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Alice C. P. Gee (I have graduated and am now working for AOT N.V.). Formally a graduate student (AiO) in algebraic number theory under the supervision of Peter Stevenhagen.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 14:07:04 May/19/2001

Arthur Gee Professor Gee at California State University, Chico.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 14:45:06 May/19/2001

Beverley Gee My maiden name was Beverley Saxon. The name Saxon has a long history in England and I hope to include information and background as I discover it.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 15:07:19 May/19/2001

Brad Gee Brad is in the library reference department of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 15:17:51 May/19/2001

C.M.T. de Gee Corine is at Utrecht University Department of Computer Science, Padualaan 14, De Uithof 3584 CH Utrecht, PO Box 80089, 3508 TB Utrecht, The Netherlands
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 15:32:36 May/19/2001

Chris Gee We Made £70,000 in 16 Weeks Sounds Incredible, but it's 100% True A brand new, easy to operate, home based business that will blow your socks off! Sceptical? Then call 01706 527162 (U.K.) for FREE information.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 15:37:41 May/19/2001

Deb Smyre's Home Page Deb has a Genealogy Page which you can "Search by last names. My longest direct lines are GEE and MASSENGILL. My adoptive line is WALKER."
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 16:14:12 May/19/2001

Dr Andrew Gee Andrew Gee obtained a BA in Electrical and Information Science at Cambridge University in 1990. He was awarded the PhD degree in 1993 from the same university for his thesis on the use of feedback neural networks for combinatorial optimization.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 14:36:51 May/19/2001

Dr Martin Gee Research interests: The application of high resolution seismic and sonar techniques to understanding deep ocean sedimentary processes, focussing on the catastrophic collapse of Oceanic Islands and the mechanics of long runout debris flows.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 23:05:36 May/19/2001

E. Gordon Gee E. Gordon Gee, president of The Ohio State University, and Constance M. Bumgarner were married Saturday, Nov. 26, in the presence of their families at a civil ceremony in Salt Lake City, Utah.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 17:38:21 May/19/2001

GEE FAMILY HOME PAGE (Australia) John, Julia, and Jessa Gee. As brand new WWW users we created this (admittedly simple)Home Page in about 15 minutes using Netscape Gold's Page Wizard.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 21:49:41 May/19/2001

George Gee George Gee and his Make-Believe Ballroom Big Band Orchestra Jazz pioneer Count Basie predicted of George Gee, "My man Georgie has a bright future in the swing business." How proud the Count would be to hear George Gee and his Make-Believe Ballroom Orchestra today, offering masterful renditions of big band era classics while keeping in step with modern, cutting edge dance grooves.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 17:07:12 May/19/2001

Jeff Gee Incidentally, I'm Jeff, a first year associate with the Washington, DC law firm of Dow, Lohnes, & Albertson, PLLC. I'm a 1998 graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and a 1995 graduate of Syracuse University (home of the Newhouse School of Public Communications) where I triple-majored in Policy Studies, Political Science, and Writing for Telecommunications. Just FYI, people who triple-major are not overachievers, they're indecisive.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 21:18:31 May/19/2001

Jeff Gee DB&LP: List of publications from the Bibliography Server on Database Systems & Logic Programming. Jeff Gee, Stephen W. Melvin, Yale N. Patt: Advantages of Implementing PROLOG by Microprogramming a Host General Purpose Computer. ICLP 1987: 1-20
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 21:11:07 May/19/2001

Jeffrey Gee How to contact Director Gee...
Jeffrey Gee
Director, Project Management
Capital Projects
University of California, Berkeley
1936 University Avenue, 2nd Floor
Berkeley, CA 94720-1380
Phone: 510/643-9363
FAX: 510/642-7271

       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 21:35:45 May/19/2001

Justin Dwight Gee I'm a double major in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 21:55:37 May/19/2001

Justin Nailard The Gee family lived in Acton, West London from 1800's to 1920's. John Charles Gee was a chamopon cyclist in the early days of cycling and he met Blondin the tight rope walker. Look at the Blondin and Family tree page for more information.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 15:52:09 Jul/03/2002

Liza Gee I did it! I am one of the few who actually finished my thesis project! I officially received my MS Computer Science degree in March 1999...three years after I started (thanks Professor Liu!).
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 22:59:21 May/19/2001

Maurice Gee Medical Humanities, Literature Arts & Medicine, Gee, Maurice Sex: Male, National Origin: New Zealand, Era: Late 20th Century, Born: 1931, Annotated Works: A Glorious Morning, Comrade
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 23:10:53 May/19/2001

Mike Gee Reference lists of Tamla Motown Albums, works by Joseph Haydn and information on the Gee family name.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 23:34:07 May/19/2001

Mike Gee Software Designer born Wash. D.C. 1951. Father Thomas Nixon Gee born 1909.
       Submitted by Mike Gee on 19:38:50 Nov/05/2002

Mike Gee Dedicated to the science of GEEology. (And I'm not talking about rocks.) Information on the GEE family tree (GEEnealogy). Original whimsical artwork created by Mike Gee that is suitable for use on web pages. Mike's personal profile/resume and links to interesting sites.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 23:26:46 May/19/2001

Rob Gee Rob Gee's Happy Nation Album After a short period, we had arrived at the Siege säule, they stopped to allow Rob Gee and his friend Narotic to do their show on the top of the truck at the front. One of their top songs "Ecstacy, you've got what I need" met with cheers from the crowd.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 20:59:10 May/25/2001

