Spam Quick Reference

This web page is intended to act as a quick way to identify a specific spammer or other person or organization involved in the fight against spam. It is perpetually under development.

If you can add any information about any particular spammer, please contact me at

Similar lists are carried at The Spamhaus Project, Spammers Speak, Worldwide Online, Spam Huntress.


Spammers often go to great lengths to hide their identities. Addresses in this file are those provided by the Internic or other sources and are often fraudulent. Do not firebomb anybody's house based on what you read here.


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Marketing representative for Floodgate
Political spammer. Running for governor of New Jersey. See his web site. See also Salon Magazine story "When candidates Spam" See also netnews threads: "Political spam" and "PUBLIC APOLOGY FROM MURRAY SABRIN". See also apology on his web site.

Received services from Dan Hufnal; see netnews thread "Hufnal and Leon Maclin and Sabrin" and official registration entry.

Porn spammer. Owner of
Alias of Tom Saylor.
Alias of Harris Marketing.
Large ISP with previous good record. This changed when they purchased Cable & Wireless in March of 2004 and inherited a large number of spammers in the process, including Eddy Marin, Scott Richter, Kraft, Steve Hardigree, Gaven Stubberfield, and many more. Believed to have actively sought business from spammers. Fired their sysadmin who was so effective against spam. See netnews thread Regarding SAVVIS. New sysadmin began sending legal threats to anti-spam organizations.

See also Register article Savvis outed as big-time spam host and leaked memo.

Seems to have cleaned up more recently; as of June 2006, only eight listings found on Spamhaus. See also Ars Technica article Savvis ditches profitable spamming customers. Article mentions that spammers were paying Savvis $2M per month.

Also now owns Exodus.
(last update: 10 Jun 2006)

Porn spammer. Owner of World Premiere porn site and others. Email 3572 W. State Rd. 10 #7; Lake Village, IN 46349 USA; 219-992-2413, fax 219-992-2644. (picture) (picture) See Saylor info page for more.
Also known as Ed Scherin.
(last update: 27 Feb 2002)
Telephone/internet provider. Conglomerate of SW Bell, Ameritech, and Pacific Bell. Notorious for permitting spammers to operate from within their networks blocks. See Spews Records S3134, and S1128, and
(last update: 20 Jan 2006)
Phone sex spammer. Originally based at Online18. hops from ISP to ISP using multiple credit cards and multiple identities. See netnews article "Usenet Public Enemy Number One -- Kenny Schaefer" for more information.
Major porn spammer, given 5 years in prison for conspiracy, money laundering, fraud, and transportation of obscene materials.

See Spam Diaries, PC World, WiReD, East Valley Tribune.

See also Jeffrey Kilbride, Andrew Ellifson, Kirk Rogers, and Jennifer Clason.
See Foonet
Pump-n-dump spammer, operating since 1996 or 1997. See ROKSO entry.
Persistant spammer. See A1eservice. Testified to the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation that he sent 180 million spams every 12 hours.

The day after the 9-11 attacks, sent out a spam selling life insurance. (See also San Jose Mercury News article, Usenet thread, Usenet thread).

Filed chapter 13 bankruptcy in March, 2003. Also being sued by DirectTV for TV piracy.

See ROKSO listing.

Arrested in June, 2009 and charged with molesting a teenage girl. (See also Times Picayune.)
(last update: 24 Jun 2009)

