SLAPP Lawsuits

SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. It's a lawsuit filed by the rich and powerful, usually a corporation, intended to intimidate and silence a less powerful critic. The intent is not to win on the merits, but rather to financially cripple the victim with legal costs and force them to withdraw from public debate.

SLAPP lawsuits are a favorite tactic used by spammers to silence anti-spam activists who are usually volunteers, and who almost always have limited financial resources to defend themselves.

2000: Black Ice vs MAPS

Spamming business Black Ice sues Mail Abuse Protection System for listing them as a spammer.

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2002: T3 Direct vs Joseph McNicol

24 May 2002: Australian spamhaus T3 Direct, owned by Wayne Mansfield sues Joey McNicol, charging that he made an unfounded complaint to SPEWS, causing T3 Direct to be listed. Dismissed by the court on 14 Oct 2002. Believed to be the first case of a private individual sued for reporting a spammer.

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2003: Felstein et al vs Spamhaus and SPEWS

Apr 2003: Florida Lawyer Mark Felstein, working for spammers Eddy Marin, Brendon Battles, and others, registers dummy internet domain and immediately sued Spamhaus and SPEWS for blocking it.

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2003: Rombom vs Joel Jared

Oct 2003 Steven Rombom, suing as Pallorium, sues Joel Jared who runs for listing his open relay on the open relays database. In July 2004, judge rules in Jared's favor. In Sept 2004, Rombom appeals.

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2005: Brian Haberstroh vs Jay Stuler

Jan 2005 Brian Haberstroh, owner of spam software company Atriks sues Jay Stuler for reporting him to his ISP. Haberstroh claims to have won this suit.

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2005: Jerry Reynolds vs Edward Falk

18 Feb 2005: North Dakota spammer Jerry Reynolds, suing as "John Doe" sues me for listing him on this web site. Case dismissed in March, 2006 for lack of jurisdiction.

2006: Gregory S. Tift vs Mark Ferguson

18 Jan 2006: Penis pill spammer Gregory Tift sues Greg Furguson for calling him a spammer. As of Oct 2006, jurisdiction is being argued.

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