TCPS/FPA FAQ Version 1.1

Information posted to netnews by Mark Miller

Section 1 - Company Info

1.1 What TCPS/FPA Is

TCPS is the Telephone Check Payment System. FPA is the Financial Planning Associates. They are located in Brooklyn, New York. Here is some of their corporate info. -

1.2 Corporate Info

Edited from former format to save space -

[The FPA, Inc.. information does not relate to the FPA owned by Ronald Stewart. Here is a transcription of a conversation with the owner of FPA, Inc.. -

"I got a phone call from the guy that owns FPA, Inc.. today. I had put my phone number in my e-mail to him. He has stopped in and checked out our newsgroup. Apparently when he incorporated back in 1983 his lawyer checked only for other corporations using the name. Later he found out that Ron Stewart had been using the name, but unincorporated, from before that. He did have a conversation with Ron Stewart along the way. He says Ron was rude and belligerent.

He also had a conversation with our NYC cyber-cop detective. Apparently he was just back from vacation and not up on what was going on"

Here is their domain name registration -

                         CURRENT STATUS INFORMATION



05/18/1983   NEWY

Process Name:
Address -     RALPH M. ENGEL, ESQ. 445 PARK AVE.
City,St,Zip - NEW YORK, NY 10022




03/29/1994    NEWY

Process Name:
              HERBERT MONTE LEVY
Address -     60 EAST 42ND STREET, SUITE 4210
City,St,Zip - NEW YORK, NY 10165


Provided By:
Division of Corporations
(518) 473-2492
There is some bit of contradiction here. We are not sure whether FPA, Inc. is the same FPA we know. Since we know that FPA and TCPS are Incorporated into one company, it might not be the same, seeing as it was in 1983. I will dig up more info in Version 1.2 of this FAQ.

1.3. Ownership Info

Ronald A. Stewart owns TCPS and FPA, along with 2 other companies. He has a history of spamming, and has several lawsuits against him.

1.4 Other Companies Owned

He also owns Idea Publishing Co., and Rodney the printer.

Section 2 - Mail and Phones

2.1 Mailing Address of Companies

Financial Planning Association

1. 126 13th Street
   Brooklyn, NY 11215-4632

2. 210 Fifth Ave., Suite 1102
   New York, NY 10010

Telephones Check Payment System

1. 4718 18th Ave.  Suite 135
   Brooklyn, NY 11204

2. 126 13th St.
   Brooklyn, NY 11215-4632

Idea Publishing Co.

1. 126 13th St
   Brooklyn, NY 11215

2. 1920 Ditmas Ave
   Brooklyn, NY 11226-6712

Rodney the Printer

1. 126 13th St
   Brooklyn, NY 11215

4 different addresses. The 4718 18th Ave. Suite 135 has been investigated. It is Aabar Engravers. -

"Since these guys are only a few miles from me I've been meaning to bike over and see what I find. So I just did. It is a post box store in the midst of a very orthodox jewish community."

Here is there address from the phone book - (Categories: Bronze Tablets, Labels Paper, Numbering Machines, Rubber & Plastic Stamps, Signs)
Aabar Engravers
4718 18th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11204-1260
(718) 871-2600
(718) 438-8595
Fax: (718) 851-0328

Here is info from the 126 13th St. address.

"Neither of these names [Idea Publishing Co. and Rodney the Printer] are on the wall directory or the outside of any mailboxes at this address. None of the FPA or TCPS businesses are. But there are a couple mailboxes not labeled on the outside. The names on the inside are what the post office uses (they can't see the outside when it is open as they tilt down."

"I biked down to 126 13th St. to see what I could see. It is a nondescript, but fairly large building in a warehouse, light manufacturing area. The unusual thing about the building is most of the windows have child guards. Looking through the small window I find these businesses on the wall directory (phone numbers added from the phone directory):

Brooklyn 13th St. Holding Corp. (718-768-3150) 126 13th St.Brooklyn, NY 11215

Unfortunatly, I did not find phone numbers for this location at this time.