See Tom Saylor
Spammer selling links to pirated software. See Arthur Schwartz and Perfect-Shareware Handbook info page (mirror)
Author of Mega$Nets chain letter scam.
Alias of EscortGuide.
Porn spammer. See
Owner of Adult Promo
Owner of and Softfacts.
Owner of Pornopix
Owner of L5Computing.
Owner of ''; hates anti-spammers and is considered a net kook by many. Sued Abusive Hosts Blocking List for $3.5 million in Dec, 2005. See chronology. Case thrown out of court Jan 2006 for lack of jurisdiction. See also Harassment By The FreeSpeechStore and
Persistant spammer, 678 Wells Road, Boulder Boulder City, NV 89005. Phone 702-294-6211. See Spews record S1173.
Seller of surplus movie film. In June, 1998 they started advertising their film via spam with forged headers. (Note: surplus movie film cannot be processed in the normal way, but must be sent back to Seattle Film Works for developing.)
Admin for Morgan Hill Entertainment.
Credit card processing service for Elite Herbal
Owner or alias of SJ Enterprises
See Alan Ralsky
Alias of Tom Saylor
Porn site; owned by Jerry Nardini.
Alias for Harris Marketing
Porn spammer. VCI, 505 University Ave. NE #398, Seattle, WA 98105. Contact: Taylor, Sean admin@VIRTUALCOMMUNITIES.COM, (206) 632-1742. Hosted by Exodus. (Possibly disconnected 22 April 1999). Netnews spam service provided by Media One
Porn spammer. Kevin Freeman, 47 Campbell St., Red Bank, NJ 07701, Contact: Kevin Freeman, Kevin@WCD.NET 908-977-1002
Site advertised via revenge-spam. Admin Robin Nixon seems to have disconnected it.
Alias of Media One
Porn spammer. Craig Vance, cgv@QUEEN-CITY.COM, 2764 South Kenton Court, Aurora, CO 80014, 303/745-7432.
Porn spammer. Dennis Buchanan, (612) 339-9557 (FAX) (612) 339-9557, 241 2nd Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401. See whois info
Owned by Morgan Hill Entertainment
Alias of Bill Waggoner
Alias of LibidoX.
Commercial email spammer. Kicked off of Netcom, now connected via UUNet and Shopping Planet, 11134 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232. Contact: hostmaster@PINANET.NET (310) 280-9624
Alias of Empire Communications
CEO of UUNet as of 1997.
Of "Canter and Siegel" lawyers. Original green card spammer. Given 90-day suspension by Florid Bar in 1987 for willfully misrepresenting facts. See Eyenet interview for more information.
"World Currency Cartel" spammer. Tells you can get rich exchanging currency. AKA Likely securities fraud or pyramid scheme.
SJ ENTERPRISES (PROFITSNOW2-DOM), 100 Riverdale Ave. Suite LJ, YONKERS, NY 10701, 914 968 0211. Profitsonline@SURFREE.COM contact: Moris, Rabiean, moris@IX.NETCOM.COM 121 N. Hamilton Dr. #103, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Also:, Jovita's Inc., Box 55432, New York, NY 01345. Contact: Server, Jovita jovita@JOVITA.COM Box 55432, New York, NY 01345
Original "Spam King". Filed for bankruptcy Sept 1997. See, and Slaton's response
Owner of Amber Marketing, source of the "Diana Tee Shirt" spam. See analysis by Bill Mattocks
Alias of Tom Saylor
Porn spammer. See Morgan Hill Entertainment
Porn spammer. See SluttyGirls info page.
Domain registered to Sanford Wallace
Advertising company that specializes in leaving advertisements on answering machines and cell phones.
"Online pharmacy" Viagara spammer. Lost $5.3M judgement against AOL in Jan, 2006. Also spammed for porn sites, penis enlargement schemes and cable descramblers. See Seattle PI article AOL wins $5M judgment against spammer for more info.

24 Mar, 2006: witness tampering charges added after he threatened to kill a witness. See Spam Kings blog posts US Attorney says Rizler threatened to kill witness and Update on US vs Chris "Rizler" Smith. The comments on the latter are a fascinating read.

22 Nov 2006: Convicted of running illegal on-line drug sales. Conviction carries mandatory 20-year sentence. See KARE11 news article Owner of on-line pharmacy convicted on all charges and Supermax lockup for spammer Rizler
(last update: 15 Jun 2007)

Owner of
Author of bulkman pro. See "Interview with a spammer"
Major email spammer. See ROKSO listing. Sells spamming services. Sends spam to harvested addresses via hijacked virus infected PCs.

