POP mailboxes may be added for $5/month each to any existing account of type Advanced or Premium. A POP mailbox gives you a distinct email address for receiving email. The person using the POP mailbox has his own login name and password for accessing the POP mailbox. However a POP mailbox does not have its own PPP or UNIX shell access. The person using a POP mailbox will first initiate a PPP session as some other "regular" (non-POP-mailbox) account. Once PPP is active the POP mailbox becomes accessible from any mail client software that supports reading mail via POP protocol.


  1. Point your web browser towards our web site guest pages at and follow the links to online sign-up. (Or, if you are already familiar with our guest pages, go to the online sign-up directly by selecting here.)
  2. Do the online sign-up for a new account. Specify type of this new account as 'other'. In the comments section describe what you want, e.g., "POP mailbox to be added to Advanced account joeuser'.
  3. If you have an existing custom domain for receiving mail, we can create an email address in that domain for the POP mailbox too. This address may correspond to the login name (step 2 above) but this is not essential. In the comments section specify any address that you need for the POP mailbox in your existing custom domain. E.g., "This POP mailbox should have the email address"

When the POP mailbox has been created you will get confirming email.

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