, it attempts to install Active-X code into your computer that claims to be a video enhancement -- it's not. In fact, the code is a trojan horse that modifies your mail signature to contain an advertisement for GoHip. In addition, your default home page is changed to
See Alan Ralsky
Email spammer trying to sell golf balls. Very persistant; hops from ISP to ISP. GOLFBALLS UNLIMITED USA, 11743 West Bellfort Suite 112, Stafford, TX 77477. Contact: Dana Jones , ballman@GOLFBALLSUNLIMITEUSA.COM, 888-507-7566, 281-561-5033, 281-560-0133, (FAX) 281-568-5474 Hosted by See Dana Jones, Golfball Spammer for more info.
"Viral Marketing" company that employs spam. Hired by Coca Cola company in Oct 2006 to run a spam campaign in Norway. See Spamhuntress blog entries Coca Cola spam reaches Norway and GoViral are spammers
Owned by Glenn Canady. Email and netnews spammer. Among defendents being sued by Strong Funds for $125 million for relay hijack spam. Global Tech 2000 is suspected of being Sanford Wallace's new business partner, "GTMI".
UPDATE: S.P.U.T.U.M reports that "...two of the three addresses for Globaltech2000 are bogus, but the third, in a mall, has a sign on the door telling locksmiths not to make any keys because the owner (Ultragrafix/Canady) has been evicted. He does have an active Onramp account."
Email porn spammers. See SPEWS entry S594.html.
Spam-friendly ISP. As long as the customer claims to be opt-in only, Globix will do nothing, even if you can prove that the customer is lying. Host to
Alias or associate of Steve Hardigree
Email spammer, always up to some get-rich-scheme or another.
AKA "EC" software spammer.
AKA G.T. Marketing, 1129 Royal Palm Beach Blvd. #39, Royal Palm Beach 33411, FAX: 310-495-0232 Contact: Eljabaly, Abdallah, (561) 792-2097, FAX: (561) 792-6175, (561) 333-4758, al@NETBIZ.ADDR.COM, al@GOLDTIMES.COM, jabalY@CONCEPT.NET, aljebaly@USA.NET, eljabaly@FLINET.COM. Contact: Bourov, Anthony, (408) 255-7735 FAX: (408) 253-6664 abourov@ADDR.COM
AKA Complete Car Care Inc, Royal Palm Beach Blvd. 39, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411. eljabaly@PBC.NET.
EFF Lawyer, creator of Godwin's Law
Network Service Provider. Host to, GTMI and other spammers. Believed rogue.
3443 North Central, 17th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85012. Contact: Darin Wayrynen, darin@GOOD.NET (602) 303-9500 ext 3234 (FAX) (602) 303-0550
GoodNet has a good anti-abuse policy but it is not known if they enforce it.
It is known that goodnet forwards complaints to the spammers with the complainer's ID intact. Web page:
References: "Is Goodnet Rogue?"
A company which has a published policy of not sharing, selling, giving, or lending customer information "for any reason". Sold their customer's email addresses to Datran, who were subsequently fined $1.1 Million for spamming. See Red Herring article Email-Mining Firm Pays $1.1M and NY Attorney General press release.
(last update: 13 Mar 2006)
Spammer; posts ads for his "World Wide Registry" adoption information web page at
Agent (lawyer?) for David Linhardt. Registered owner of Bargain Depot; see Illinois business records (enter "Bargain Direct Enterprises, LLC" into the search form).
Creative Marketing Zone, Inc. Domain owned by Alan Ralsky Connectivity provided by Sprint
Global Technology Marketing International. (whois Owned & operated by Walter Rines. New business partner of Sanford Wallace. Wallace & GTMI plan to implement their own internet backbone dedicated to spamming after being kicked off of Agis. GTMI was originally mis-identified as Global Telemedia International Incorporated, causing trouble for that company. C|Net then issued a correction and identified GTMI as Global Technology Marketing Incorported.

UPDATE: GTMI was connected to the net via and disconnected again within a day. See C|Net article "Spam site killed under threats". Currently connected via

Spam-friendly ISP. Claims all their customers are CAN-SPAM compliant and leaves it there. (Note: just because spam complies with the CAN-SPAM law, doesn't mean it's not spam.) Associated with OptinRealBig, Carolinanet, Lashback, Datran, Topica, Vendare, eMarketmakers, Subscriberbase, Unsubcentral.
Alias of Christopher Ferri.

IP Addresses

Spammers often configure their systems to hide the system name. The headers or the body will contain an IP address instead. This table contains some of the more commonly seen IP addresses.

For a more complete list, visit the
Dragonstar IP Network Index.

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