Wikipedia entry.

More information about Soloway including analysis of "Email Broadcasting Package"

Mr. Robert Soloway 1200 Western Avenue 98101 Seattle Washington Tel: +1 (206) 226-9558 (206)223-1270 email:

Sued for $10m, by Robert Braver, Sept 2005. Permanent injunction filed.

Sued by Microsoft, Oct 2004.

Brags about being judgement-proof.

Arrested 30 May 2007 in Washington state on multiple counts of fraud, money-laundering and identity theft.

More info:, broadcastspam, Ripoff Report,
(last update: 15 Jun 2007)
Email spammer. Alias of Harris Marketing See netnews article Digex Wears a Black Hat (SOSGLB.COM). Disconnected by Digex 13 Jan 1999.
Anti-spam email filtering software. Collects email addresses in the process and uses them to spamvertise the product. See Spam Kings article " Spam Arrest tries to erase the past
Spam site, ca. 1999. See Google search and usenet thread beginning with What is
Former porn spammer. No spam seen since May, 1998. See Special-FX info page and whois info.
Cell phone spammers. Sued by Verizon Wireless for sending 98,000 spam text messages to Verizon customers. See c|net article Verizon Wireless wins injunction in spam case.
(last update: 26 Oct 2007)
Spam Prevention Early Warning System. SPEWS is a DNS Blacklist similar to MAPS. SPEWS is a much more aggressive service than MAPS, listing spam sites immediately upon detection.

(SPEWS seems to have stopped updating its database as of August, 2006, and should not be used at this time. I will remove this notice if the situation changes. -- eaf)

SPEWS administrators are anonymous (to avoid the kind of lawsuits that destroyed ORBS and crippled MAPS). A site is listed in SPEWS when it spams, and is delisted when the spam stops.

For a good article about SPEWS, read SPEWS - a weapon of mass discussion
(last update: 11 Mar 2006)

Aliases of Christopher William Smith
Alias of Tom Saylor
Vice president of SmartReply. Advocates the use of cellphone text message spam.
Phone company and backbone provider. Spam-friendly and borderline rogue. See Sprintmail information page for more information.
See John Robert Martinson
See John Robert Martinson
Spammer, botnet operator. Associated with Eddy Marin, see Rokso record, Usenet post, and Spammer makes threats to shut down site
(last update: 30 Aug 2010)
Mortgage company that advertises via spam. See c|net article.
Porn spammer. Owner of
Email spammer. Sold herbal penis pills via email. Featured on 20/20 once as one of the biggest online spammers. Went on to work for spyware vendor Direct Revenue. See Business Week article The Plot To Hijack Your Computer for more details.
Associate of Tom Gartman
Pump & dump spammers. Recently arrested. See Infobeat article 4 Charged in Internet Stock Scheme Connected to, see netnews article (email) Talk to the Founders and Get Ready to Party (THEGLOBE.COM)
Sales Director of 30 Minute Mortgage, a mortgage spam site shut down by the FTC in 2006.
Alias of Tom Saylor
Alias of Jeremy Jaynes
Co-owner of Special-FX.
Major ISP which is slow to deal with spam. See Superlink info page.
Argentinian spam outfit, associated with or alias of (see) Cyberangels. Responsible for 20-30 million email spams per day. See MSNBC article Who profits from spam? Surprise
Porn spammer, SuperX Adult Site Hosting Services, 851 Bidwell St., Suite 307, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6G 1E6, Canada. See whois info. AKA
Alias of LibidoX.
Porn spammer. Registrant: Price Communications, Inc., 22672 Springdale Dr, Moreno Valley, CA 92557. Administrative Contact: Price, Michael, dlfnmike@EMPIRENET.COM 909-485-7345
Porn spammer, currently spamming from Registrant: Angel's Secret, 2221 NE 164th Avenue # 327, North Miami Beach, FL 33160. Administrative Contact: webmaster@SWEETMISCHIEFS.COM Technical Contact, Zone Contact: contact@AHNET.NET 310-354-2626 (FAX) 310-354-1592
Connectivity provided by Affinity Hosting.
Mainstream software vendor. Known to spam. See Wired article: Symantec Spam Sparks Furor
Dedicated email spam site. Taylor Made Communications, 3800 East 42nd Street, Odessa, TX 79767, Contact: David Taylor , postmaster@T-1NET.COM, 915-550-3039.
Disconnected by Sprint on 2 Jan 1998. Now connected via ACSI.
Australian spammer. Owned/operated by Wayne Mansfield, 42 Wickham St East Perth WA 6004. Previously hosted by Swiftel Communications.