The 210 Fifth Ave., Suite 1102 address is another Mailbox. Here is info on it:

I just got back from a bike ride into town. I made a stop at 210 Fifth Ave. I found a small office building with about a dozen floors. The buzzers outside the front door listed NY Mail Service on the 11th Fl. A fellow entering the building asked if he could help. He said it was a mail "forwarding" service and that they were hard to reach.

(212) 683-9221

2.2 Ronald's House

Info on house -

I just got back from a ride over there. The house is within the Ditmas Park landmark district. There is ironwork over every window of the house, though it is not new ironwork. The house is on a corner and the back yard is enclosed with a 10-12' high stockade fence. There are three cars in the driveway. An old rusted Continental, a new Lincoln, and a new Escort. The fence around the property was in disrepair. There was a sign on the door, with small lettering. I thought about walking up to read it, but I saw someone move inside a window and then turn out the light (dusk was approaching).

This location was at:
1920 Ditmas Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226-6712

Here are the cars there -

Red Lincoln -- K81 3DT
Blue Escort -- V63 1CN
Old White Continental -- U23 6UW

2.3 Numbers Owned/Have Owned

TCPS, Inc.
  1. (718) 287-3800
  2. (718) 462-5920 - Fax
  1. (718) 768-8877
  2. (718) 768-6802
  3. (718) 768-6803
  4. (718) 287-3800
  5. (718) 462-5920 - Fax
  6. (718) 469-9305 - Fax-On-Demand
Idea Publishing Co.
  1. (718) 768-6802
Rodney the Printer
  1. (718) 768-6802

Section 3 - Illegal Actions

3.1 Juno's Lawsuit

Since he used a tremendous amount of Juno accounts for drop-offs, Juno is sueing him for damages done by doing so. See for more info on the law suit against TCPS, Inc, although it seems to be in May, so it might have been cancelled.

3.2 NYPD's Investigation

Since he was sending adult-related content to minors, he is violating the law, and the NYPD is getting on him. Here is some info -

'From Lt. Commanding Officer Christopher Malinowski Computer Investigations Unit ( 7/15/98

"On behalf of Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, I would like to thank you for bringing to our attention a company in New York that is indiscriminately advertising pornography for sale over the Internet. While mass mailings over the Internet are not illegal, I understand your concern that TCPS Inc has sent this offensive material to a minor. This unit will investigate the actions of TCPS Inc.

If you have any additional information to aid this investigation, please contact me directly at (212)374-4247."'

Although there is this matter -

"July 28, 1998

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing in response to the comments you submitted to the New York State Attorney General's Office. On behalf of Attorney General Vacco, I want to thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts and suggestions, which are vital to our efforts to serve the people of the State of New York.

Your inquiry specifically dealt with the subject of unsolicited commercial e-mail (often referred to as "spam"). Unfortunately, someone spread the rumor that every piece of spam from a company called TCPS should be sent to my office and that reference should be made to file number 1955. For the record, that file number corresponds to a individual consumer's complaint and is not a file number for an investigation of any particular company. As a matter of office policy, we cannot confirm or deny whether or not there is an ongoing investigation of any company, including TCPS.

If someone feels that they have some NEW information about this or any other matter that they want to share with my office, I invite them to do so. However, rather than sending email, complaints about Internet fraud should be submitted via our web based complaint form. The form ensures that we get the information we need to process the complaint/inquiry. The address is: "".

In response to the concerns raised by consumers such as yourself, Attorney General Vacco introduced legislation that would require unsolicited e-mail advertisements sent to New Yorkers to contain the real name and address of the sender and information about how to avoid receiving such ads in the future. The bill also includes a private right of action that would empower New Yorkers who continue to receive `junk e-mail' without their permission to sue for the greater of their actual damages or $100.

Furthermore, Attorney General Vacco successfully sued a notorious "spam" artist, Kevin J. Lipsitz, who used Internet e-mail to lure consumers into sending money for magazine subscriptions that he never delivered. The decision in the Lipsitz case confirms that the Attorney General has clear authority to seek to restrain illegal business practices by a local business in relation to both in-state and out-of-state residents notwithstanding that these practices occur on-line.

