Stuff I Like

Disclaimer: This is stuff that genuinely like, but I'm not claiming to be objective. Some of it is written by friends, and I may even be able to get kickbacks from Amazon. (Thanks to Glen Raphael for the idea.)

My résumé.

I’m the Compiler Quality Assurance Lead at Axoni for AxLang, a new Scala-based language for blockchain smart contracts on Ethereum-compatible networks. We’re hiring.

My Postings

    Compiler Testing

  1. Wikipedia: Compiler Testing
  2. Compiler Testing
  3. Flash Sheridan's Commits - apple/swift - GitHub (r9634-r24586)

    Static Analysis

  4. Introduction to Static Analysis
  5. Code Integrity Blog: Handling an Embarrassment of Riches

    Mobile Computing

  6. PalmOS to iPhoneOS migration notes
  7. EveryTrail GPX Macintosh Migration Notes



  1. Bibliography: Set Theory with a Universal Set
  2. T.E. Forster on Church's Set Theory with a Universal Set (But note that I was a great-grand-student of Church, via Gandy and Turing, not a student.)
  3. T.E. Forster, “Mathematical entities arising from equivalence relations, and their implementation in Quine's NF,” to appear in Philosophia Mathematica.
  4. A Variant of Church’s Set Theory with a Universal Set in which the Singleton Function is a Set” (abridged), in Logique et Analyse, Vol 59, No 233 (2016) pp. 81–131, doi:10.2143/LEA.233.0.3149532. The full version is available at the Centre National de Recherches de Logique.
  5. “Fixing Frege’s Set Theory,” slides from a talk on Church’s and my set theories with a universal set, delivered remotely at the University of Oxford Mathematical Institute, October 2013, and at the Stanford Mathematics Department, April 2014.

Science Fiction

    Isaac Asimov 100th Birthday Meetup

  2. Discussion:
  3. Poster:, portrait by Rowena Morrill (Gnu license), graphic design by Eugenia Bevz & Kostya Miroshnychenko
  4. Other SF

  5. Petition: Netflix, please buy the rights to The Expanse,
  6. Galaxy Magazine v36n09 (1975 10, 25th anniversay issue, p. 158 my letter, after Fred Pohl's) : Internet Archive


  1. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Ashland)
    (Ashland Theater Review)
  2. Shakespeare Santa Cruz
  3. The BBC TV Shakespeare Collection (Region 2 DVD)
  4. The Oxford Shakespeare: Original Spelling Edition
  5. Branagh’s Hamlet (uncut)


  1. Stanford Theatre
  2. Stanford Theatre (unofficial fanpage)
  3. Stanford Theatre, Palo Alto Weekly listings



  1. WKAR mp3
  2. KWAX mp3
  3. KUSC 128K
  4. WCPE
  5. Otto's Baroque
  6. RadioCrazy Classical 128K
  7. InfiniteClassical 128K
  8. Poemletter Classical 128K
  9. RadioIOClassical 128K
  10. Radio Budapest 320K
  11. list
  12. RTBF 3, Brussels 128K
  13. Concertzender (64K Windows Media Player)
  14. Klara Brussels (64K Windows Media Player)
  15. Baroque+ 56K

  1. Glen Raphael's Dot Com Meltdown Blues
  2. Glen Raphael's Phase Transition
  3. The Yale Undergraduate Jazz Orchestra
  4. KCEA Menlo-Atherton Swing
  5. Swiss RadioCrazy Swing
  6. WKAR Jazz
  7. KQED
  8. Magnatune Classical


  1. Beowulf, edited by Frederick Klaeber
  2. Beowulf Project - Old English Text
  3. Beowulf (full text,
  4. Beowulf and the Appositive Style, Fred Robinson
  5. The Tomb of Beowulf and Other Essays on Old English, by Fred C. Robinson
  6. Labyrinth Library: Old English
  7. Norton Anthology of English Literature readings of early English poetry
  8. The Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records converted by me to ePub format, with the permission of the transcriber, Dr. Gregory Hidley of UCSD.
  10. The Poor Man of Nippur World's first film in Babylonian