Sued Joseph John McNicol for complaining about them. See ZDNet article: Aussie spammer sues anti-spammer in world-first case, Wired article Aussie Gets Into Pickle With Spam, Spamhaus listing, T3 Info page, and

Previously known as; see web page.

Disconnected by their network service provider, Swiftel. See Australian IT article Alleged spammer taken offline.

Spam site. Connectivity provided by ACSI.
Former provider of snowshoe services to spammers. Operated under a large number of aliases, most notablye WebZero. Added to SpamHaus ROKSO list in Dec, 2009. Actually holds a U.S. patent (7,594,035) on snowshoe spamming.
(last update: 10 Dec 2009)
Pheremone spammer. Owner of domain "". 12319 S. OBT, STE#209, ORLANDO, FL 32824. 407-251-8345 (FAX) 1-407-816-9430. Believed owned by Steve Repsis.
Alias of Christopher Ferri.
Professional spammer; mostly Viagra and credit repair scams. See netnews posts Pompano Beach and Re: Pompano Beach
Major email spammer. AKA "Telephone Check Payment System", AKA "Financial Planning Associates", AKA "Rodney The Printer", AKA "Idea Publishing Co".
Ronald A. Stewart, 126 13th St, Brooklyn NY, 11215. (718) 768-6802, (718) 768-6803. 1920 Ditmas Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11226-6712. (718) 287-3800, (718) 462-5920

Alias or associate of Ronald Alvin and/or Dave Jackson.


  • TCPS Info page
  • Juno Tracks down Rogue Spammer
  • C|Net article
  • TechWeb article
  • Wired article
  • ComputerWorld article
  • UUNet press release More links at

    Currently being sued by Juno.

  • Alias of LibidoX.
    Porn spammer. White Sands Communications, Inc. (TEENCORE-DOM), 9619 Canoga Blvd, Chatsworth, CA 91311. Contact: dnsmaster@REDHOTNETWORKS.COM, 818-718-0366, Fax- 818-700-2835

    Advertises via netnews spam with javascript that automatically pops up a window to their site.

    Porn spammer. 206 E. Molloy Rd., Syracuse, NY 13211, Contact: Greg Aman tech@JANEY.NET, 315-419-2820, (909) 861-2707
    Premiere Australian telco; known for allowing spammers to operate for long periods of time. See web page
    Spanish network service provider. Provided service for Megaprovider until June, 2003.
    Nickname of Terri DiSisto
    See Tiprelease
    Netnews spammer. International Trade Sources LLC (THEBLDG-DOM) 1100 N. Expressway #111, Brownsville, TX 78521. (whois) Hosted by, or the same as
    Web hosting service with pro-spam policies. Connected to
    Email spam service. Owned by Chuck Craver
    Currently (Nov 1998) hosted by Best.
    Professional email spammer. WebCareers, 1629 Forsythia Circle, Charlotte, NC 28208. Contact: John Hufnal Smith, postmaster@ONLINEBIZ.NET 704-391-1010, (FAX) 704-398-8001. Internet connection provided by
    Spam-friendly ISP. See, e.g., usenet thread or just search usenet archives.

