a2iCommunications Classic Linux Account Features

Not all features are included with every account type. Please consult our account types chart or account descriptions to see which accounts have which features.
PPP time hours/month

If your dial-up PPP usage exceeds the limits for your account type, you will be asked to upgrade to a suitable account type that matches your usage level.

unlimited telnet/ssh time

Except for DROP-IN and WEB-ONLY accounts, there are no connect-time limits on access by telnet/ssh. You may remain connected 24 hours/day if you wish (though our idle process killer may kill idle sessions). Concurrent active telnet/ssh sessions, where connect-time is unlimited, should originate from the same host.

dial-up PPP

We provide nationwide dial-up PPP access using dynamic IP addresses.

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disk space

Each account type includes separate limits on (a) size of incoming mailbox and (b) total disk space in home and ftp/web directories. If your incoming mailbox is bigger than that permitted by your account type, incoming mail will bounce back with an error message. If your total disk space usage in your home+web/ftp directories is greater than that included with your account type, attempts to use more space will result in a disk quota error. Premium accounts may have their home+web/ftp disk space allocation adjusted for a surcharge as follows. (a) $5 setup fee each time you ask for your disk allocation to be increased or decreased. (b) $0.50 per month per additional megabyte.

We do provide plenty of disk space in a separate filesystem for creating temporary files when logged into the UNIX shell. This temporary space may be cleaned up without notice.

If you need even more disk space, try the d1000a account in our DirectAdmin Point-and-Click Web Hosting scheme which gives you a gigabyte of disk space for only $25/month.
disk backups

Home directories, web directories, and mailboxes, are periodically backed up. We maintain these backups for approximately four to six weeks. In most cases, if you lose files, you may ask for them to be restored from past backups. For example, if you know that you lost some files five days ago, you may ask for a restore to be done from the most recent backup done before that day. Each restore costs $35 for Premium accounts and $75 for all other account types.

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 Linux shell

All accounts get UNIX shell access.

mail forwarding

Mail forwarding can be done in multiple ways.

First, you may create a traditional .forward file in your home directory, and it may contain one or more email addresses to which your mail will be forwarded. you may include yourself in the list, so that mail will be delivered to your local mailbox and also forwarded to remote addresses.

Second, you may forward your mail from a web page that updates your .forward file. Mail is then forwarded at the time that it is delivered to your mailbox.

Third, you may forward your mail from a web page that forwards mail before it reaches your .forward file.  See: Adding/Removing Email Addresses. This mail forwarding system implements our Email Hyphenated Suffixes and will let you forward distinct hyphenated email addresses to distinct locations.

Finally, you can forward your mail to be piped to any program of your choice. All incoming mail is automatically piped to procmail (see http://www.procmail.org/). From within your .procmailrc script, you may pipe your mail to any other program of your choice. (Note: Not all accounts types can forward mail to programs.

custom domains for email

Qualifying accounts may be associated with a custom domain, which you may register through any domain registrar of your choice.

additional POP mailboxes

Optionally available for some account types, as listed in table. Each additional POP mailbox costs $5 per month and allows one distinct email address for receiving email. 

mailing lists

We support mailing lists using the Mailman software. For more information please see our top Mailman page.

There is a mailing list creation fee of $25 per list. There is no recurring fee for low-volume mailing lists.

All mailing lists are automatically provided with online mailing list archives.

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web service

The web server will enforce a daily limit of megabytes transferred, based on your account type.

The daily web traffic limit may be temporarily increased for any account at the following surcharge rate: $15 per day per additional 50 megabytes per day. This allows you to prepare yourself for a temporary high traffic rate should your web site be listed in some 'Top N' list of web sites. The charge is based on the maximum programmed into the web server, not on the actual volume that is observed.

The daily web traffic limit may be increased for Premium accounts at the following monthly rates: $100 per month surcharge to increase transfer limit by each additional 50 megabytes per day.

For economical high-volume web service, try try the d1000a account in our DirectAdmin Point-and-Click Web Hosting scheme which lets your web site transfer 20 gigabyts per month for only $25/month.

SSL-enabled web server for https URLs

All account types that include web service also automatically include support for SSL-enabled web service, used for encrypted web transfer via https URLs. There is no additional charge for this. You do not need to buy or install any SSL certificate

web access log

A log file will be automatically generated for you every night containing a record of accesses to your URLs for the previous 24 hours. This log file is left behind in your WWW directory. By setting up a .wwwlogtab file you can control how many days worth of WWW log files should be saved

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