Stanford Pilot User Group Meeting Report #2, 11/2/97

Peak attendance was thirteen, many of whom, untraditionally, showed up on time; this may require adjustment to the traditional strategy of gradually acquiring cafe tables as needed.

Steve Patt, president of Stevens Creek Software, demonstrated printing with PalmPrint to an HP DeskJet printer, from the Memo Pad, the To Do list, the clipboard, and a third-party app. He announced a user-group discount, and also showed the extremely simple third-party developer API, the only hard part of which was:


if (dbID) {

StrCopy(theChars,"This is the string to print");



Joni Berkley, Marketing Director of Concept Kitchen demonstrated Small Talk, a two-way, real-time language translation package using pre-configured phrases, from/to six western European languages. She also announced a user group discount, and gave away samples of the new WriteRight screen protectors, which have a feel much more like paper than either the Pilot screen or the original WriteRights. The programmers present clamored for an API to Small Talk, both for adding new languages, and for adding new subject matter, e.g., dating.

Kathy DelPino, Vice President of SPUG, demonstrated LandWare's PiloKey, which allows typing into the Pilot with a Newton keyboard.

Flash Sheridan demonstrated wireless email with a Metricom Ricochet, the built-in Mail app, Top Gun Postman, and clunky collection of cables: the Pilot modem cable, the bundled DB9/DB25 adaptor, and the Ricochet's Windows cable.

After the conclusion of the formal meeting, developers stayed to chat about the Pilot market, paying for software, error checking, and related matters. Meeting adjourned at eleven, when the cafe staff kicked us out because they were closing.