A2I Communications Billing Policies

You will get a billing statement in email on or around the first of each month showing any payment due. If you have enabled automatic billing to your credit card (see "Online Billing System" below), then the billing statement will usually show no balance due, but will show how much was charged to your credit card. The billing statement bears an invoice number and thus also serves the role of an invoice.

There is no difference in monthly cost for paying for several months at a time. We can accept advance payment for any number of months. Paying us in advance protects you against future price increases for up to 12 months.

Paying by Check or Money Order

Please make your check (cheque) or money order payable to 'a2i communications'. Include your account number on the check so that we can process your payment promptly and accurately.

All payments should normally be in US funds.

In some cases we can accept payment in foreign checks, if you don't mind paying any bank processing charges that might apply. Please inquire from us.

Please send your payments to

a2i communications
1211 Park Avenue #215
San Jose, California 95126

Paying by PayPal

From your PayPal account, send your payment to paypal@rahul.net. Please include your a2i communications account number and login name in the subject line and, in the note (message) field, tell us for how many months you wish to pay.

Paying by Credit Card

To pay by credit card (Mastercard or Visa only), please enter your credit card information into our billing system. (Please see "Online Billing System" below.). Set the billing method to 'Credit' in order to enable automatic credit card billing. If you leave the billing method set to 'Cash/check', then your credit card will not be automatically billed, even if you have entered its information into the system.

If the payment type is set to 'Credit' then, the same night that you enter your credit card information, the billing system will automatically bill your credit card with the current balance due on your account. Then your credit card will be billed on or around the first of each subsequent month. A billing statement is sent to automatically to you in email only once a month, around the first of each month, even if your card happens to be charged in the middle of the monh.

If you would like us to bill your credit card in advance for multiple months, first make sure you have entered your credit card information, and then send email to support@rahul.net specifying the amount in dollars and cents to be billed to your credit card.

If you have any problems accessing the billing system, please report this to us. So far as possible, all billing information is handled online.  Only if you have any difficulty accessing the online billing system, and we can't find a solution for you, you may send your credit card information by fax to us at +1 408-293-9710, or by voice at +1 408-293-9706. We will need the credit card number, the name that appears on the card, the expiration date, and the address to which your credit card statements are sent. Sending the information to us by fax or voice does not affect the security with which your credit card information is stored -- please see the "Security" section below.

One-Time Credit Card Payments

If you want us to bill your card only once, then enter the credit card information into the billing system, and set the payment method to 'Cash/check'. This prevents automatic charging of your card. Then send an email request to support@rahul.net specifying your account number or login name, and the amount to be charged. We will manually charge your card as requested, and we will send you a statement in email showing the charge. After you get this email, you can, if you wish, remove your credit card information from the billing system until it is needed again.

Paying for Multiple Months

Although you may always pay exactly the balance due as shown on your monthly billing statement, some customers prefer the convenience of paying for multiple months at a time. Our billing system automatically keeps track of any excess payment, and each month's billing statement will show you your current credit balance as "unused credits". Once all the unused credits are used up, you will then get a billing statement showing an amount due. Then you can again pay for multiple months, if you wish.

Paper Invoices

Effective February 1, 2006, paper invoicing is being discontinued. Please access our online billing system (below) and check your billing email address and update it as appropriate, so that emailed statements reach you safely.

Online Billing System

Our online billing system lets you check your account status, view or update your contact information, check to see if there is any balance due, look at your account history, and view or update your credit card information. If you are a dial-up user, the billing system will also let you see a record of your dial-up sessions. Please point your web browser to billing.rahul.net (http) (https) and follow the links. Use your normal login name (without any 'P' prefix and without any @rahul.net or other domain) and normal password. You may need to enter this information twice.


Our online billing system operates on a private internal network that is distinct from the publicly-accessible network that holds our web and mail servers. This private network uses private (non-routable) IP addresses. There is only limited and tightly controlled connectivity between this network and the global Internet, and this connectivity goes through a firewall that also does NAT (network address translation). Credit card numbers are stored in encrypted form.

Any credit card information that you send to us by fax or telephone will be entered by us into this same online billing system.

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