  1. Save Kepler's
  2. Along the Way by Paul B. Phillips, Archway Publishing Autobiographical anecdotes by my uncle. iBooks, Kindle.
  3. PocketLingo College - The American Heritage College Dictionary
  4. Free eBooks for your PDA
  5. Town Compass Concise Encyclopædia Britannica
  6. Britannica Concise Encyclopedia expansion card (Didn't work, and crashed.)
  7. Feedbooks
  8. (Many Books mobile)

News & Politics

  1. Donate to Charlie Hebdo (Google Translation into English)
  2. Quiet Zone Palo Alto presentation
  3. Quiet Zone Palo Alto petition
  4. Downtown Palo Alto residents seek relief from train noise: Palo Alto Weekly
  5. Slate: Today's Papers: or
  6. Petition opposing the Russian invasion of Georgia
  7. Initiative to reform California redistricting
  8. Edgar Mayo Jr., American Rule-Of-Law Party, for Governor of California
  9. C-Span Radio (Real Audio)
  11. Forbes Russia Editor Paul Klebnikov Murdered In Moscow
  12. Buy Danish, Support Freedom of the Press
  13. Map of European History Since AD 1000
  14. Orchid Male Cancer video


Open Source Bugs (Please Vote)


  1. Love Notes to Newton by Noah Leon | Vimeo On Demand. Disclaimer: I’m in it, at 1:03, 37:06, 52:15, 53:45, and 1:11:50.


  1. The Poplet Kit
  2. IMDb for Palm PQA
  3. Palm Programming : The Developer's Guide, second edition, by Neil Rhodes & Julie McKeehan
  4. Palm OS® Programming For Dummies® by Liz O'Hara & John Schettino
  5. PalmHack V, alias The PalmSource Developer Challenge:
  6. Stand Alone, Inc. - Quickipedia
  7. Pordible: Macintosh Palm Doc converter
  8. LinkeSOFT DIMEX Desktop Add-In for Palm Calendar Import/Export
  9. ResetEmu | 79bmedia GmbH
  10. Filez file manager
  11. TealScan
  12. HandyPalmStuff: NVBackup by Alexander Pruss
  13. SkinUI by Dmitry Grinberg
  14. AndrewSoft FlightStatus for Treo

Compiler Testing

  1. Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools (Dragon Book)
  2. Wired: History's Worst Software Bugs
  3. Bibliography for automatic test data generation for compilers
  4. Pre-defined Compiler Macros Listing (
  5. Script to Determine Pre-defined Compiler Macros
  6. Homepage of Daniel S. Wilkerson: Delta, a failure-inducing minimizer
  7. GCC Patch for ICE_EXIT_CODE
  8. (Test Case Minimization)

Static Analysis

  1. COMS W4117 Compilers and Interpreters: Software Verification Tools
  2. User:Nickj/List of tools for static code analysis - Wikipedia (Uncensored; the main list has been vandalized in the name of cleanup.)
  3. Code Integrity Solutions: Professional services consultants for Coverity Static Analysis tools
  4. Xcode Warnings: Can You Turn Them Up to Eleven?


  1. CiteSeer (also known as ResearchIndex)
  2. Affrus: Mac OSX Perl Debugger
  3. You know you are from the Bay Area when...
  4. Non-Standard Logics for Automated Reasoning (I wrote the introduction; I don't necessarily recommend the rest.)
  5. AcidSearch
  6. Zyxel X-550 Xtrememimo 802.11G WiFi Router
  7. OnMyCommand (Mac shell script Contextual Menus)
  8. TClockEx - Taskbar Clock Enhancer
  9. Wired: History's Worst Software Bugs
  10. Why testers? - Joel on Software
  11. Steve Jobs 1944 video
  12. Silicon Valley History Tour
  13. Macaulay's Law of Software Upgrades: “To think nothing of symmetry and much of convenience; never to remove an anomaly merely because it is an anomaly; never to innovate except when some grievance is felt; never to innovate except so far as to get rid of the grievance.”
  14. JUnit [XML] Format - Enterprise Tester
  15. Testing Computer Software: Hung Q. Nguyen, Cem Kaner, Jack Falk
  16. Jenkins Warnings Plugin
  17. OnMyCommand, magnificant Services plugin for MacOS


