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Antigone Rising
Antigone Rising Antigone (Say it 'an-TIG-uh-nee') died 4000 years ago, but the first female rebel can't lie dormant forever. She's back! She's rising! And she's coming to ROCK YOUR TOWN!

Antigone Rising, collectively known as AR, are lead vocalist Cassidy, guitar slinging sisters Cathy & Kristen Henderson, Dena Tauriello (drums) & Anne-Marie Stehn (bass guitar). The band's 2001 full length CD, "Rock Album", has already sold 10,000 copies since its release in January 2001. Their debut 6 song EP, "New & Used" (2000) was co-produced by the legendary Tony Visconti (David Bowie, Moody Blues). And in January, 2002, the band released its first full-length live CD, titled 'Say It an-TIG-uh-nee' (recorded live at The Bitter End in NYC). The new CD is comprised of mostly new material (10 of the 16 tracks have never been released on prior CDs).

AR has built a loyal following along the eastern seaboard since playing several dates on Sarah Mclachlan's Lilith Fair. More recently, VH-1 named them one of the top 10 "One's to Watch". The band played with Long Beach Dub All-Stars (formerly Sublime) in front of 10,000 fans at U. Mass, opened dates for 7 Mary 3 (Atlantic), and shared several bills with The Pushstars (Capitol) in the fall of 2001. AR also signed a one year deal with Technics featuring full page ads in many national magazines (Rolling Stone, Spin, Details, Maxim, etc.).

In February, '01, Antigone Rising showcased at the National NACA Convention in Nashville, TN broadening their already established college fan base. Colleges AR visits on a regular basis include Penn State, Drew Univ., U. Mass, Univ. of Wisconsin, U. Conn, Stony Brook University, U.S.M.A. at West Point, & many others.

The band is currently gaining airplay on college and commercial radio stations nationwide. But the best way to experience AR is at any one of their raucous & solid live shows, where they have quickly earned the respect of any guy band they share a dressing room with.

Prevent giving the band cold spine chills! SAY IT! Antigone (an-TIG-uh-nee) Rising, and the world will be a better place...More info can be found at antigonerising.com.

Say It! An-TIG-uh-nee
CD (NOT AVAILABLE)catalog# arcd-102
Say It! An-TIG-uh-nee
Rock Album
CD (NOT AVAILABLE)catalog# arcd-101
Rock Album
Run For Your Life
New And Used
CD (NOT AVAILABLE) catalog# arcd-100
New and Used
Messiah Girl


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