There are steps users can take to limit the number of unsolicited e-mail messages they receive. Sites containing advice include Junk Busters (, CAUCE ( and Junkemail.Org (, a resource page maintained by Voters Telecommunications Watch (VTW) and the Center for Democracy and Technology ( Among their tips:

It is through complaints such as yours that we learn of patterns of fraud and illegality. If you have any questions about this matter, please call us at (212) 416-8433 or visit our homepage at For other consumer-related matters, please call our consumer hotline at (800) 771-7755.

Thanks again,

Peter Gorenstein
Internet and Computer Unit
New York State Department of Law"

3.3 Washington Activity

He also has/is doing sending messages with faked headers to Washington, where there you can get a $500 fine.

3.4 CyberPromo Involvment

Here is some info on CyberPromo first -
Cyberpromo is the common name for Cyber Promotions, an internet site dedicated to facilitating unsolicited bulk commercial e-mail. Cyber Promotions is regarded by most reputable internet service providers as one of the greatest abusers of the internet. Its disreputable practices include but are not limited to the use of a large number of registered domains and forged domains to evade filters purposely designed to block its e-mail.
And info on the owner of CyberPromo -
Sanford Wallace, nicknamed Sandy, is a businessman currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Years ago he actively engaged in the junk fax business under the company name of Promo Enterprises. After unsolicited junk fax submissions were outlawed by the U.S. Congress, Wallace turned his attention to the junk e-mail industry. Sanford Wallace is often credited with being a major contributor towards the demise of the junk fax industry through his persistent solicitations. Originally Sanford Wallace began in the bulk e-mail business, pioneered by Laurence Canter and Martha Siegel, under the same business name of Promo Enterprises. Not long thereafter, in December 1995, he renamed his business Cyber Promotions, known also by the nickname of Cyberpromo. Since that time he has branched out into virtually every abusive practice known to exist on the Internet, including but not limited to spamming newsgroups.
Ronald Stewart used CyberPromo during 1997 to buy web space for his company, which at that time was FPAUSA.COM, and send spam to several people. Evidence of this is from the InterNIC registration (Seen Later), and a Cyberpromo FAQ -

Section 4 - Web Activity

4.1 Type of Spams

They send spam, advertising a book for the detective-in-training, called, Are You Being Investigated? They also send a spam advertising the selling videos of sexually explicit material.

4.2 Juno E-Mails

Here are some of the Juno accounts, definetly not all -

4.3 Hotmail E-Mails

Although while he doesn't send the mail from Hotmail, he might still use them so that when you reply with REMOVE, he'll know you're active. Here is a list of some -

4.4 Other E-Mails

He also has 2 other E-mails. They are:

4.5 Webpage Addresses

He has registered 2 addresses with InterNIC -
Financial Planning Associates (FPAUSA-DOM)
126 13th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11215-4632

Domain Name: FPAUSA.COM
   Administrative Contact:
      Stewart, Ronald A  (RAS68) fpany@MAIL.IDT.NET
      718-768-6803 (FAX) 718-965-3400
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Wallace, Sanford  (SW1708) domreg@CYBERPROMO.COM
   Billing Contact:      Stewart, Ronald A  (RAS68) fpany@MAIL.IDT.NET
      718-768-6803 (FAX) 718-965-3400

Financial Planning Associates (FPANY-DOM)
126 13th Street
Bklyn, N.Y. 11215

    Domain Name: FPANY.COM

    Administrative Contact:
      Stewart, Ronald  (RS4650) fpany@PIPELINE.COM
    Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Wetmore, Bill  (BW28) wwetmore@AMWELD.ORG
      (305) 443-9353 ext. 258
    Billing Contact:      Stewart, Ronald  (RS4650) fpany@PIPELINE.COM

He also has several other sites. Here they are -

Other Sites




4.6 Internet Access

We know that whatever his access provider is, they are a reseller of UU.NET access. Two possible ones are IDT.NET or, both, or several others.
- Mark Miller