a2i Communications Account Types

Part-Time Human-Use Accounts

A part-time human use account allows access via modem and via telnet/rlogin across the Internet for email, web browsing, and other activities by humans.

We use the term 'human-use' to distinguish these accounts from UUCP accounts, which involve unattended automated transfer of data.

For UUCP service please see our separate UUCP rate chart.

If you wish to remain connected 24 hours a day, please consult our dedicated dial-up service information.

We also provide dedicated Internet connectivity via Frame Relay at speeds from 56 kbps to full T1. Please consult our Frame Relay information.

Please read our Terms of Service.

Picking the Right Account Type

To help pick an account type, answer each of these three questions.
  1. Is your budget very limited?
  2. Are you likely to be a very light user?
  3. Are you or are your friends technically knowledgeable?
If your answer to all three questions was yes, consider our DROP-IN or BUDGET accounts, which stress low price. If your answer to all three questions was no, consider our ADVANCED or PREMIUM accounts, which stress high value and high-quality customer service for demanding users. If you answered with a mixture of yes and no, the right account type for you is probably BUDGET, ECONOMY, or ADVANCED. Carefully selecting the right account type will let you pay only for the services that you need. Our flexible upgrade/downgrade policy lets you change account types in the future as your needs change.

If you need an account solely to set up a web site, please take a look at our WEB-ONLY account type. It's intended to give you just the services you need for a web site, and includes a generous allocation of web hits, at a very low price.

If you wish to provide access to a group of people, consider our BUSINESS CLASS package, which lets each person have a separate account, but cost per user can be as low as $4 per month for light use.

To help choose your account type, you might want to look at descriptions of features offered with various account types, or look at a chart that summarizes all available account types.

When you've decided on an account type, proceed to the Sign-Up Form.

Free Trial Accounts

Please use our online sign-up form to sign up for an account type suitable for you, and in the comments section, ask for a free trial. Valid contact information, including your real name, address, and telephone number, is required.

Upgrade/Downgrade Policy

Upgrades may be done at any time, effective the beginning of the current, previous, or subsequent month; we charge you only the difference in sign-up fee, if any, between your current account type and the upgraded account type. Downgrades may be done if requested on or before the 25th of any month, to be effective the beginning of the subsequent month. There is never a charge for a downgrade.


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Business Class Package

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