Nuance Designworks, Inc.

Licencing VLSI technology designs for Audio Signal Processing.

Nuance Designworks, Inc. was established in 1990 to supply highly efficient analog and digital signal processing designs for very large scale integrated circuits (VLSI). It specializes in digital signal processing and D/A conversion.


Dolby Laboratories  --Inventors of Dolby AC-1, AC-2, and Dolby Digital (AC-3) Audio Compression.
Jacobs Pineda, Inc.    --Sister company founded by Gordon Jacobs and Juan Pineda.


  • AC-1 Decoder  - Custom Application Specific DSP core cell for decoding AC-1 bitstreams and producing analog and SPDIF (44.1kHz) outputs.
  • AC-1 Encoder - Assembly code for AC-1 Encoder accepting digital SPDIF input and producing AC-1 bitstream output.
  • DAC3 Audio D/A   - High quality 16-bit audio D/A converter.

  • History:
    Nuance Designworks, Inc. was started by Gordon Jacobs in 1990 to provide custom designs for companies producing signal processing
    integrated circuits. This includes systems companies that make their own proprietary silicon chips (ASICs) for their products, or
    semiconductor companies that sell standard products on the open market.  The first product for Nuance was the AC-1 Decoder, which
    combines an application specific DSP core to digitally decode Dolby AC-1 bitstreams and then convert them to analog form using
    an oversampled D/A converter.  This is used in high volumes today in cable television networks, as a means of supplying high
    quality audio in analog set-top box applications. It forms the basis of "digital cable radio" services and "home theatre" options in
    many analog set-top products.  The Audio DAC3 was developed as a follow on product that does D/A conversion for CD-quality
    digital audio applications. It may be easily combined with other circuits on a large VLSI chip to provide high-fidelity audio outputs.

    Nuance Designworks licenses its intellectual property designs to larger companies making their own VLSI chips.  The founder of
    Nuance Designworks, Gordon Jacobs, started a new company in 1995 named Jacobs Pineda, Inc. (see link above). As such, Nuance
    Designworks mainly supports only its existing licensees and product designs.  For new designs and services, please visit the link
    above for Jacobs Pineda, Inc., which also specializes in low-cost high-volume core cell designs.

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