Sarah Gee Quilts and Textile Art by Sarah Gee. Sarah Gee is a fabric artist living in Victoria, British Columbia. She graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Victoria and has been pursuing an artistic career for three years. Her work in fabric includes full-sized quilts, wallhangings, small pieces of embroidery and drawings in thread.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 21:16:22 May/25/2001


Chuck Gee Agora -- Our Marketplace...Includes Surplus Electronic Components... Computer Cables and Data Switchboxes... Surplus Telephone Equipment...:cc
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 15:47:37 May/19/2001

Gee Business Network Gee Business Network (GBN) is built around GEE's FactFinder and FactBook products; comprehensive databases of reference information covering human resources, company administration, payroll, health & safety issues, and more. :cc
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 16:41:53 May/19/2001

Gee's Garden Restaurant Best Dim Sum. STAFF PICK: There's no need to travel to a major metropolitan area to find great dim sum. Gee's Garden Restaurant has the dim sum experience you've been waiting for, at 1145 N. Alvernon Way
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 20:18:19 May/25/2001

Global Garden A monthly Australian gardening magazine produced by Kay Gee. Welcome to Global Garden, Australia's FIRST national online gardening magazine, serving Australia and areas throughout the world enjoying a similar climate e.g. California. We offer you a new edition each month with authoritative, interesting content in an easy-to-follow format.:cc
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 22:16:56 May/19/2001

Lady Gee...capture the essence Cruise on Lady Gee from $1,250 per person per week, including everything! 50' Ted Brewer Ketch. Cruises in the Virgin Islands, up to 4 guests in 2 cabins with diving.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 22:41:13 May/19/2001

Levy Gee Levy Gee, accountants and business advisers, are leading providers of personalised solutions for ambitious individuals. The Levy Gee team is able to provide a very broad range of specialist services to individuals and their businesses across the UK. The firm's state of the art IT ensures efficient communication and access to firm-wide advice.
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 22:47:11 May/19/2001

Tippett & Gee, LTD Tippett & Gee was formed in 1954 and has grown in size and expertise to a nationally recognized full service engineering and architectural design firm. Today, Tippett & Gee is one of the top design firms in the United States serving the design and architectural requirements of utilities, industrials, municipalities and government entities both domestically and internationally
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 21:26:10 May/25/2001

Welcome to Exclusive Representatives of Contemporary, Outsider Artist Reg K. Gee. In recent years, Gee has participated in dozens of shows, including Souls of Black Folk, Folk Fest, The Outsider Art Fair, The National Black Fine Arts Show, and the Chicago Black Art Expo.
Most recently Gee was invited to participate in In The Spirit Of Martin, a Smithsonian traveling exhibition set for 2002. Gee's work has been also been highlighted by the American Lung Association
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 18:02:19 May/26/2001


Gee Cross and Werneth The following is an extract from "Annals of Hyde" by Thomas Middleton and may be of interest to people researching the Gee family name and it's origins. :c
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 23:36:27 May/19/2001

The Percy Gee Building University of Leicester Student Union Building. Banks, Bars, Queen's Hall, Restaurants, Shops, Students' Union, The Venue, Travel Shop, Welfare Service
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 00:30:10 May/20/2001


A Data Base for Tracking File Processing History Paul S. Gee Information and Computing Sciences Division Bloomer, Matthew A. Nuclear Science Division Olson, Douglas L. Nuclear Science Division Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory 1 Cyclotron Road, Mail-stop 50B-3238 Berkeley, CA 94720 U
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 23:58:27 May/19/2001

Elizabeth D. Gee Dissertation Fund Open to all Ohio State University Ph.D. Candidates. The Elizabeth D. Gee Dissertation Fund is supported through the College of Humanities and the Critical Difference for Women Program and is administered by the Department of Women's Studies. Its major purpose is to support scholarly research on women and gender and to make women's studies scholarship more inclusiv
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 17:28:19 May/19/2001

GEE WWW at Kyoto Univ Japan Division of Global Environment Engineering , Graduate School of Engineering , Kyoto University WWW
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 17:13:08 May/19/2001

Gee, Maron, Ames Detection and classification of mutagens: a set of base-specific Salmonella tester strains. Author(s): Gee P; Maron DM; Ames BN Source: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1994 Nov 22;91(24):11606-1
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 23:53:04 May/19/2001

Illinois 85, Virginia Tech 75 Gee's dunk with two seconds left finished the scoring for the Illini, who defeated host American University of Puerto Rico and College of Charleston in the opening roun
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 14:54:19 May/19/2001

Miss Gee Auden, W. H.: Miss Gee Medium: Literature; Genre: Poem; Keywords: Cancer, Disease and Health, Women's Hea
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 23:43:40 May/19/2001

Speeding Tickets [rec.humor.funny] Speeding Tickets (Norm Gee) (true, smirk, sexual) From the rec.humor.funny joke archiv
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 23:49:23 May/19/2001

The People Team Magic - Enhancing the magic of amusement parks. The members of Team Magic include: Michelle Gee - B.S. Product Design Nat Johnson - M.S. Computer Science Daniel Kim - M.S. Product Design Reed Maltzman - M.B.A. Garth Morgan - M.F.A. Justin Willow - M.S. Product Desig
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 23:15:33 May/19/2001

UCSD HIGH SPEED DEVICES GROUP The first student group member was Russell Gee (now with Inte
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 21:08:03 May/25/2001

Using the gee Library To use the gee library, enter the following command as soon as you enter Splus.. library("gee"). You will have to enter this command every time you start a new Splus session. Generalized linear models for clustered data via "Generalized Estimating Equations (GEE)'
       Submitted by Ralph Gee on 16:53:51 May/19/2001
Revised: Nov 05, 2002