When transferring name service for a domain from a2i to another organization, please keep the following hints in mind.

Your new service provider will make arrangements to take over name service and file the necessary name server change request with the InterNIC. You may also do this yourself, after getting the necessary name server information from your new service provider.

The InterNIC will send a confirmation request to the old administrative and technical contacts. If such a confirmation request comes to us, WE WILL SEND BACK A REPLY ONLY IF YOU, THE A2I CUSTOMER, HAVE EXPLICITLY REQUESTED THIS FROM US. We have encountered many instances of third parties attempting to "hijack" domains by filing unauthorized change requests. To avoid problems, it's our policy that we do not send back an acknowledgement to a domain change request unless this has been explicitly requested by one of our customers.

If you want us to send back the reply, please do the following:

If for some reason you are unable to give us the InterNIC's ticket-id, we will still attempt to honor your request; but due to the large volume of DNS and other changes that we process, we are more likely to misplace your request.

After your domain's name service has been transferred, wait about 10 days, and then send email to and say "Please delete this domain <name> from your name servers. Name service has been transferred to <name of new ISP>." We will verify that the new name service is valid, and we will then delete your domain from our name servers. If you want us to unconditionally delete your domain from our name servers without checking for new valid name service, please specify this.

Your first email request to establishes an a2i ticket-id. Please preserve this in all subsequent correspondence. This keeps all email in one place and allows us to more efficiently respond to your request. This is easily done, if you always use your mail software's 'reply' command, which will automatically preserve the subject heading in email, along with the ticket id.


Here are some problems that are sometimes encountered, and how you can prevent them.

You may optionally keep name service for your domain at a2i and simply have us point the appropriate records (A records, MX records, CNAME records, etc.) towards your new service provider. We can continue name service for your domain for $60/year if you have no account with us.

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