Microsoft FrontPage Server-Side Support

Server-side support for the Microsoft FrontPage software is available.

Note: The information in the rest of this document is now obsolete. Microsoft FrontPage support is still available, but using the Cpanel managed hosting software in a Linux environment. Please inquire from us for details.

The Information Below is Obsolete

Web sites hosted on a FrontPage-enabled web server may be updated with the "publish" command built into Microsoft's FrontPage software. You will be able to create subwebs.

Limitations: The FrontPage "publish" command is the only available mechanism for updating a FrontPage-controlled web site. You will not be able to update your FrontPage-controlled web site via ftp. Nor are any ftp downloads available.

Also once your web site is under FrontPage control it will not support cgi-bin programs. However, Microsoft's ASP format is supported.

You will still get UNIX shell access and ftp access to your home directory, as included with your Advanced or Premium account, but these will not allow any data transfer to and from the FrontPage-enabled web site.

A FrontPage web site requires an Advanced or Premium account, a custom domain (one-time $40 fee), and a direct domain URL (one-time $40 fee).

Moving from Non-FrontPage to FrontPage

If you already have a non-FrontPage web site, and if you wish to take advantage of FrontPage support, make sure that you already have a custom domain (usually COM, NET, or ORG domain but it can be any domain reserved for your use). Then send email to identifying your account name (same as your UNIX login name), and specifying the URL for your current web site, and asking that you be given a FrontPage-enabled web site.

We will create an empty FrontPage web site for you. If you don't have a direct domain URL already we will add one and debit your account $40. Once your new (empty) FrontPage web site is ready, you may upload its new content from your Frontpage software. As soon as your have created your new FrontPage web site, let us know, and we will then point your URL to the new web site and we will delete your old web site. Up to 30 days' overlap between the old and new web sites is available before the old non-FrontPage web site is deleted by us.

There is no charge for doing the above. However, if you wish to move back from the FrontPage-enabled web site to a regular web site, there will be one-time $50 fee.

Keeping both a FrontPage and a Non-FrontPage web site

The most economical possibility is to keep a normal web site as a Web-only account ($15/mo) and a FrontPage web site as an Advanced account ($30/mo), for a total cost of $45/mo. You will also need a custom domain ($40 for a COM/NET/ORG domain), and a direct domain URL ($40) for use with the FrontPage web site. You won't be charged a second time for a custom domain or a direct domain URL, if it's simply transferred from your non-FrontPage site to a new FrontPage site.

Support Policies

Unlike our normal web servers, Microsoft's FrontPage method uses a proprietary unpublished protocol. If any problems are reported by a user, we will consult Microsoft's publicly available documentation in an attempt to solve these problems. If this is insufficient to solve the problem, we will discuss other options with the user, which might include buying paid support from Microsoft.

SSL Support

The FrontPage server supports SSL connections. To avoid the end-user seeing a warning, you may wish to buy an encryption certificate and have us install it. The certificate itself may be purchased from a number of companies including and our fee for installing it is $75 each time. In most cases SSL certificates last for 1 year. If you buy one that last longer, e.g., 3 years, you can save on our $75 certificate installation fees in the second and third years.

No Disk Backups of User Data

No backups of user data are done on the FrontPage server. Users must keep a private copy of their web files so they may upload them again in the event of a machine problem.

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