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How to Register a New Domain

We strongly recommend NOT using the company variously known as Network Solutions or Verisign, or any other company that you believe is a subsidiary of either of these companies.

You may use any ICANN-accredited registrar.

There is a list or ICANN-accredited domain registrars at this URL:

We and our customers have obtained good service from Dotster and Godaddy. They are listed here as a possible choice if you are uncertain as to which registrar you prefer.  You may use any registrar of your choice. Before registering your domain please see the Name Servers section below.

Name Servers

Which name servers you use will depend on what type of account you have with us.  For our traditional UNIX-centric accounts (Premium, Advanced, Economy, Web-only) , you must have your registrar delegate DNS to our name servers, which are listed below.  For our point-and-click accounts (C50, C100, ..., C300, ..., R300. ...) DNS will be provided by your domain registrar's DNS servers. More details are below.

DNS For Traditional Accounts

If your account with us is of type Premium, Advanced, Economy, or Web-only, then you will ask your domain registrar to delegate DNS to our primary and secondary name servers, which are listed below.

Primary Name Server:


Secondary Name Servers


DNS For Point-And-Click Accounts

If your account with us is a point-and-click account using Cpanel (i.e., type C50, C100, C200, C300, R300, C500, R500, etc.), then you will use your domain registrar's DNS servers.  Make sure your domain registrar provides you with a web interface that lets you set and update DNS records of type A and MX.  Then for each of your domains, you will make A and MX records point as given below for the example domain example.com.

All A records will point to

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