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Welcome to my web site!

For those of you familiar with my old web page, you are probably wondering what I was doing for those five years since I put it up.  I was busy or lazy, take your pick. I am trying to make this site a little easier to maintain, and a little more interactive. 

I am keeping Gees section of my old page which was the best part of it.  It has been reformatted into four sections;  People, Businesses, Places, and Other.  In addition I have made it so that the page is automatically updated when you submit an entry (Thank goodness you don't have to wait for me to do it). In addition I have added some sections more on me, my interests and hobbies. The Interests section includes "Friends and Family", "Computer Programming", "Computer Games", and "Graphics".  The Graphics section is further divided into "2D", "3D", and "Animation".  The "Photo Album" is where most of my "Family and Friends" pictures will be, as well as stills and artwork from me.  The Favorites section contains links to my favorite sites on the web. I may remove this section, it does not seem of much use.