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This howto document applies to all traditional accounts (Premium, Advanced, Economy, Budget, Drop-in, and associated pop mailboxes).

We have a unified password scheme such that a single password controls connections and logins to any of these services: pop or imap for email; ppp for Internet; ftp; UNIX shell. When you change your password, all of these services will be affected.

How to Change your Password

Before you change your password you will need:

Then proceed to our online billing system, which you can access at the end of our Payment and Billing Information page. After logging in, you may change the password on the billing screen for your login name.

After you change your password, it can take up to one hour for all services at all nodes on our network to see the new password. So, immediately after a password change, if you wish to log in again, you might need to still use your old password for a while for some or all services.

Lost Password Policy

Passwords are stored using one-way encryption. Therefore we cannot tell you what your current password is.

If you have lost your password, here are your alternatives.

  1. (Free.) If you changed your password recently and forgot the new one, we can revert your password entry to the way it was before the password change. (Please tell us approximately when you changed your password.) There is no charge for us doing this once or twice.
  2. ($5 fee.) We can give you a new password made up of a random string of mixed characters. We will normally notify you at an email address or telephone number that according to our records belongs to you.
  3. (Free.) We can make the password for any account become the same as the password for some other account. This applies only if you have two accounts and you forgot the password for one of them. We will check from our records that you own both accounts, e.g., by verifying that one account is billed to another.

Please contact us and let us know which of the above you prefer.

You can call us at 408-293-9706 to ask for a password reset, or you can send email to support@rahul.net.

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