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  Amanda Byron
Amanda ByronAmanda is a lifelong musician who has recently released a CD of devotional healing music, intended to bridge cultural barriers that exist in the modern era. "Music, the great equalizer, opens our hearts to understanding in a way that our minds struggle to grasp." The music written for this CD entices listeners to deepen their connection with the divine, finding the underground stream of oneness that flows below and between all spiritual and religious traditions.

While certain of the cuts on "Rabia Replied," could easily be called "Traditional World Music," on the whole this devotional music CD fits into the category of "Contemporary World Music." The music draws inspiration from such traditional styles as Turkish 'Ilahi' singing, Sufi 'Zikr' and Hebrew chants, traditional Jewish Klezmer music, American Gospel, and Iroquois Indian Social Dance Music. Several tracks feature the poetry of the 8th century Sufi saint Rabi'a of Basra, set to original music influenced by contemporary Jazz and R&B.

Thanks for sending Amanda Byronís CD, Iím highly impressed. I think she is very unique and has the talent and spirituality to get the attention of a lot of like minded people. She has an incredible depth of various traditions and delivers with conviction, honesty and love. Iím practically speechless because she touches that part of me that canít really be expressed in words, itís a higher level of communication. Iím really excited because she reminds of some of my favorite artists, such as Sharon Burch , a Navajo singer , Jennifer Berezan, an outstanding spiritual being, Consuelo Luz, who does ancient Sephardic music, Pharoahís Daughter and eclectic mix of Jewish devotional and modern music, and Cantor Rita Glassman, a loving talented fellow traveler on the spiritual path.
...Jack Sutton Harmony Ridge Music

You can find out more about Amanda as a motivational speaker, coach, and counselor at Diverse Solutions Consulting.


Rabia Replied
CD $14.99 catalog# abcd-100

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Use Us From Hazrat Inayat Klan's prayer, Saum.
Ya Hayyo Ya Qayum
Pray For The Peace In Jerusalem
Creator Guide Us This prayer came to my friend and teacher, Tah-Weh-Dah-Qui, during retreat.


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