Annie Gallup

"When the flowers would bloom in the spring
Granma's magnolia tree burst into teacups!
It was all her best china and the birds would sing:
Cup-of-tea cup-of-tea, sugar sugar, cheer-up
Oh, best of everything, best of everything"

---fr Granma's Best China 1994

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Money From Swerve
Three Bills From Swerve
Three Photographs From Steady Steady Yes
Cowboy From Courage My Love (full song)
It's Dangerous, Charlie From Courage My Love (full song)
John Llewellyn From Backbone (Approx 1.5 min.)
About Freedom (from "Cause And Effect) Wav file 891k NOTE: All wav files are 8 bit, 22khz, mono, approximately 30 sec. in duration.

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