Nntp access to the a2i machines is given only to hosts associated with an a2i subscription, i.e., your dial-up IP host if you have requested dial-up IP access. If your organization has a dedicated Internet connection through a2i, a limited amount of nntp access is available for selected hosts on your network.

Nntp access is not given to hosts that get their Internet access through another service provider.

Your best strategy to get Usenet access if connected via a different service provider is to access that service provider's News servers. All high-quality Internet service providers provide good Usenet access to their customers.

You may also telnet to the a2i machines and log into the UNIX shell. Then you may invoke the usual Newsreaders (tin, trn, nn) to read News.

Some users have reported that they are able to run an IP emulator program called 'Slirp' from the UNIX shell and thus get nntp access from the outside. The Slirp program emulates a PPP connection, but its IP address will be the IP address of the UNIX host on which it runs. Thus the emulated PPP connection will have nntp access. Such use is not officially supported, so you have to figure this out on your own, or with the help of other a2i customers. Please do not ask a2i support staff about how to use Slirp or where to find it.

If you wish to simply access the a2i.* newsgroups from outside, you may do so from the UNIX shell as above, or by subscribing to get selected a2i newsgroups in email via the 'a2i.list' command. (Type 'a2i.list -h' from the UNIX shell to get help.)

Another possibility is to connect to a service provider dedicated to News service. A list is maintained by Yahoo! at:


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