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  Allison Dennis
Allison Dennis I grew up next door to my grandmother, so instead of daycare, I would visit grandma. She was my full time playmate with a trunk full of funny clothes, a jar full of cookies, and a piano. I would bang on that piano, and sing, and dance on the bench; and my patient grandmother always applauded and cheered for more. I had a stage name. it was "JC Penny".

In college, I studied Sanford Meisner's method to acting. "Meisner" is a two year intensive program designed to acquaint yourself with the colors of your soul. The idea is that if you know what colors you have inside of you, then you will be able to paint a truthful picture once you find the right canvas.

After finishing a BFA in Musical Theatre from ECU, I moved up to NYC. I sang in two bands and performed in three Off-Broadway shows in the course of four years. One of the Off-Broadway shows was "De La Guarda." It's kind of like a circus; a sequence of events related and intertwined with music, emotion, and strength. Every night I suited up to fly and played in the rain. The posters on the subways said, "Learn to Fly."

After almost two years with DLG I hurt my back pretty bad, and wound up back at home in North Carolina. I could no longer get out and ride a bike, or take a hike, or even work a part time job; so with the intention of not going totally crazy with cabin fever, I started picking up the guitar every day instead of every month or every week. Now, almost a year and a half later, my back has had time to heal a bit, and I’ve become a songwriter. I now live in Asheville, NC and my first full length CD will be available in August.

In NC I’ve played at: The Six String Café, Cary; Peasants Café, Greenville; Artspace, Raleigh; Basement Studios, Raleigh; The Skylight Exchange, Chapel Hill; The Wolf’s Lair, Dobson; The Attic, Greenville - opened for "The Wailers".

In NY I’ve played at: The Charleston, Brooklyn; The Pourhouse, Brooklyn; Spiral, NYC; Downtime, NYC; The Baggot Inn, NYC.

No Place Like Home
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No Place Like Home

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