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Beginning and ending in the sky while touching down everywhere in between, Anael's 4th album is an intimate personal invitation into the celestial heavens. The innocent and dreamlike "See Another World" opens the senses and each subsequent song is a brief stop on her flight. "Till the Womb Gives Birth" explores the mindset of a steadfast, faithful creator searching for the truth; "Trace" recounts our ability to connect with God by simply mirroring a higher set of ideals. As the journey progresses, we sense a newfound sense of assuredness in Anael's outlook, the script of a soul who is starting to uncover a fresh perspective. What keeps it all believable is her everpresent deliberation and questioning, well tempered with a healthy dose of humility. Culminating with perhaps her finest studio achievement to date, the 11 minute opus "Sky Sent (Disclosure)" gives us a multi-angle vista of an unprecedented event in human history, the uncovering of hidden technologies that have the power to literally transform life on earth as we know it.

Through this constant juxtaposition of earthly concerns and human dreams, Anael reveals the multiple resonances of our universe, using the distinct strengths of sound and verb to portray a vast array of vibrations all geared towards heightening the listener's awareness. She leads us into the pure silence of the untouchable, the unexplained, the invisible - all while while charming us with her sense of bewilderment at it all. Finally, as she carries us away on her wings to the next destination, we're inclined to believe. These things of which she sings can truly be our reality.


Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey
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