UUCP rates are listed below. For more information about human-use accounts, please see other information from the main page.

The most economical rates, which include UUCP service and a Drop-in shell/ppp (human-use) account, are as shown in the UUCP rate table. You may opt for a higher-prices human-use account to get more shell/ppp services and/or a greater degree of customer support.

To initiate your UUCP subscription, please go through the online sign-up selecting account type OTHER, and mentioning the UUCP and human-use account types that you want. Then send us your initial sign-up fee for the type of UUCP subscription that you need, selected from the information below. Our access numbers are listed below.

The sign-up fee depends on the type of human-use account you wish to have with your UUCP subscription. At the most basic rate, including a Drop-in human-use account, the sign-up fee is $35. Here are all the possibilities:

total sign-up fee $35 $40 $45 $50 $55

After doing the online sign-up, or if you have questions, please send us email and/or call us at 408-293-9706.  We will check to make sure you picked the plan that is best for you, and we will also find out how you wish to pay for your new account.


  1. Select the type of UUCP service you need based on volume and whether or not you need a Usenet newsfeed. See below for details.
  2. Select the type of human-use account you need (see separate description). This depends primarily on two factors: (a) how much human use you will make of our service, e.g. for web browsing or UNIX shell access, and (b) what level of customer service you need. Technically knowledgeable users who need primarily UUCP access and who need no significant amounts of customer service will usually want to select the very economical DROP-IN human-use account. For greater human usage or a higher level of customer service, select an appropriate account type at a higher service level.
  3. Add up the sign-up fees for both accounts and subtract $10. This is your total sign-up fee.
  4. Add up the monthly fees for both and subtract $5. This is your total monthly fee.

We use both Taylor UUCP as well as HDB (SunOS) UUCP at our end. We will provide you access to both via two different login names. You may switch between the two as needed. Before your UUCP logins are set up we will need the name by which your UUCP machine will identify itself in UUCP transactions. This name is costly to change later -- see rates below for details.


account type
M100 M250 MUNL
sign-up fee $35 $35 $35
monthly fee $25 $35 $50
monthly UUCP transfer volume 100M 250M unlimited
Taylor UUCP yes yes yes
UUCP over TCP yes yes yes


The level of customer service included with a UUCP account is the level associated with the part-time account for human use that is associated with the UUCP account. The most economical alternative is a DROP-IN human-use account. This is suitable for UUCP customers who are technically knowledgeable and whose UUCP software includes good logging and debugging features. This subscription level entitles you to report to us problems that appear to be at our end. For problems that appear to be at your end we will refer you to our online documentation and/or standard UUCP guidebooks. Our customer service at this level is primarily by email, and we expect that you will log into your DROP-IN account to make problem reports. Telephone calls will generally not be returned, though we will investigate any problems that you report that might be at our end.

If you require help with UUCP protocol debugging, or other help with your end of the UUCP link, or telephone support, we suggest an upgrade to the type of part-time account that includes the level of customer service that you need. The best support comes with a PREMIUM account, and a somewhat lower level of support comes with an ADVANCED account. At these support levels we are happy to promptly return telephone calls, and we provide high-quality technical support, including helping you with basic UUCP procedures; provided, however, that you follow our support instructions and carefully identify your account type and account name when you initiate a request for support.

Although we can offer you advice with setting up UUCP on your machine, we do not actually install it for you except if you make special arrangements to hire us under contract to do so at an hourly rate. Also, our ability to help you is limited by our familiarity with the software you are using. In most cases we can give you significant help only if you are using a UNIX derivative or work-alike at your end. If you are using other software at your end, we will if possible refer you to Usenet newsgroups that might be appropriate for asking questions about that software.


Should any unwelcome mail arrive for your UUCP site, you are entitled to request deletion of specific UUCP jobs, identified by job id, by carefully following the instructions in our 'man a2i-uucp' online manual and emailing us a list of jobids to be deleted. ADVANCED and PREMIUM level customers are also entitled to request that we individually examine queued UUCP jobs to identify jobs that might need deletion.


We recommend that you never change the UUCP name of your UUCP machine, because this will cause incoming connections to fail. There is a $35 fee to reconfigure our systems if the UUCP name of your machine changes. In normal use you should never need to change the UUCP name of your machine, since you will not normally use this name in email addresses. (Email addresses should always be in domain format, and the domain name does not need to resemble the UUCP name.).


Your human-use account is important for many reasons.


Our usual implementation of mail forwarding for your registered domain is that all incoming mail for that domain and its subdomains is queued for UUCP transfer to your UUCP host. Customized mail forwarding can be done at the rate of $5 for each addition, deletion, or change, of a mail forwarding entry. Mail forwarding entries are of the following type:


Upgrades in your UUCP account may be done at the beginning of any month. There is no UUCP upgrade fee. Your new monthly rate will be the listed monthly rate for the new subscription type. If your transfer volume in any month exceeds your transfer limit, we may require an upgrade retroactive to the beginning of that month. Upgrades in your human-use account may be done per the applicable policy for human-use accounts, described elsewhere.


Downgrades in your UUCP account may be done if requested on or before the 25th of any month, to be effective the beginning of the subsequent month. There is no UUCP downgrade fee. Downgrades are not automatic, i.e., they are done only upon user request. Downgrades in your human-use account may be done per the applicable policy for human-use accounts, described elsewhere.


All UUCP subscriptions include UUCP over TCP access.  Our server is Taylor UUCP on port 540.

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