PalmHack VII Winners



Special thanks to palmOne, Oswin, LandWare, Llamagraphics, and Aerodrome, and an extra-special curse to the Demo Gods for an exquisitely-timed battery malfunction. Thanks to Eric Cloninger for the photos.

PalmHack VII

The seventh PalmHack programming contest is hereby announced, to take place at the 2005 PalmSource Developer Conference. Thanks to PalmOne, the grand prizes will be two unlocked Treo 650's, one for the best Cobalt entry, one for the best Garnet entry. Entries need not be HackMaster Hacks, and will be judged on the basis of frivolity, originality, and hackishness.

As is traditional, there are no actual rules, although hitting judges with chairs is unlikely to be rewarded. There may, however, be major bonus points for entries which:

Entries which are actually useful are not officially prohibited, but suggest a lack of understanding of the spirit of PalmHack, and are subject to deduction of points.

Entries should be demonstrated and beamed to one of the judges in the Lab by 10:30 PM on Wednesday, May 25th:

Awards will be announced during the Conference Closing Session on Thursday, and also at See also, and Blogging the DevCon.