Nationwide Modem Access : NW56 Service

NW56 Service refers to our nationwide dial-in modem access service, which is available in nearly all parts of the United States via the Globalpops network. Please see their list of access numbers at this URL:

IMPORTANT: Please double-check with your local phone company to make sure that the number you dial is a local call for you. You are responsible for all phone charges that you incur when dialing into our service.

All listed numbers are expected to be available to you except those few numbers that are labeled as "Off-Net".

Please do not contact Globalpops directly -- they deal only with ISPs and not with end users.

How it Works

NW56 access is included automatically at no additional charge with these account types: Drop-in, Budget, Economy, Advanced, and Premium. For NW56 use, please use the following settings:

NW56 access is for PPP only, i.e., no direct terminal logins. Once you connect for PPP you can, of course, ssh to the a2i machines and log in for UNIX access.

NW56 access supports dynamic (server-assigned) IP addresses only.

When logged in on a NW56 number, you will be going through an arbitrary path across the Internet to reach the a2i machines. So when you access a2i machines from a NW56 access number (e.g. to get mail or to reach the UNIX shell) it will be as if you were coming from some other ISP, across the Internet.

     [ a2i access number ] ====== short path ====== a2i servers

[ NW56 access number ] ---- Internet path ---- a2i servers

However, when you browse the web, connectivity is expected to be similar.

     [ a2i access number ] ---- Internet path ---- remote web server

[ NW56 access number ] ---- Internet path ---- remote web server

Access to a2i web proxy servers and Usenet News server

The a2i proxy servers and Usenet News servers are described on the 'a2i Servers' web page, which you can find from the top howto page. You may use these servers from your NW56 login. However they will ask you for a username and password. This username and password will be announced in the newsgroup (which is gatewayed to the a2i-info mailing list) and might be changed occasionally.

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