    Merged with EV1, 2006.
    (last update: 19 Jun 2006)

    See Gilberto Lopez
    See Alan Ralsky
    Called the "Father of Spam' alleged to have sent the first bulk email spam on May 3, 1978 when he was a salesman for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). The spam involved 400 email addresses, typed in by hand.
    On-line retailer. Sends you spam if you ever shop there, even after you ask to be removed. See netnews thread joins mainsleaze
    AKA and Spams to harvested and dirty email lists. See SPEWS record S2385 and Google Groups (usenet) searches for abuse and Tiprelease abuse
    Penis-pill spammer. Currently being sued for spamming by microsoft.
    (last update: 24 Jan 2006)
    See Alan Ralsky
    The National Letter Bureau. Email spam site. P O Box 1151, Alto, NM 88312, 505-336-1071 Ext. 1211
    Service provider for America's Computer Company, 3800 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78229, Bart Spaur, spaur@TOOEASY.NET, 210/738-9300 (FAX) 210/738-0520. Connectivity provided by MCI.
    Fraudulent search engine service that advertises via spam. Hosted by PSI. See top-10 info page at for more.
    Persona adopted by Jerry Reynolds when road rallying. See
    Owner of E-Travel, aka Florida Vacation spammer. Contact: 813-769-7300.
    Email spammer, see DotComBoiz
    Alias of Tom Saylor
    Porn site probably owned by Adult Promo
    Pyramid scam company. See netnews article "jgroves spammer LOCATED" for more info.
    Admiistrative contact for
    Stock spammer. Responsible for "JT's Restraunt", "HotStock", "Net-Vest" and "Cyber-Stock" spams. Fined by SEC on 27 Oct 1998. See SEC press release.
    Nominally an organization devoted to maintaining on-line privacy. Sites which agree to maintain good privacy policies may display the TrustE seal of approval. In fact, TrustE seems to be a fraud, intended to misdirect complaints about privacy violations. One letter to the editor in a local paper said it best: "TrustE is a lapdog, not a watchdog." See for media links. Update: TrustE has been caught violating web-users privacy. See C|Net article Privacy group accused of breaking own rules
    (last update: 25 Aug 2000)
    Email spammhouse. 1053 E. 6th Street #8, Ontario, CA 91764. Owned by Joe Melle. Connectivity provided by Connectup. Update: still spamming via hijacked servers as of 20 April 1998.
    Spammer. Mona Lisa Productions (TURBOCASH2-DOM), 1982 N. Rainbow #145, Las Vegas, NV 89108. Contact: Paniagua, Chris (CP731) moneyman@TURBOCASH.COM 888 927 5445. Technical Contact, Zone Contact: VirtuaLynx Domain Name Services (VD58-ORG) hostmaster@VIRTUALYNX.COM (604)682-6852, Fax- (604)325-9122 Posts uuencoded javascript which pops up a window to their web site. Posts use unrelated Subject: lines. Spam posted through Ctinet. Hosted by
    Spammer. See Seattle Times article Kirkland man says he'll defend right to send bulk e-mail
    Alias of Tom Saylor
    Email spammer. Pled guilty for CAN-SPAM violations in Jan, 2007. Partners with Joshua Eveloff.
    (last update: 01 Mar 2007)
    Domain name owned by Andrew Amend
    Owned by Glenn Canady. Email spammer. See Global Tech 2000 info page for more info.
    UltraMax Network Solutions. Alias of C-Flash
    Alias of Tom Gartman. Hosted by UUNet.
    Network service provider to Atrivo Send abuse reports to
    Porn spammer, part of the Morgan Hill Entertainment spamglomerate. news servers.
    Real name of Keman
    Alias of Tom Saylor
    PO Box 171139, Arlington, TX 76003. Alias of Tom Gartman
    Makers of modems. Known to sell email addresses from their on-site registration to spammers.
    Major ISP and backbone with a pro-spam policy. Also known as Alternet. Now merged with MCI and Verizon. See UUNet info page.
    (last update: 07 Jul 2006)
    Medical spammer. Sells laetril over the internet. Uses domain names,,,,, Hosted by UUNet.
    See also AOL Lawsuit
    Letter from FDA
    Upate: 26 April 2000: A U.S. district judge has ordered Vale to stop selling Laetrile or even apricot seeds over the internet. See Newsday article for more info.
    (last update: 26 April 2000)
    Online advertisers and email spammers. Used the murder of JonBennet Ramsey as bait to collect email addresses. Investigated by FTC for possible CAN-SPAM violations. Accused of installing spyware or viruses.

