i am an identical twin. i am 4 minutes older than my sister lisa and i count it... wouldn't you? art is art is art is art is art is art is painting is what i focused on until i bought a guitar and taught myself how to play.... really there's nothing wrong with changing directions. songís are like short stories and if you write enough, you have an entire book...

Amy Carr
my twin sister and i are published writers and we just finished writing our first novel...it's called "twin tongue" (it may attract Perverts but we both like to live on the edge!) trust me, iím telling you stories.... mostly, people come up to lisa at my gigs - she takes over my personality and i end up packing the gear. all in a day's work I suppose...
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Philadelphia based singer/songwriter AMY CARR is an identical twin who makes the most of the four minutes she was born ahead of her Sister. Not that sister Lisa seems to mind, as co-producer and artistic director, she plays an integral role in Amyís latest release Blink, the most recent offering from independent label Evil Twin Records.

Carrís first release, "I Divide" (1995) earned her the recognition and praise of nationally renowned radio station 88.5 WXPN (home of the World Cafe). She became One of the stations five most requested artists after being included in the morning shuffle and being regularly featured on such WXPN favorites as Sleepy Hollow and the Women's Music Hour. I Divide brought Carr local, national and international attention via radio, internet and live performances.

Blink is a bluesy mix of folk and rock that touches on a myriad of diffrent subjects from lust to mistrust and everything else in-between. Although Carr is a self-taught musician, the rich visual imagery in her music reflects her formal education in the fine arts. A few of the songs were written collaboratively by the published Carr sisters who were recently included in "Expanding Circles," an anthology of women writers and artists. Carr says of songwriting,"It's like painting or writing or any other art form... creating something from nothing... sound from silence."

Says Erin Riley of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, "Her songs are well-crafted and catchy in a refreshingly upbeat style. On the horizon of up and coming artists, Amy Carr's Blink is a must hear eye-opener!"

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