From: (Lysander Spooner)
Subject: Re: I Am A "Computer Hippy" and an "Immature Nerd"...
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 1997 15:18:54 GMT
Organization: Sisyphus Systems
Lines: 138
Message-ID: <>
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On Tue, 09 Sep 1997 08:52:34 -0400, Special FX Communications

>Well since you people rather post my messages than to post your own
>(even after you said you wouldn't) I guess I should post your message. 

This may very well be the first on-topic Usenet post of your miserable
life.  In light of this astonishing development I think we can
overlook some minor discourtesies.  Please continue.

>As for Howard Knight, I understand he has been in phone contact with one
>of the largest e-mail and newsgroup spammer on the internet and told him
>that his spam was OK he just wanted to get SPFX...

Without even asking him, I would bet my new computer and my left
testicle that you are lying outright.

Identify this mythical "largest e-mail and newsgroup spammer on the
internet" so we can confirm your story, or face the fact that you are
going to be seen for the lying sack of shit you are.

I would sooner expect Neil to invent Cold Fusion or Boursy to speak
out against cross-posting than to believe Howard said ANY spam was

> Howard Knight doesn't
>even have the courtesy to respond to my e-mail, he rather post my
>private e-mails here and try to get the rest of you all riled up... 

YOU and your fucking spam is what gets people riled up, asshole.

And the irony of YOU talking about courtesy positively FLOORS me!

>What gives him the right to choose one spam over the other. 

I don't believe that Howard is doing any such thing.  All evidence (as
well as my knowledge of the man) leads me to believe that Howard
cancels spam without regard to the content.  If he's doing any
"choosing", it's merely to prioritize the more flagrant, prolific
spammers over the less voluminous abusers.  And right now YOU are the
King of the Slime-Heap -- a dubious distinction you have snatched away
from your former associates at Adultsights.   Howard is a fair man, of
the highest moral fiber, and singling you out that way is not like

But it IS like me!  I'm more of the "loose-cannon", vengeful and
vindictive type of de-spammer -- and anybody who doesn't like it is
cordially invited to go screw himself.   As long as I comply with the
BI > 20 threshold, I will feel free to target any one of you fuckheads
I like for any damn reason I like.   And _your_ BI is four orders of
_magnitude_ over twenty (and rising)!

In particular, your scurrilous, cruel, inhuman, incessant pummeling of
alt.sexual.abuse.recovery has pissed me off.  You are Number One on my
hit parade.   Hell, you're also numbers Two through Ten!   You are an
immoral piece of garbage and I'm going to cancel your crap everywhere
I see it.   I'm going to buy new hardware and more bandwidth to cancel
you faster and better.   I'm going to hound your providers to revoke
your access, and I'm going to see to it that every open server you
exploit gets closed.   I'm going to make it my fucking MISSION IN LIFE
to eliminate your sorry ass and wipe you off the face of Usenet like
the useless offensive turd and vile plague you are.

You are an abortion that failed.  The best part of you rolled down
your mamma's leg and became a brown stain on the bedsheets.
You're an excellent example of the end-product of a family tree
without branches.  You're utterly uncontaminated by any TRACE of human
decency of conscience.  You are a disgrace to all life-forms.

To summarize -- FUCK YOU!

>What does this guy do, goto to the library and burn the books he 
>doesn't think other people should read just because he doesn't 
>like them, 

No.  He goes to the library and carefully removes all the garish
filthy advertising stickers that YOU paste over the text of all the
books (as well as the card-catalog, the windows and the librarian's
eyeglasses!) with the clear intention of preventing people from
reading anything AT ALL besides your ads.  

The patrons of the library appreciate his service.

And they hate your guts.

Well, pig, you slapped one too many of your stickers in the
Sexual-Abuse-Recovery section of the library.  I'm going to rip off
your fucking head and shit down your worthless neck!

>I thought all that went out hundreds of years ago... 

And I thought the human race had evolved filth like you out of
existance ages ago.   I guess a throw-back does show up now and then.

You're a disease.   Prepare to meet your antibiotic.

>As you can see below Thomas Brooks
>says SPFX is an "exception to the rule" and "SPFX's postings are welcome
>wherever they are seen". 

As anyone with a two or three digit IQ can see, you don't know how to
read or interpret the English Language.   Nothing surprising here,
considering the moronic "prose" you put in your spam.   

(Thomas Brooks wrote)

>> Perhaps SPFX is the exception to the rule that commercial posters feel 
>> free to post wherever they want. Perhaps SPFX's postings are welcome
>> wherever they are seen. I don't know. But I do know of several
>> newsgroups which have been abandoned to spam. Sure you can skip over
>> what you don't want, but if 19 of every 20 messages is an
>> advertisment, sooner or later the newsgroup will be abandoned. This
>> isn't etiquite, good citizenship or anything else but a hostile
>> takeover.

Yup.   A slow third-grader could perform a more incisive
interpretation of that paragraph than you have managed.

You are a stupid, obtuse and illiterate person.

And those are your best features.

>Thank you...

For what?    For canceling your spam by the boatload?

You're quite welcome, scumbag.   But you ain't seen NOTHING yet!

By the way, why don't you use your name?    I know who you are, but
perhaps everybody else would like to know the identity of such a
miserable wad of organic phlegm.

Or are you chickenshit?

-- Rick "Lysander Spooner" Buchanan
** FLORIDA-ISP DIES!   (etc etc etc)