    Partners with Zango. Clients include Wal Mart, Netflix, Old Navy, ADT, Quicken Loans, Carnival Cruises, Block Buster, Discover Card and others.

    Settled with FTC for $2.9 million, Feb 2008, over fraudulent advertising.
    (last update: 21 Mar 2008)
    Associate of Thomas Cowles; acquitted Jan 2002 of burglary.
    Merged with NetBlue
    Network service provider; host of "" porn spammer. Permits spammers to remain on-line as long as they allow opt-out. Verado booted Alan Ralsky in July 2001, so they're not completely black-hat.
    ISP which has purchased and absorbed many other ISPs. Verio has anti-spam policies, but does not enforce them vigorously. Verio has also been known to advertise via spam themselves. See Verio info page for more.
    Major telephone/internet service provider. Merged with MCI and UUNet. As of July, 2006, the worst spam-friendly service provider in the world, with more than twice the spam issues of their nearest competitor.

    List of customers includes Ronnie Scelson, Atriks, Michael Lindsay, Datran, Eddy Marin,, Kraft, Daniel Lin, and many, many more.

    Brief history: Verizon was once in the SBL "Top Ten Worst" list. In early 2005, instituted new anti-spam policies and in two weeks, had zero SBL listings. In 2006, Verizon acquired MCI, and with it, UUNet under the Verizon Business brand. This has returned Verizon to the position of worst spam ISP on the internet. Unfortunately, it looks like Verizon Business has inherited the old MCI policy department, so it is impossible to know when or if Verizon will restore their image. As of July, 2006, Spamhaus remains highly optimistic and currently treats Verizon and Verizon Business as seperate entities.
    (last update: 13 Jul 2006)
    Vendor of teddy bears. If you give them your email address you can expect to receive spam from them, even if you ask them not to send you any. Never give your real email address to the Vermont Teddy Bear Co. Hosted by Exodus Believed to use Steve Hardigree for spamming services.
    Spammers selling viagra online. See Rottingspam info page. Hosted by
    Porn spammer. Monique Starr, 12304 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 101, Los Angeles, CA 90025, monique@HOTLYNXXX.COM 310-979-4638 (FAX) 310-979-4633,
    Alias of Andy Vilcus
    Associate of Empire Communications
    Spyware maker and email spammer, see Sophos report (more) and Spamhaus record SBL41635. Known for printer ink, fake university degree, mortgage and a variety of other spams.

    In June, 2007, entered into a contract with E360Insight, apparently for the purpose of being included in E360's injunction against spamhaus, and thus having their own Spamhaus record expunged.
    (last update: 25 Jun 2007)
    Long-term spammer, arrested in Feb, 2006. Plead guilty under CAN-SPAM, June 2007.
    Former host of hormone therapy spammers. Currently has a good anti-spam record and even sues spammers.
    Major email spammer. See ROKSO record Specializes in sex aids and fake weight-loss products. Aliases include Ric Melhalf, Steve Lister. Associated with Ted Schmidt, Ernesto Haberli, Scott Burnett, David Shugarman, Desmond Finger.

