How to get current a2i network status

Important announcements are posted by a2i management to to the a2i.announce and newsgroups. Each announcement goes to both the newsgroups. Follow-up questions posted by users automatically go into the newsgroup, and most a2i responses to these questions will also go into the newsgroup.

There are several methods by which you may read the above announcements and the ensuing discussion. Our Terms of Service require you to use at least one of these methods to stay current with the status of the a2i network. Here are the various methods:

If we are experiencing an outage, it is possible that one of the above mechanisms might not be available. For example, if newsgroup access is not working, you will not be able to see the current network status using your Newsreading software. In that event the alternative mechainsms may be used to check the current system status. Note: To view the archives of a mailing list, you must first subscribe to that mailing list. This does not require that you actually receive mail from that mailing list. You may opt to turn off mail from a mailing list via the web interface, but still remain subscribed to it, thus allowing you to browse through the archives of that mailing list.

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