  2. Capresso Ultima Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Geek Toys

  1. XM Radio
  2. TiVo
  3. Westinghouse LVM-37w1 37" LCD 1080p HDTV
  4. Oppo OPDV971H Up-Converting DVD Player
  5. Panasonic SA-XR55S Full-Digital Receiver
  6. Sennheiser HD-555 Headphones
  7. Plantronics DSP-400 USB Headset
  8. Garmin eTrex Vista GPS

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Not Yet Categorized

  1. :Eric S. Raymond on Microsoft security: Think of it as evolution in action...
  2. Blair: We will not falter
  3. 10 Downing Street - Speech to the Welsh Assembly: We will not falter
  4. The Daily Telegraph - Opinion, By Sir Rudolph Giuliani
  5. Packard says he's displeased with the direction of HP (11/06/2001 SJ Mercury)
  6. Authors' biographies (
  8. Palo Alto Freenet
  9. NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
  10. Recent Earthquakes - Map 122-37
  11. Sand Hill Challenge Race Date 2002 (allegedly cancelled)
  12. Google Earchsay (Pig Latin)
  13. Tivo
  15. Small Sites (
  16. Developer Bug Reports
  17. Ukrayinska Pravda (in English)
  18. Palm, Inc. - Resetting Your Palm handheld
  19. October, 1999, draft of the C99 rationale (thx Fred Tydeman)
  20. C89 & C9X rationale
  21. (in Russian)
  22. Terrorism Warning Signs
  23. We Love the Iraqi Information
  25. The sounds of English and the International Phonetic Alphabet |
  26. Palo Alto Arterial Traffic Association
  27. NY Times Op-Ed Corrections
  28. PalmSource: Manager of Developer Tools Quality Assurance
  29. Mac OS X FileMerge and Perforce
  30. Combee on Palm OS: Easter Egg Enabling Your Applications
  31. Movie Classics By The Bay, Art Deco Movie Palace Auction Sales Room (?)
  32. Teflon mouse paws,
  33. - Free eBooks for your PDA
  35. ENGLISH Literature & Texts (Before c1485; Anglo-Saxon & Middle English) (e-Books)
  37. Kevin Crossley-Holland
  38. Boycott PayPal
  39. The Planetary Society
  40. - referend
  41. Resizeable Textarea 0.1a - The Extensions Mirror (Firefox)
  42. Proposition 77: Initiative to reform California redistricting
  43. Boycott Carrefour
  44. Giant Cypress? DX Men's Hybrid Bike
  45. FANAC Classic and Older Fanzine Index
  46. Massoglia Books, Paperback and Hardcover Collectable Book Dealer [Doc Smith]
  47. Dentist - Patricia Claeys-Schmidt - Twin Peaks / Diamond Heights -
  48. Google Maps for PalmOS
  49. Neo-Fregeanism: An Embarrassment of Riches
  50. treo_650_tips
  51. OnMyCommand: Contextual Menu UNIX CLI and AppleScript executor
  52. Console
  53. iPhone Application List
  54. TreoBits Internet Radio
  55. Palo Alto Daily Post (coming back soon, the real Palo Alto Daily News)
  56. California 2008 ballot measures - Ballotpedia
  57. Professor Muller's Ingenious iPhone Feature Workaround - Pogue's Posts Blog - (silenct ringtone)
  58. Erica Sadun: Pasteboard Utility
  59. App Store data analysis for iPhone developers by appFigures | iTunes Connect Analytics | App Store report analysis | App Store ranks | iPhone App Store Reviews
  60. The Old Globe (San Diego Shakespeare)
  61. Beowulf: Ed. Murray McGillivray. Online Corpus of Old English Poetry (OCOEP). Edition in progress
  62. Texmaker (free cross-platform latex editor, Unicode/UTF8)
  63. Old Church Slavonic Online (U Texas)
  64. Petition against authoritarian governmental control of higher education in Ukraine: Open letter from Serhiy Kvit, President of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
  65. YouTube - Glen Raphael's Channel
  66. APOD: 2011 March 15 - Cassini Approaches Saturn (real video)