    See also: Pay for Bulk Email and Get Ripped Off
    Alias of SJ Enterprises
    See Foonet
    Owner of Cyberpromo. Associated with

    Started his career in the junk fax business with Promo Enterprises. Wallace is often credited with being a major contributor to the demise of the junk fax industry through his persistent solicitations.

    After junk faxes were outlawed, Wallace switched to email spam in 1995 and became the world's first major email spammer.

    Unsuccesfully sued AOL in 1996 for blocking his spam.

    Successfully sued throughought the late 1990's by AOL, Compuserve, and Earthlink.

    The Philadelphia City Paper reported in 1998 that Wallace had returned to junk-faxing.

    Claimed to retire from spamming in 1998. Entered the spyware business in 2001. Fined over $4 million in 2006 by the FTC for selling anti-spyware software intended to remove the spyware he himself had installed on victims' computers.

    Ran a New Hampshire nightclub in 2002. Raided in 2003.

    Sued by Myspace for phishing and spamming, March 2007.

    Currently doing business as, and Feeble Minded Productions.

    Succesfully sued by Facebook for $711M (, (LA Times)

    For more information, see Sanford Wallace biography, Wikipedia entry, and Spam Kings.
    (last update: 27 Mar 2007)
    Stock spammers, possibly a scam of some sort. ReNet Financial Services Corporation (WALLSTWHISPERS-DOM) 100 Hogan St; Houston, TX 77009;
    Hosted by
    Web page hosting service that provides services to spammers provided that the spam is sent from another ISP. See netnews message "Web66 says eat your spam"
    Email spammer, alias of
    Email porn-spammer. Alias of LCGM.
    Porn-spammer; spams alt.sexual.abuse.recovery. Alias of Quantum Leap BBS.
    See Tactera
    Email porn-spammer. Alias of Pornopix.
    One of the good guys. Defender of anti-spammers. Bane of spammers. Won $2 million judgement against Cyberpromo, and a $17 million judgment aginst Howard Carmack. See his web site
    Alias of
    See Gilberto Lopez
    Major spammer. Hosted by Rackshack. Kicked off of Telstra May 2002. See Spamhaus Project file (last update: 10 Jan 2002)
    Owner of AdultSights,, etc.
    Mainstream clothing vendor, hired Naviant to operate a spam campaign for them in 2006.
    Porn spammer. Posts uuencoded javascript which pops up a window to their "" web site. Posts use unrelated Subject: lines. Spam posted through Ctinet. Hosted by Digex.
    Service provider to Steve Repsis. Coordinator: NETWORKS INC, FUAS INTERNATIONAL, fuasreg@YAHOO.COM 127 West Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789, 1-407-933-2444
    Persistant porn spammer. Aliases include John Anderson, Michael O'Sullivan.
    Owner of porn site, hosted by Protocol Communications, Inc.
    Owner of Sexponential Enterprised (, 2507 Burnham Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55416, currently hosted by Sky Point Communications (NETBLK-SKYPOINT1).
    See netnews article " spammer ID'ed" for more information.
    Home site of Mike Enlow. See the info page for more information.
    New Zealand broadband provider. Hired Brendan Battles to send spam advertising their wireless services.
    Associated with Believed to be a major binary spammer. spammer.
    Astrologer & net.kook. Sends spurious net-abuse complaints to the ISPs of all that oppose him. For more information, see "About Ed Wollman" web page, and netnews article Re: Anonym still aided by irresponsible usenet admin Jason Barr to abuse alt.astrology groups and Re: Who ARE these people???.
    Publishing fraud spammer. See Woodside info page.
    Porn spammer based at IconGrp. Specializes in porn spam to alt.sexual.abuse.recovery. Owned by Tom Saylor. Whois info is entirely fictitious. Connectivity provided by UUNet.
    Email spamming company; purchased email addresses from eCost.
    Major ISP which is slow to deal with spam. See Worldnet info page.
    Alias or IP provider of 12304 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 101, Los Angeles, CA 90025, Eric DePrano, eric@NET2.DISCNT.COM 310-558-4234
    Mortgage broker; uses spam to advertise. See PC World article Spam Slayer
    Porn spammer. World Wide Marketing, Inc, 2375 E. Tropicana #244, Las Vegas, NV 89119. Contact: comptroller@IMAGECOMP.COM, (702) 736-8869, Mike Beaver, mike@IMAGECOMP.COM, (916) 338-6210 (FAX) (916) 338-6212
    Also known as,, etc. See whois query for a longer list. (This may take a while.)
    Porn spam site. Consists only of click-throughs to AdultAge. Also contains links to KnotWork. Connectivity provided by KnotWork.
    WorldWide Internet Access, network provider to porn site 1317 West Nelson Avenu, Suite #5, DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433. Contact: Michel Barthlemy,, 904-892-0336.
    Alias of LibidoX.
    Porn site owned by Noel Westerlind. Xpics Publishing, 1123 W, 24th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007, (Administered by or alias of SuperBusiness Net Inc. 150 Almaden Bl #500, San Jose, CA 95113) Contact: NOC (NO162-ORG) NOC@SBUSINESS.NET 408-278-4491, Fax- 408-278-4497

    Fined by FTC for credit card fraud in July, 2000. See MSNBC article Porn site settles bill scam complaint
    (last update: 24 July 2000)

    Network connectivity provider to 9netave.
    Alias of OverTheAir.
    Telecom Internet Serivces Ltd, a fully owned part of Telecom Corporation of NZ, the effective monopoly Telco in New Zealand. is a long-term spam support ISP. is best known for having destroyed ORBS via the legal system. is believed to change their mail server IP address in order to avoid dns blacklists. accepts abuse reports only from its own customers.
    Site advertised via revenge-spam. Admin Robin Nixon seems to have disconnected it.
    "Too much porn productions", Michael Sopher, 1234 Harisburg Ave, York, PA, 14850, freebie007@ROCKETMAIL.COM 410-495-9500. (Previously listed as 9722 groffs mills drive suite 239, Owings Mills, MD 21117.) Connected through MCI. Associated with, or same as AdultSight.
    Porn spammer. Alias of SluttyGirls
    Porn spammer. Alias of SluttyGirls
    Porn spammer in Red Bank, NJ. 908-482-8991. No further info at this time.
    Porn spammer, spamming from Ctimail. Xpics Publishing, 1123 W, 24th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007, (Administered by or alias of SuperBusiness Net Inc. 150 Almaden Bl #500, San Jose, CA 95113) Contact: NOC (NO162-ORG) NOC@SBUSINESS.NET 408-278-4491, Fax- 408-278-4497
    (last update: 14 May 99)
    Alias of EscortGuide.
    Originally an internet index service, Yahoo has branched out into other services such as free mailboxes. Yahoo permits spammers to use their services and is considered rogue. Yahoo!Store, the web space provider, is also rogue

    Yahoo is also frequently used as the fake "From" address. It is believed that Yahoo does not allow user ids that start with a digit, so anything that fits that pattern may safely be discarded as spam.

    See Optin Global.
    Fake name often attached to spam.
    See Alan Ralsky
    Service provider to Premier Services
    Service provider which forwards spam complaints to the spammer. Hosts of
    Mortgage lead company, employs spammers to obtain leads. See MSNBC article Who profits from spam? Surprise.
    Company formed by the merger of 180solutions and Hotbar. Also known as Pinballcorp. See Adware makers 180solutions, Hotbar merge
    Also: name of adware software installed by 180solutions.
    Fined $3M by FTC in Nov, 2006 for installing adware onto consumer's computers.
    (last update: 6 Nov 2006)
    Owner of Azoogle See Spamhaus listing
    Professional email harvester who sells email lists to third parties for spamming purposes.

    See ExactTarget blog for more info.

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