  67. Writer2LaTeX (OpenOffice to LaTeX conversion, useful for RTF too)
  68. ucharclasses for XeLaTeX | Projects at Nihongoresources (d/l at
  69. MessageFont for Apple Mail by Adam Tow
  70. MacMatte (matte petition)
  71. The Apostrophe Protection Society
  72. The 12 Days of Swiftmas by Jacob Bandes-Storch
  73. TidBITS: How to Change the Font in Messages in Yosemite
  74. An Alan Turing expert answers your The Imitation Game questions | The Aperiodical (the majority of the film is about stuff that didn’t happen)
  75. regehr/itc-benchmarks · GitHub: Toyota InfoTechnology Center"Quantitative Evaluation of Static Analysis Tools" benchmark software
  76. Father and Sons (full length) - YouTube video, Orchid Cancer Appeal, Alexander Ludwig (star of Vikings and Hunger Games)
  77. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Intro only) - YouTube (original, not a translation)
  78. span | the rtMRI IPA charts: MRI data from phoneticians producing the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet
  79. IPA Chart with Sounds | International Phonetic Alphabet Sounds
  80. Equivalent Modulo Input Compiler Validation Project, UC Davis
  81. ‘Vin de Garage’ in Northern California | Vino Voices
  82. Tom Stoppard, The Hard Problem, A.C.T. SF
  83. The New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition - William Shakespeare - Oxford University Press (original spelling)
  84. Massoglia Books - Tucson, Arizona (we emphasize Science Fiction)
  85. Feldman's Books - AbeBooks - Menlo Park, CA, U.S.A.
  86. Forbes 2017 30 Under 30: Enterprise Technology, Sourcegraph
  87. Sourcegraph founders featured on Forbes “30 under 30” list
  88. Go code intelligence on Sourcegraph: now in general availability (GA)
  89. Text from Xcode
  90. Benjy Steinberg — Portfolio & Résumé
  91. Decapitation by Arrest: International Justice and Demobilization in Congo Featuring Professor Richard Steinberg
  92. How Sourcegraph scales with the Language Server Protocol
  93. Deploy apps in a business environment with iTunes - Apple Support: iTunes without AppStore amputated
  94. ⚙ D41723 Introduce the "retpoline" x86 mitigation technique for variant #2 of the speculative execution vulnerabilities disclosed today, specifically identified by CVE-2017-5715, "Branch Target Injection", and is one of the two halves to Spectre..
  95. ISFDB: List of 1942 titles with any votes, for Retro Hugo nomination
  96. New York Stage Review – Reviews from Broadway and Beyond
  97. Speculative Fiction | Doc Smith (Michael F. Stemper,
  98. Doc Smith exhibit at the 2004 WorldCon
  99. Dido & Aeneas by Purcell; a Collaboration of Richmond Performance Arts - YouTube
  100. scala - Best way to parse command-line parameters? - Stack Overflow: sliding over arguments
  101. How to make your Scala shell scripts run faster by pre-compiling them |
  102. Ian Myles Slater on: Handy Two-in-One Edition of a Classic (Amazon review of Delphi Complete Works of Sir Thomas Malory)
  103. Apple now blocks iOS app backups, but you can do something about it (
  104. How to Stop “Upgrade to MacOS Mojave” Notification Banners in Mac OS : OS X Daily
  105. Mobile Opportunity: Here Comes the Hammer: The Tech Industry's Three Crises
  106. Asimov Centennial Convention or Meetup?!? (Reddit)
  107. How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name (Don Norman And Bruce Tognazzini)
  108. set theory - Is V, the Universe of Sets, a fixed object? - MathOverflow
  109. Videos from the Fourth Annual City Tech Science Fiction Symposium, An Astounding 90 Years of Analog Science Fiction and Fact | Science Fiction at City Tech